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    Generally according to Spatt (2011) ,There are four mistakes avoiding to presenting arguments: 1. Don’t be one-sided; present both sides of an argument, (Spatt, 2011) 2. Don’t omit crucial parts of the source’s reasoning; provide a complete, Account of the argument. (Spatt, 2011) 3. Don’t quote ideas out of context: make sure that you—and your Reader—understand whether the source really supports the idea That you are citing. (Spatt, 2011) 4. Don’t twist the source’s ideas to fit your own

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    NAME: KYERE SYLVIA AFRAH STUDENT NUMBER: 10421987 ASSIGNMENT NUMBER: ONE QUESTION : IN ONE - TWO PAGES DESCRIBE AN ARGUMENT YOU HAVE RECENTLY WITNESSED,WHAT WAS THE SOURCE OF DISAGREEMENT,WHAT VIEW POINTS WERE ARGUED ,WHO IN YOUR OPINION MADE THE MOST PERSUASIVE POINTS AND WHY,WHO WON THE ARGUMENT. There have always been arguments amongst people as to which of these two occupation is more important ie teaching and farming .People have always been arguing about these

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    Cherry 1 Keep It Illegal Since 1937 not only the transfer, but also possession, of cannabis has been illegal under United States federal law. The prohibition of this highly dangerous drug is important to the function of a healthy society in the United States. It is shown to have many detrimental effects on not only those who use the drug, but also the people who surround them. Perhaps the most prominent reason for illegality of marijuana is the plethora of negative effects on upcoming generations

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    : Argument and Persuasion 1. Dieting makes people fat. 2. Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage. 3. The war on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights. 4. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college. 5. All citizens should be required by law to vote. 6. All forms of government welfare should be abolished. 7. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. 8. Americans should have more holidays and

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    didn’t expect to be a part of it either. But now that I have that part complete I want to talk about this entire conversation and about this guy’s argument on trying to borrow someone’s suit coat. First off I find it hard to even call this an argument. Since I’m a firm believer in using logic to sway arguments in my favor, I have to say his particular argument fell way short. In other words, he used no logic. His apparent and really only tactic was sympathy, he only tried pleading. Not usually effective

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    Running head: WRITING AN ARGUMENT PAPER Writing an Argument Paper University of Phoenix Management – MGT521 Instructor: Diane Hunt-Wagner August 20, 2012 Writing an Argument Paper The purpose of this paper is to raise and counter objectives regarding the decision to obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The impact of education on earning potential, job security, and becoming an entrepreneur will be examined. This paper will also discuss how raising and countering objections

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    finding a station that sells the alternative energy is difficult leaving people with the danger of running out of fuel while being on the road. When it comes to the pump, both ethanol and oil will put a dent in your wallet. In conclusion, the argument between using oil or ethanol or which is better is still highly debated. Scientists continue to evaluate different forms of energy to help our fossil fuels last longer for generations to come. Although both have positive impacts on society, they

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    Argue: v. 1. to persuade someone to do or not do something. 2. to give the reasons for your opinion, idea, belief, etc. Argumentative: adj. someone who is argumentative often argues or like arguing. Argument: n. a set of reasons that show that something is true or untrue, right or wrong etc. When you have an opinion and try to convince your listener or reader to accept your opinion, you are agreeing with or disagreeing with something. For example:

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    Unit 9 Assignment 1: Rogerian Argument Paper Todd Keller Paper on Same Sex Marriage Should same sex couples be allowed to marry? Through time mankind has always held the belief that marriage is reserved for a man and a woman. Many religions have teachings and even very strict religious laws against same sex couples and unions. Catholics will tell you that it’s the devils work, Islam and other religions take it farther and view same sex relationships as not only evil, but punishable by

