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    In computer science, Secure Transmission refers to the transfer of data such as confidential or proprietary information over a secure channel. Many secure transmission methods require a type of encryption. The most common email encryption is called PKI. In order to open the encrypted file an exchange of keys is done. Many infrastructures such as banks rely on secure transmission protocols to prevent a catastrophic breach of security. Secure transmissions are put in place to prevent attacks such

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  • The Brewery

    Rhetoric and Comp, 9 September 2012 Word Count: 1,237 Dick and Brothers Brewery, a six story building as old as time itself. It’s been shut down for years and many of its entrances blocked off, due to the many thefts that had taken place. I like this building, not for the historical and valuable items inside, but for the climbing experience I got on the outside. In order to climb the Dick Brothers Brewery, it takes expert technique, a will to succeed and a lot of courage, which I used to help

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  • Sleeman Breweries

    Case Study Report Sleeman Brewery Limited As Investment Portfolio Option Executive Summary I am writing this report for Chantal Dumont as to give recommendation whether or not she should invest in Sleeman Brewery Limited. We then recommend you to invest in this company if you are seeking for long term growth in your portfolio. Introduction This report is made by Ryan Tan to for Chantal Dumont as part of the assessment to determine

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  • Corporate Insight: Subway Success Dives in Asia-Pacific

    | | | |    | Corporate Insight: Subway success dives in Asia-PacificWritten by Euromonitor International The Subway fast food chain has experienced an exceptional period of growth since 2001 in prominent Western markets. Pitching healthy convenience food to increasingly diet conscious consumers, the chain's aggressive franchising tactic has seen it achieve dynamic sales growth and even overtake an established fast food giant within the competitive US market. With global expansion central

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  • Cathay Pacific General Environment

    Analysis of Cathay Pacific Airlines General Environment Cathay Pacific was established in 1946 and is now the largest airline company in Hong Kong. It operates both passenger services and cargo services and operates in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America to more than 80 destinations. From Hong Kong, where its headquarter is based, Cathay operates 36 of their destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore the general environment

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  • Citibank-Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific

    Card in Asia Pacific (A) Case Study, BEP 430 Marketing 20030059 Dong-ock Kim1, 20030071 Min-geuk Kim2, 20040054 Keehyung Kim3, 20040535 Yohan Jo4, 20076006 Huang Qiuling5, 20076035 Dorjsuren Bayarmaa6 Marketing Team A1 2 3 4 5 6 erst_licht99@hotmail.com1, kmg0702@hanmail.net2, keehyoung@gmail.com3, zukjimote@gmail.com4, sharlin_huangqiuling@hotmail.com5, gordok_88@yahoo.com6 Professor: Wonjoon Kim Date submitted: May 18, 2007 TO: Rana Talwar, head of Citibank’s Asia Pacific Consumer

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  • Air Asia

    existing routes and look at expanding its network further across Asia Pacific. AirAsia Group isn’t averse to charging its customers for new services, but it ensures that there is some novelty factor associated with its offering. For instance, this year AirAsia X and its technology partner, Optiontown, introduced a new service, called “Empty Seat Option (ESo),” available on AirAsia X says it is the first airline in Asia Pacific to offer its guests traveling in Economy, an option which provides

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  • Air Asia

    the sky in and around Malaysia. In 2007, Airasia announced the birth of Airasia X the long haul budget flights, the first AirAsia X flight was from Kuala lumpur International airport to Gold coast in Australia thus began the journey from south east Asia to capturing routes in major cities around the world. In 2007, Virgin Airline chief had 20% stake in AirAsia X and had announced code sharing between Virgin Blue and AirAsia in and around Australian subcontinent. Profile of AirAsia: AIRASIA, is Asia's

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  • Green Brewery

    explicitly stated, the views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the University of Michigan, the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Arbor Brewing Company, or any entity other than the members of the Green Brewery Project student team. This document contains many forward-looking statements, including predictions of project costs, payback periods, performance characteristics, incentive award amounts, etc. Such statements are the results of careful analysis by

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  • Can China Rise Without Creating Military Tension with America and Its Neighbours in the Asia Pacific Area?

    Can China rise without creating military tension with America and its neighbours in the Asia Pacific Area? Having a powerful and strong neighbour can be both a good thing and a worrying one at the same time. China, the East Asia Giant, is a powerful neighbour whose influence on the international platform today can no longer be underestimated. Its backyard, which namely is the Asia Pacific Area, is composed of by great forces such as Japan, South Korea, India etc., which are all allies of the U.S

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  • Redhook Ale Brewery

    30 Stephen E. Barndt aul Shipman, Chief Executive Officer of Redhook Ale Brewery, knew that he needed to reevaluate his strategy and its execution. Redhook's rapid growth had ended shortly after it invested in a major increase in production capacity. Operating at about 50% of production capacity, the company suffered a net loss in 1997 that continued into 1998. Redhook brewed only specialty beer, referred to as craft beer. Craft beer is a more flavorful, fuller bodied premium beer. follows traditional

