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    What, historically, have been Apple's competitive advantages? Apple since its inception was driven by mission to bring easy-to-use computers to market. But during Sculley years (1985-1993), Apple targeted low cost computer and forge an alliance with IBM for OS development on Intel platform, both of which didn’t bear any results. Spindler‘s (‘93-‘96) strategy to expand to international market gave short-term results, but did not help Apple in long term. Amelio (‘96-’97) decided to go back to premium

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    1) 1976 – Apple I – about 200 sales 1978 – Apple II – simple machine “for every man, woman and child”. 1981 – IBM entered the PC market. In comparison with IBM, Apple’s computers were less “open”. They were designed proprietary, so no one could clone them. 1985-1993 – Apple’s combination of superior software and hardware gave Apple unmatched capabilities in desktop publishing. Apple typically designed their products from scratch, using unique chips, disk drives, and monitors. So, in my opinion

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    Executive Summary :- Apple Inc. Wasw founded in Cupertino,California on April1,1976. Three cofounders were Mr.Steve Jobs , Mr.Steve Woznaik, Mr.Ronald Wayne. As on date only one founder from the original three remains with Mr.Steve Jobs being Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO. In Financial 2010 its revenue stood at $65.23 billion with total profit of $14.01 billion. Apple Computer, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal

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    sapient institute of management studies 2012 Project report on Marketing Mix of Apple Inc. Guided By:- Dr.Vishal Khasgiwala Submitted By:-Hussain RatlamWala Aziz RatlamWala Contents SL no. | Particulars | Page no. | 1 | Introduction of sector | 3 | 2 | Introduction of Company | 4 | 3 | Organization structure | 6 | 4 | The 4 p’s | 7 | 5 | Unique Selling Proposition | 10 | 6 | Comparative analysis | 10 | 7 | Recommendation | 14 | 8 | Conclusion | 16 | Page

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    REPORT ON APPLE INC. SEMINAR GROUP 2 TEAM GENIE Instructor: A/P LAI SI TSUI-AUCH Word Count: 5,999 Done by: CHAN ZHE YING GOH CHUWEN LEE KOK CHONG TEO KOK MIN JOHN 1 Table of Contents I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ............................................................................................................... 3 II. MAIN REPORT............................................................................................................................... 5 1. Introduction of Apple Inc.

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    Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business while Introducing iPhone and Apple TV Leave a reply Topic: Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business while Introducing iPhone and Apple TV Subject: Business Details: 1. Strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. 2. Dimensions along which company success can be measured. 3. Critical external and internal environmental factors that have strategic implications for Apple\’s future. 4. Dow Apple\’s strategy stands up against industry

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    The Apple Company is launching a new fall campaign titled, “The Big Apple!” to promote the sales of its new laptop computer, the Mac Book Pro. Featuring the campaign in New York City, Apple stores will be selling the new MacBook Pro laptops with three new cover designs. Known for its simplicity in computer design, Apple expects to ‘wow’ audiences with a departure from the usual look and a venture into new creative territory. Aimed at (but not limited to) the creative personalities that make up fast-paced

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    This article discusses statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook to financial analysts. The statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook talk about four different products by Apple. It discusses the iPhone 4 & 5, IMac, and the iPad. The article doesn’t discuss in too much detail about the iPhone 5, but it does say how the iPhone 5 supply has increased significantly and also that the sales of the product have been robust. I believe graph A best represent the iPhone 5. The reason is because the iPhone5 is

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    The Apple product life cycles indicates just how big the iPhone and the iPad will be over the next few years. It took the iPod five years to break the thirty million units per annum mark. The iPhone got there in four and the iPad will make it in year two of launch. As for the Sony Walkman it never made it, it took over ten years to top out, the iPod topped out within eight years of launch. Apple product Life Cycles are moving faster and higher sooner than ever before. iPod sales may have peaked

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    Suppliers(o) Apple company mainly focus on their technologies and innovation, which lead to the company reduce attention on the production of internal parts of iphone. So according to statement of Apple company, it builds close relationship with its more than 150 suppliers. It is worth mentioning that the Apple company always requires their suppliers to take responsibilities for the public with the highest standards of public responsibility. For example, some suppliers were employing under-age workers

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    Brief #5 Apple As one of the most successful and innovative technic company, Apple engaged in designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players, and sells a range of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. Due to the fierce competition in the technical industry, Apple is facing challenges from its competitors almost on each product and segment

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    combined with expanding closed ecosystem 2. Apple is a leading innovator in mobile device technology 3. Strong financial performance ($10,000,000,000 cash, gross profit margin 43.9% and no debt) 4. Brand reputation 5. Retail stores 6. Strong marketing and advertising teams. Weaknesses: 1. High price 2. Incompatibility with different OS 3. Decreasing market share 4. Patent infringements 5. Further changes in management 6. Defects of new products 7. Long-term gross margin decline Opportunities