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    RECONSTRUCTING ARGUMENTS Deductive and Inductive Here we are to learn the techniques for PART I, Making a Critique- i.e., argument reconstruction, by doing the following “steps”: 1. Read the discourse; 2. Number and Bracket arguments; 3. Write an Index of Claims; and 4. Tree-Diagram the arguments. What is critiquing? Benjamin Samuel Bloom (1913 – 1999) - the creator of Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956) following a framework for categorizing educational goals: Taxonomy of Educational

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    still get them form the streets. Some people think that getting rid of guns all together is the answer to ending gun violence. An example of a person who against getting rid of guns to stop violence is an author named John Stossel. He wrote an argument about this topic. (Stossel, 2007) The federal government is very strict when it comes to weapons being purchased. Retail stores have strict regulations, and have to call the FBI to conduct a criminal back round check, to see if the purchaser is

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    Article Rebuttal on Pro Choice BCOM 275 August 5, 2013 Michael Frank The controversial topic that this paper will discuss is the right to pro choice. Pro choice being the woman’s right to decide abortion as an alternative to pregnancy. After reading the article “Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice: Annihilating the Abortion Argument” by Hank Hanegraaff, in which uses the acronym (A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N) to discuss the reasons why abortion should not be legal. I will provide a rebuttal to this article as to why

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    Collaboration and Argument Paper Kelly Barnes, Jill Sanders and Estela Yanes ENG/215 January 28, 2013 Sophia Hsia Collaboration and Argument Paper Collaboration is defined as working cooperatively with others or simultaneously to achieve a goal. Especially, in a creatively endeavor to put together the right elements of success to accomplish their objective. Argument is defined as a debate or the implication of expression through opinions for an effort to persuade the

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  • Argument Mapping

    Argument Maps for 55-mph and Balkan Conflict   Abstract This paper covers two arguments by the usage of simple and complex argument maps. The first argument is on reducing the national speed limit to 55 mph and the second looks at the conflict in the Balkans and the debate of U.S. intervention. Argument Maps for 55-mph and Balkan Conflict There are numerous reasons to argue for and even against the 55 mph speed limit, as well as the question as to

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    ESL 1060-005 Junjie Huang (Tiya) Argument Paper 3rd Draft 11/15/2012 “Rainbow” Is Beautiful Recently, there is a popular status on Facebook and Twitter saying that a Chinese man and an English man get married and both of them are very handsome. They got a number of benedictions but some people felt it was unbelievable and disgusting. Same-sex marriage has been one of the most debated and controversial arguments in these recent years. Gay marriage is meaning that two same-sex people get married

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    Argument Should the age of drinking alcohol be lowered? One side would argue it should not be changed because people will start drinking at an even younger age. They would also say that more deaths among teenagers will occur by changing the law. Also, they would argue that teenagers are not responsible enough to be drinking at such a young age. The otherside; however, would say it should be changed because it would decrease the amount of teenagers drinking as a whole. They would also argue that

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  • Distracted Driving Argument Paper

    be used to explain why distracted driving is an issue. Swartsell, N. (2012, Oct 28) Cities disagree on texting-driving ban. New York Times. Retrieved from This source is an opposing argument on banning texting and driving in cities. This source is biased and is form of an opinion. This source with help to show opposing viewpoints on banning distracted driving. “Texting While Driving”. Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Gale, Cengage

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  • Construct and Support an Argument Paper

    Running head: CONSTRUCT AND SUPPORT AN ARGUMENT PAPER   Construct and Support an Argument Paper As one seeks to pursue higher education; obstacles my surround them. It is up to the student to decide the program and accept ownership of the decision. We may find the timing is off, but by following the guide of those around us, whether it is employers or family, we can achieve our ultimate goal. Adults are often overwhelmed with late entry into the university system, coupled with anxiety

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    Construct and Support Argument MGT/521: Management August 08 2010 Pursuing a masters in business administration was one of my many dreams and the best decisions I could every make. I knew that choosing to pursue a masters in business administration would begin many new career opportunities. In July 2006, I had the opportunity to obtain my undergraduate degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa in Recording Arts (Audio Engineering) at the age of 31. At times, the decision