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  • Air Asia

    Introduction Air Asia has successfully been xpositioned itself in the market as one of the leaders in the airline industry in Asia with its technical strategies. It has a route network that spans through over 20 countries and is one of the low cost aviation services in Asia. The Business level strategy adopted by air Asia is cost leadership strategy. To gain its market share they focused on specific markets like domestic services, short and long haul regional services and selling their products

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  • Joint Ventures Agreement Sheraton Asia Pacific and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Background Joint Ventures Agreement Sheraton Asia Pacific and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs In August 1966, a joint venture was shaped between Sheraton Asia Pacific and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Basically, Sheraton Asia Pacific Corporation is a Subsidiary of ITT Sheraton. Andrew Wilson was appointed by Sheraton, an Australian by origin, for the Deputy General Manager position, along with Clara Chan, a Singaporean Chinese, in the Chief Auditor position. These two higher officials

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  • Asahi Breweries

    Asahi Breweries Introduction Asahi Breweries is Japanese beer producer with a long history of operations since 1949. Prior to 1949 Asahi Breweries was a part of Dai Nippon, a large conglomerate of dif-ferent companies. After the defeat in World War II the allied forces forced Dai Nippon and other dominant companies to split. Dai Nippon Breweries was split into Sapporo Breweries and Asahi Breweries in 1949. At the time of split there were three major players in Japanese beer market – Sapporo Breweries

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  • Pacific Brands

    Pacific Brands Case Study Contents Introduction 1. Problem Identification 1.1 Cost Reduction 1.2 Structural Reorganisation 1.3 Ethics and Social Responsibility 2. Problem Analysis 2.1 Cost Reduction 2.2 Structural Reorganisation 2.3 Ethics and Social Responsibility 3. Recommendations 4. Bibliography Introduction Pacific Brands is an Australian based textile retail business that operates throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Asia. Within the following

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  • Asia

    First, all production does not have to rely on components sourced, which is expensive. Second, operating in emerging economies can also bring associated risks, particularly with regard to disruption of the supply chain. Moreover, Toyota’s in East Asia has emerged from the necessity of dealing with the complex nature of the regional division of labor and of a need for better coordination of supply chains and parts complementation under AFTA. 3. Given Toyota’s close coordination of the value

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  • Merger and Acquisition of Asia Pacific Breweries

    Study of Heineken acquired Asia Pacific Breweries Stage 1: Identification and Valuation A good case study would be Heineken getting approval to take control of Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) on Sept. 28 in a buyout of joint-venture partner Fraser & Neave Ltd (F&N) for S$5.6 billion (Robinson, 2012). The acquisition of APB offered compelling financial and strategic value for Heineken and its shareholders. Heineken was able to gain a direct access to Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands and China’s emerging

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  • Air Asia

    00 (US$0.27). In 2003, AirAsia opened a second hub at Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru and launched its first international flight to Bangkok. Valued at RM2.3 billion, AirAsia is today an award winning and the largest low cost carrier in Asia. From a two aircraft operation equipped with Boeing 737-300, AirAsia currently boasts a fleet of 78 aircraft that flies to over 60 domestic and international destinations. This airline now provides more than 500 domestic and international flights

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  • Rewards and Recognition System at Bemis Asia Pacific Sd. Bhd

    their morale results in increased productivity and decreased attrition rate. The purpose of this study is to investigate the process of reward and recognition and how effective is the process in one of the Malaysian manufacturing unit of Bemis Asia pacific which is a subsidiary of Bemis co. Inc. Bemis Co. Inc. is a multinational company in North and South America. It was founded by twenty-five year old Judson Moss Bemis in 1858 in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a major supplier of flexible packaging

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  • Asia-Pacífico

    TEMA X ASIA-PACIFICO ESQUEMA En su momento varios analistas internacionales pronosticaron que en la ultima parte del siglo xx, Asia-pacífico constituiría en su conjunto la principal potencia política y económica. Considera usted que esta hipótesis ha sido confirmada o estaría en vías de confirmación, o es errónea. Fundamente su respuesta. DIMENSIÓN ECONOMICA A.1. Antecedentes del surgimiento de Japón, los tigres asiáticos, los países de reciente industrialización y China. • El llamado

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  • Pacific

    because it captured and explained a lot of the issues the Pacific Youth are facing today in society. Watching this film allowed me to see a lot of similarities in what we are learning in this course. Respect is of the essence within many Pacific Island cultures. In this film we see this through the character of Tino. Tino’s facial expressions often show how he is afraid of his parents and that he has no choice but to obey. As Pacific people we can relate to Tino and his siblings as our parents

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  • Cabuyao at Ang Asia Brewery

    Bagong Lipunan sa bayan ng Cabuyao at kanyang mamamayan. Asia Brewery Inc. Noong ikaz-27 ng Enero 1982, ang Asia Brewery Inc. ay itinatag ni Dr. Lucio Tan. Itinatag niya ito sa Cabuyao sapagkat, dito siya nakabili ng isang malawak na lupain kung saan puwede siyang magtayo ng isang malaking kumpanya. May laki itong 320 hectares. At matatagpuan sa Km. 43, National Hi-Way, Brgy. Sala Cabuyao Laguna 4025. Ang lupang kinatatayuan ngayon ng Asia Brewey Inc. ay dating tirahan ng ilan sa mga tao sa Cabuyao