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    Writing Exercise: Bring together quotations from two essays Goal: Bring two different authors’ ideas into conversation effectively. Method: Try out these different “moves.” Advanced: Identify or create a “move” of your own. Move #1: __(author 2)__’s idea of __(key term)__ helps provide further understanding/insight/implications of __(idea from author 1)__. Move #2: __(author 2)__’s idea of __(key term)__ complicates/renders problematic/challenges __(idea from author 1)__. Move #3: __(author

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    A leading indicator of economic forecast can impact Apple’s product sales forecast is the Consumer Confidence Index. Consumer Confidence is a measure of the level of optimism consumers have about the performance of the economy. Consumer Confidence influences consumption (where consumption is a large part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)). According to the text, Principles of Economics, “if consumers expect good economic conditions and are optimistic about their economic prospects, they are more

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    present a relevant Discussion Forum and Blog to Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Computer, Inc is the one of main manufacturer of a line of personal computers under the Apple Macintosh brand name, peripherals, and computer software. Two interest groups that focus on services of Apple Company are introduced in this report. The first one is a Discussion Forum named ¡°AppleInsider-Forum¡±. This is a web page concerning all the products of Apple Company, such as iPod, ITunes and Mac computer

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    Running head: ETHICS BEHIND APPLE AND FOXCONN RELATIONSHIP 1 Ethics Behind Apple and Foxconn Relationship Maryana Didovych The College of Westchester ETHICS BEHIND APPLE AND FOXCONN RELATIONSHIP 2 Abstract This paper examines Apple, Inc.’s relationship with one of its biggest suppliers, Foxconn Technology Group. Recent growth in suicide incidents at Foxconn factories again caught media’s attention. Whether Apple’s decision to stay in business with Foxconn despite these incidents is

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    I love apple products, I cant get enough of them when I was younger I dreamed of having great technology that made my life easier and not harder. Technology can either make you better or worst and I rather choose items that make me better. Simplicity is actually a rarity in the 21st century. And its great to go to a place were you could service for next to almost all your technologic needs. The apple store is one of the smartest places on the planet. They work for you the people, me being a student

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    Alashwal Case#1: Apple Computer. Course No.: TM583. I- Some of Apples’ Biggest Success and Failures 1- 5 biggest Successes iPhone: Apple released this product in 2007 as all-in-one device. The new look, new browsing features and the advanced OS along with deploying 3G wireless technology made this user-friendly a very successful products. It also has all the features of an iPod. iPod: First launched in 2001 and included a hard drive along with a variable product line with different

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    5653/FMS/MBA/S12 MBA 27(B) APPLE INC. It's not just about the next hit product. Apple is preparing for a future beyond phones, tablets, watches and TVs, in which it's the premium brand for life in a fully digital age. I think, Yes, Apple has managed to develop a culture of innovation and execution within Apple’s DNA that will help to sustain in the long run. The primary objective of Apple is to sell a great product and provide a greater experience for premium price through product differentiation. Was

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    Apple was founded on the first 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Roland Wayne in Cupertino, California. Apple was originally founded to create personal computers but expanded its market in 2001 with the iPod, a revolutionary music playing device. Since that time apple has gone on to release a number of other market leading products including the Apple iPhone, Apple TV and the Apple iPad to make it the market leader in consumer electronics. -------------------------------------------------

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    corporation, Apple Inc., designs and manufactures some of today’s highest technological gizmos and gadgets. Among their best known products are the Apple and Macintosh computers, iPods, iTunes, iPhones and iPads. Apple is one of the most powerful and influential high tech companies in the world. The success of Apple Inc. stems from the innovation and visions of co-founder and entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, the excellence of the stylish, user-friendly products, and the ability to create innovative products that

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    “don’t focus on building beautiful products, think in terms of platforms and pipelines, and take a portfolio approach.” Failures: Some of their failures include the Mac Portable computer the Newton-handheld computer, released to early, before world was ready. Another drawback some consumers feel is the setting up of elitist or exclusive boundary or barriers to their products. For example, the Apple iPod products will only allow you to download iTunes songs from Apple iTunes which speaks to their digital

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    Durability of Apple Products In recent years and particularly months, Apple has been scrutinized for its products durability. There has been some suspicion that they purposely set out to ensure their goods become defective over a short period of time. This usually coincides with a newer version being released. In this way, consumers will prefer to purchase the upgrade, rather than fix the old model. (Rampell, 2013) In the past month, Apple has released its latest iPhone, the iPhone 6. Fans

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    strengths Apple launched iPod music player which is a great innovation and also it surprised the people. Apple iPod not only increase the company sales but also influence the people to get experience of Apple notebook and operating system. Brand create perception of product in the customers mind. Apple has been amongst the well reputed brands in the industry of information technology. It also stood up to its name by introducing new products such as iPod, iPad and laptops in the market to impress