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    Support an Argument Paper Jonathan Ray Santos University of Phoenix MGT/521 October 5, 2010 The purpose of this paper is to construct and support an argument on the decision I made to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree to further my career as the head of IT. With today’s society, it is easy to find a subject controversial. The paper will elaborate at the benefits of undertaking MBA program with an emphasis in business management and IT analysis. An argument is an

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    1. When I began reading the chapter, I thought of argument as conflict between two or more party over a problem. However, once I had finished the chapter I believe that argument mean to solve a problem with no string attach. 2. One example of issues are everywhere, is at the store and you are deciding rather to buy banana or apple. Another example is Election Day, rather to vote for one candidate over the other. For an visual argument example: Unknown. “Just Do It.” Photo. Abailey40.wordpress

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    cLibel Paper Team Front Row MGMT 382 Michael Baumgarden Jonathan Gutierrez McCall Shilling Josh Greene Caleb Ode Firas Zaia Introduction McDonald’s is undoubtedly the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. At this magnitude, it is important to note that any business decision that McDonald’s makes has great implications for the millions of stakeholders, including the shareholders, managers, suppliers, employees, and ultimately the consumer. This is why it’s imperative that

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  • Prosecuting Argument Paper

    Week 3 Team Assignment Rashad Murray, Shannon Oregero, Barbara Mckinney, Scott Huepenbecker CJA/354 August 17, 2014 Ann Perry   In the case presented before you we are the prosecuting team and are pursuing charges on behalf of the state of South Carolina for the following offenses: Homicide, Kidnapping, Assault on law enforcement, Burglary, possession of controlled substance. We the prosecuting team feels strongly about these charges based on all of the evidence in which was collected

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  • Lifo Arguments

    1. Arguments for and against LFO abolition in the US a) What are the arguments in favour of retaining LIFO? The arguments are being made on a number of different grounds so be clear to separate these out. b) What are the arguments in favour of the US abolishing LIFO? c) Should decisions on matters such as this be made on the basis of what is the most appropriate from an accounting perspective (i.e. principles) or from the perspective of the impact of the decision on the real economy (i

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    compassion. However it is with the more controversial gifts that most evangelical Christians have suspicions towards, such as prophecy, the discerning of spirits and the working of miracles. However it is the gift of tongues which is the cause for most arguments concerning the spiritual gifts. In more conservative churches, the gift of tongues is not practiced, however in Pentecostal, as well as other charismatic churches the gift of tongues is considered accomplished. By discrediting those who speak in

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  • The Gift of the Magi Argument Paper

    The Gift of the Magi Argumentative Research Paper: Did Jim and Della perform an act of Selfless Love? Abstract The story was written by O’Henry in 1906. The story was centered around a seemingly poor couple who did not have enough money to buy each other the gifts that their significant other deserved. The story took place during Christmas. The Gift of the Magi is like a classic wisdom story in the bible. O’Henrys choice of title depicts symbolism between the three magi that brought gold, frankincense

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    Anita Renfroe wrote these catchy words for the song “Momisms”, sung to the familiar tune of the William Tell Overture. Her words best describe a typical day of mayhem through the eyes of a mother. Mothers who stay at home know that at times, their lives can be discombobulating. Despite the chaos, stay-at-home mothers get the tremendous responsibility of only having one chance of raising their children in such a way that makes a difference in their children’s lives and in society. Throughout

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    Individual Assignment: construct and support an argument MGT/521 Individual Assignment: Construct and support an argument Over the past 28 years, I worked in the health care profession as a Registered Nurse. Just within the past three years, given the opportunity to run a Surgical Services Department for a large hospital organization my responsibilities include oversight/management of 50 employees between Pre-Admission Testing (PAT), Same Day Surgery (SDS). Gastroenterology Clinic (GI),