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    Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Tara Traeger Strayer University Professor Christopher Hase BUSS 508 October 21, 2014 The Apple Corporation has become one of the largest corporations in the world. There are a lot of companies that would like to be mentioned in the same breath as Apple. Many companies want to emulate their success. In this paper I will examine Apple current position and reputation, regarding ethical and social responsibility. According to Crane and Matten (2013) “One of the basic

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    Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc and its Effectiveness /essays/marketing/marketing-strategy-of-apple-inc-and-its-effectiveness-marketingessay.php Carrying out this research on a strong brand image like Apple Inc. contributes to further and wider understandings about marketing strategies, even for other organizations, such as: To study the needs, wants and expectations of the various customers from different market segments. To find out reactions of customers to products of the company. To

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    Marketing Opportunities for Apple Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of apple 3 Market Presence and Revenue Standings 4 Market research 4 Secondary market research 5 Apple brand review 5 Market segmentation 5 Research analysis of consumer needs and wants 7 Summary on the client's wants and needs 9 Research analysis on apple products Preferences 9 Summary 10 Conclusion and recommendations

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    and Innovation at Apple A Write-Up Abhiroop Mankin(1311072) Why has Apple been so successful? What do you attribute it to? What are the key reasons for Apple's success? Are Apple product so successful because of the brand status and premium pricing? Many believe that Apple is so successful because of their marketing and brand status. Is it really true or there is something else? Do Apple products really stand out amongst all its competitors? I'm no expert in Apple products nor am I what is

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    TIME LINE: 1985-1997 :  Sculley (1985-1993) Desktop publishing and education Apple into the corporate world Desktop publishing (Aldus Pagemaker) Networking and connectivity 1990 market share stabilised at 8% Education market actually 50% market share Apple customers “love their Macs”vs IBM users “put up with” their machines Apple and IBM formed a JOINT VENTURE to create a new OS and other software. 1985-1997 :  M Spindler and G Amelio (1993-1997) Reinvigorate core markets (education K-12 and

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    Richard Cornell 06/15/15 100WB Apple Marketing(Investigative) Firstly, Apple’s marketing strategy, according to Rob Enderele (2004), “Apple really stands out in its marketing. The company simply seems to understand what will get people excited about its products and services, then only it executes on its vision.” When Apple references or starts a conversation about their products, its never entirely about their features or technology. What they do try to drive home to its consumers/audience

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    Vivian Tam Executive Summary Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufacturers consumer electronics and computer software products and service related services. The company is well known for the hardware products such as the Macintosh computers, the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the latest launch, the iWatch, it has also a variety of related software, services, networking solution and digital content and application. Apple has established a unique reputation in

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    environment or surroundings outside of the company such as economic component, demographic component, technological component, sociocultural component, political/legal component, and global component (Chapter 2, Management Environment, slide 5). As for Apple, they have their own factors which is P.E.S.T. (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) factors that affect them to make a decision-making process. These are the explanation about PEST : 1. Political Factor Political factor is a factor

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    UNIVERSITY OF AGDER | Term Paper - Apple | ORG 409-1, INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT | Ole Erik H. Larsen 25.09.2015 | Innhold 1 INTRODUCTION 1 2 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 2 3 PORTER´S STRATEGIC GROUPS 3 4 SWOT - ANALYSIS 5 5 CONCLUSION/REVIEWS 6 5.1 Future research 7 6 SOURCES 8 6.1 Guidebook 8 6.2 Internet 8 6.3 Pictures: 8 1 INTRODUCTION Apple is an American multinational technology company that constantly designs, develop and sells consumer electronics

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    Apple Products MKT/471 November 11, 2015 Microsoft was created in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. These two entrepreneurs created the world’s first operating system that became a household, and business, name. Microsoft’s mission is to “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” and their strategy is to “Build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world” (Microsoft, 2015). Their integrated system is heavily used

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    Problem Statement: In the past, Apple has been the leader in innovation and has made a high quality product. The drastic changes in the computer industry have caused Apple to reevaluate their strategy. As a result, Apple is attempting to maintain differentiation through innovation while struggling to be cost competitive. While Apple’s revenue has increased over the past three years, profitability has declined and market share has remained stagnant. External Analysis: Porters Five Force analysis:

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    I have chosen to focus and compare the Apple and Facebook website. Apples high tech look gives you a great insight on the latest and updated apple product as well as specs. Each product gives you a better understanding of what, you possibly could be purchasing. Top quality pictures and videos give you an experience of the products. The purpose of the Apple Store which is an e-commerce is to sell top quality gadgets such as smart watches and high tech mobile phones. The website is carefully optimized