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  • Rogerian Argument Paper

    Rogerian Argument Paper: Pro Euthanasia Dear Letter Recipient, I am writing you today to discuss the topic of euthanasia. It has been brought to my attention that your opinions on this matter are that it is a morally corrupt act. There are many reasons why this statement holds very true. I fully understand your position on this very difficult of topics. The act of killing another human being is and always should be one of the worst possible crimes imaginable while existing on this earth. Every

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  • Argument Paper/Critical Thinking

    amounts of opposition by the public, as well as government apprehension. Considering the recent increases in heroin addiction, many cities all over the world have reluctantly started their own form of a Needle Exchange Program. There are many valid arguments opposing the needle exchange program, but with heroin use spiking higher and quicker than ever before and NEP’s not only lowering the spread of disease but overdose deaths as well, and that people are more likely to change their lives after their

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  • Nature of Argument

    Week 1 Discussion The Nature of Argument After reading the "Preface," "Introduction," and Chapter 1 in your course text, The Rulebook for Arguments, consider the nature and purpose of argument. Consider the different forms that arguments can take. As you prepare for this Discussion, be sure to focus on rules one through seven presented in Chapter 1. With these thoughts in mind: * Select two of the rules that either you or one of your associates have broken in the past. * Illustrate

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    Running Head: Arguments Arguments PHI208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor: September 22, 2014 Arguments 2 Arguments Physician Assisted suicide or euthanasia, is also distinguished as mercy killing. Euthanasia is the act to place a person to death devoid of pain or permitting a person to die, as by persistence of severe medical measures, a person distressed from a, precise terminal painful, disease or circumstance (Beauchamp, 1999). Physician Assisted suicide is the

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    Argument Essay Revision For quite some time now, people have been discussing whether American students should be attending school year round. People seem to think that if students are forced to go to school as long as students in other countries, they will be more studious. To be honest, I have always been interested in the lives of students who go to school all year. How can they stand being around their classmates and teachers all the time? Do they any get weekends off? Do they get any vacation

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    Does a child need both parents? Does a young boy need a father figure around? Does the government provide help for single parents? What role do step-parents and step-siblings play? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What people must understand is that properly raising a child does not rely on the structure of a family but should be more focused on the process or values that are taught to these children as they learn to mature. Children of single parents can

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    Scenario: For some reason, Suzy had an argument with the customer. Jonathan believes Suzy is a professional salesperson, he believes she will definitely be a professional attitude to customer service, Suzy who is a professional salesperson , she can send the introduce of the product well. Ensure that customer made negative comment for the production , Jonathan assumed that the reason for the quarrel. 1. Lack of management: The ways that the company try to settle the problem is not suitable for

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    Argument Essay Unit: Lesson Plan and Class Activities Global Learning Outcomes for this Unit *In the course of completing the assignment students will: • Learn to compose an argumentation-oriented thesis • Defend their thesis with academic-quality research that is properly sourced and cited as per the standard of university level writing • Anticipate and respond to counterarguments • Learn to critically engage the revision process through draft writing, instructor conferencing

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  • Argument Paper

    The problem with our food industry today is that companies have the images of happy and healthy livestock on the cover of their products, but the reality could not be any further from the truth. Chickens are being injected with drugs, hormones, antibiotics, corn, and other types of harmful things in order to have them grow faster and sell quicker. I believe that the food industry should not be injecting hormones or antibiotics into our animal product in order to satisfy their needs. It is an absolutely

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  • Argument Paper on Worship Attendance

    Gian Christopher T. Eugenio 7/20/15 Logic with Critical Thinking Sir Jeruel Ibanez Worship Attendance Should Be Taken Worship is defined as the act of showing respect and love for God especially by praying with other people who believe in Him. In some sectarian schools, like the Adventist University of The Philippines, worship is monitored. A lot of students in AUP do not like worship period. Some students do not attend worship due to their beliefs

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  • Argument

    think that your time is up, why not end it without suffering? Why allow your siblings loved ones, and others sit around and watch you die slowly? People who are terminally ill should decide if they want to live in pain or die. There are a lot of arguments about the family wanting their love ones to live instead of die, which is selfish. The family should also understand. If a person is terminally ill and not able to take the pain anymore, then they should end their lives upon their choice. Terminally