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    Apple Inc. MBA 669 Financial Decision Making September 24, 2011 Presented By: Terri Brooks Cheri Clark Adrian Horton Beth Leff Andrew Lundquist Xia Yang Product Description Apple’s product line has always pushed integration, especially within its own products. Updated versions have even merged two different Apple products into one; how many people will continue to have an iPod when the iPad or iPhone perform the same function. While most of Apple’s previous offerings have fallen

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    Fin 515: First Course Project Apple Inc. By January 25, 2015 Apple is a technology company that designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players, and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. The Company’s products and services include iPhone, iPad, Mac Products, iPod, Apple TV, and a number of consumer and professional

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    This is the full dissertation on The purchasing behaviour of Apple products between Chinese students (12000 words). Executive summary This research focuses on determining the factors which influence the buying behaviour of the customers Chinese students for Apple products. The research was conducted among around 1000 contacts out of which 130 students responded. The research used survey method to collect information from the large audience. The analysis of the information was conducted using

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    APPLE INC. Grantham University Abstract Apple Inc. is a company that is on top and still continues to rise. The company continue to design top notch products for everyone to enjoy. From Macbooks to Ipods, Ipads, and Iphones, Apple is just taking technology to a new level. Apple sells its products world wide through online stores, retail stores, and third party resellers. Apple does a fantastic job when it comes to advertising. From television commercials to print ads,

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    The Ansoff Matrix of Apple 5 Recommendation 6 Conclusion 7 Reference 8 Introduction  This project is based on Apple company as an innovative company change new CEO under Tim Cook, it find out whether new leadership can be achieve competitive marketplace day by day and provide the recommendation for the company. Apple’s Business Level Strategy Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation, this company is focus on designs and develops electronics product, ITunes is launched in

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    Apple computer operates under a Functional Structure. Such organizations are divided into specific departments and employees are hired for each department based on their professional skill sets that are best suited for that department. For instance, an accounts graduate would be preferred over an arts graduate for handling the accounts and taxation department. Apple has their store which you can visit in almost most major big city as well as their online market base site. Apple computers offer

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    Apple in the digital age from the iPod to the iPad Apple Inc. The Case Study 2000 - 2010 Foreward John Ashcroft Welcome to this Apple case study. I have always been something of a computer geek. My first computer was a Commodore Pet in 1978. It had 8k of RAM and a cassette player for storage. Programmed effectively, a two dimensional pencil sketch of a rocket would take off and zoom off screen. Beyond that and a few simple games, I don’t recall it did much at all. My first experience of Apple

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    is not intended for trading purposes. The stock information is provided by eSignal, stock charts are provided by NASDAQ OMX, both third party services, and Apple Inc. does not maintain or provide information directly to this service. Stock information is delayed approximately 20 minutes. Bottom of Form FULL DESCRIPTION Apple Inc. (Apple), incorporated on January 3, 1977, along with its subsidiaries is engaged in designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal

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    Vertically integrated company gaining control over customers and developing new customer outlets. The advantages being certainity, quality control or supply reliability. IPod is Not only a product but service and lifestyle while Itunes is a new wave of music distribution in the music industry. Apple maintains a business model that does not fit into traditional industry borders. Besides its traditional business of making and selling computers (e.g. iMacs, Power Books, etc.) it sells music over

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    Cast study of Apple Company Apple is undoubtedly the world's largest and most innovative companies. Their products can always call attention from all over the world, which can promote the company's rapid growth. However, as the market become more mature and there is more competition involved, Apple’s investors should not only pay attention to the company’s opportunities, but also guard the possible threat. Now, the largest threat which Apple is facing is how to develop itself after the Steve Jobs

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    Apple iPhone Simon Reading Bernt Wahl Hannes Hesse Chris Volz Johnson Nguyen 1- INTRODUCTION A. The Apple iPhone Not since the introduction of the original Apple Macintosh has a product introduction been met with so much anticipation. The Apple iPhone is an elegantly designed information communicator forged from steel and silicon that runs pioneering software under Apple’s OS X in a Unix Kernel. The iPhone combines smart phone capabilities with a simple to

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    Apple Apple product is deign in California and made in china. Is an "extremely important market" for the company and it will continue to look at how to grow its presence in the country? However, China is not simply seen as a potential growth market for Apple products. The country often is regarded as the company's main production base. Just after a horrific rash of worker suicides at the Foxconn factory complex outside of Hong Kong in 2010, a monologist named Mike Daisey launched a one-man

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    the article “the Man who makes your iPhone”, it makes me feel Foxconn uses slave labor to build iPhones, and they even admit they use child labor. As a report from CBC News pointed on Jan 29th 2011, each iPhone is made by young children’s hand and Apple only give them minimum slave wages. Even though an audit team uncovered several rules at the Longhua plant violate Apple’s code of conduct, Steve Jobs wasn’t mad at Terry Gou because without Terry, Steve wouldn’t be able to reach his goal. When working

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