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  • Mclibel Argument Paper

    McLibel McDonald’s is world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. The company begun in 1940 and started to expand in 1955. The focus now turn in into the famous case around McDonald back in London, McDonald’s try to bring to the court a couple and claimed that the couple is has committed the libel to the hamburger’s nation. After finish the video, McLibel, I noticed that McDonald’s has creating many issues that threatening to our society and damage the value of the community around

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    Classic Model for an Argument No one structure fits all written arguments. However, most college courses require arguments that consist of the following elements. Below is a basic outline for an argumentative or persuasive essay. This is only one possible outline or organization. Always refer to your handbook for specifics. I. Introductory Paragraph o Your introductory paragraph sets the stage or the context for the position you are arguing for. o This introduction should end with a thesis statement

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    mall in Elm City. Analyzing this argument brings up a lot of questions to whether this is a relevant argument or not. A lot of assumptions are made without enough facts to support them. It can be said that the mall could have directly or indirectly been a part of the problems. The problems are: Increase in crime and vagrancy, businesses closing, and a parking shortage. It is not logical to say that it is sole cause of the situation. This argument states that the building of the mall is

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    child need both pare nts? Does a young boy need a father figure around? Does the government provide help for single parents? What role do step-parents and step-siblings play? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What people must understand is that properly raising a ch ild does not rely on the structure of a family but should be more focused on the process or values that are taught to these children as they learn to matu re. Children of single

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  • Prosecuting Argument Paper

    United States Supreme Court HURST v. FLORIDA, (2016) No. 14-7505 Anthony Madaka June 13, 2016 Lora Terrill In the case of Hurst V. Florida

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    maximize profits.” Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. In your discussion be sure to analyze the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. For example, you may need to consider what questionable assumptions underlie the thinking and what alternative explanations or counterexamples might weaken the conclusion. You can also discuss what sort of evidence would strengthen or refute the argument, what changes in the argument would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything

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  • Writing an Argument Paper

    Writing an Argument Paper Management-MGT521 Writing an Argument Paper Many factors influence the decision to seek a Master’s in business administration degree. Employability, cost, interest, and personality compatibility are just a few areas one should consider when determining if an MBA degree is the best direction academically for one to embark upon. Through research and reliable sources one can gather important data useful in making this life-changing decision. Reliance on credible and

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    Argument The Need for the FBI Over the years, the FBI has grown from a small bureau into a service that not only the nation needs, but also the world. It has helped in many significant cases throughout history, such as Al Capone, the Unabomber, Bonnie and Clyde, and without the FBI, would not have been solved or taken care of as easily (“Famous Cases” 1). These have proven to make the environment a better place to live in. The FBI is needed to protect the country’s safety and the well being of

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    fashion trends are always beginning. Popular Culture is never all negative there are constant bright and positive influences. The good versus the bad is a very hard debate. There are always equal pros and cons making it difficult to make a valid argument but, from both veiwpoints its safe to say popular culture has its great ideas but its horrific trends. Drinking, partying and sex should be lessened not promoted. Non- bullying, non-smoking, and brest cancer awareness finally has its voice. Popular

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    Collaboration and Argument paper Gerald Washington ENG/215 4/09/2012 Gayle Thomas Collaboration and Argument paper In the library there are many ‘evidence and argument that collaboration pays dividends. Library impact research demonstrates that collaboration is essential in maximizing the positive impact of the library media programs on student achievement and school success. Unfortunately, both the organizational structure and the culture in most schools discourage collaborative efforts

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  • Collaboration and Argument Paper

    The Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol could be fatal, or affect a person and their family in a harmful way. Driving under the influences is illegal, irresponsible, and dangerous. One could be arrested, seriously hurt, or even killed, which could affect their family in a major way. If a person plans on drinking, and knows there is a possibility they could end up driving, they should have a designated driver. Drinking

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