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  • The Issues and Problems Facing the Marketing of Tourism in the Asia Pacific

    Islamist group. They caused another bombing in 2005. When this happened, it made the market of tourism in Indonesia go down sharply, not only affected one area but also whole Indonesia. This is an unexpected situation but a really big issue in Asia Pacific. It happened in many countries. Another example is Manila hostage crisis which happened on August 23, 2010. A Filipino hijacked a tourist bus carrying tourists from Hong Kong, in an attempt to get his job back. This case is a little bit different

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  • African Breweries

    African Breweries 1. How is the competitive environment changing in South Africa and Tanzania for the brewing industry? 2. Complete a strategic assessment of SA Breweries. 3. What do they need to do to adapt to the changes in the environment and develop a sustainable competitive advantage in Tanzania? 4. Figure out the most important strategic actions that need to be done. Why are these actions the most important strategic actions? 5. Plan out the strategic actions for implementation

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  • Air Asia

    framework for the airlines industry within the ASEAN region will be discussed in greater detail in the upcoming paragraphs. The political influence on the aviation industry is instrumental towards the growth of the airline, specifically, in the Asia-Pacific and the ASEAN region. Government support for national carriers and minimal restrictions on migration is pertinent for the growth of an airline. Additionally, security controls should always be maintained to reflect the integrity of the airline

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  • Pacific Oil

    The Pacific Oil Company “Look, you asked for my advice, and I gave it to you,” Frank Kelsey said. “If I were you, I wouldn’t make any more concessions! I really don’t think you ought to agree to their last demand! But you’re the one who has to live with the contract, not me!” Static on the transatlantic telephone connection obscured Jean Fontaine’s reply. Kelsey asked him to repeat what he had said. “OK, OK, calm down, Jean. I can see your point of view. I appreciate the pressures you’re under

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  • Compare and Contrast Japanese and Western Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific

    Compare and Contrast Japanese and Western Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific 23 October 2013 at 18:10 The Japanese pursuit for an empire in South East Asia helped changed the balance of world power away from Europe, by taking their most lucrative colonies. Soon after the Japanese defeat in World War II, most of the colonies won their independence from their European masters. This essay will be arguing that despite the vast geographical distance and cultural, racial differences, as well as the

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  • Industrial Relations in Asia Pacific Region Curtin

    Curtin Business School School of Management CURTIN UNIVERSITY Singapore Campus 9797 Industrial Relations in Asia pacific region 302 Trimester 2014 Assessment 2: Individual report Name: Jeremy Tan Wen Cheng (17329381) Origin: Singapore Qualifications: Dip in Engineering, Current: Bach in Commerce International Business Date: 19 September 2014 Words: 2965 (Excluding Executive Summary, In text Citation) Question: Research, Analyse and Debate Exists a linkage between the exploitation

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  • 385 Asia Pacific

    whatever else) Students are encouraged to choose a company that is based in the country where the student comes from. This will allow students to gain more knowledge relevant to their background and their future jobs. 1. How do you define the Asia Pacific as a region? • Definitions vary, depending on the purposes of the definitions • Should be based on certain similarities of countries included • Commonly included countries: o China o Japan o 4 NIEs o 10 ASEAN member countries • Launceston

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  • Kirin Brewery

    Anwar Bizri Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (A) 14/09/2015 As Japanese beer market is an oligopoly with four major players, any competitive confrontation, or any new product entry, would make ripple effects on the market shares of the other 3 players. Although Kirin had the dominant share of the beer market, its conservative approach to its product strategy left it vulnerable to innovative strategies by the other players. This, in turn, is the opportunity that Asahi took advantage of. Asahi created

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  • Asia

    Porter Five Forces of Air Asia Porter’s Five Forces Threat of new Entrants Threat of new entry is moderate, because it requires high capital to support and government barrier is high such as the air service agreement can build barriers to those new entrants. The degree of barriers to entry depends on the strength of:- • Customers have a little bit of brand loyalty. If customers of AirAsia do not have brand loyalty, then the threat of new entrants will be very high. But the higher numbers

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  • Tsingtao Brewery

    1. Company Introduction - TSINGTAO Brewery Co., LTD History. Tsingtao Beer, one of the oldest brewery brands in China, can trace its colonial roots back to 1903, when German forces occupied Qingdao (Coastal city located in Shandong province in China). Beer businessmen from Germany and British founded the Tsingtao brewery factory in Qingdao and started to brew in the European way. Since Japan seized China from Germany during the First World War Japanese took the control of Tsingtao from Germans

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  • Business in Asia

    BUSINESS IN ASIA The way to success or the way to the end HOW TO PLACE THIS PRESENTATION Ucamco Gent (Ex Barco ) Dedicated software and hardware for PCB production and development Ucamco Asia Pacific Hong Kong / Shenzhen Mayric LTD ( Hong Kong / Shenzhen ) trading company ( bags, business relation gifts ) HAVE A LOOK AT NEXT: - Starting up your own company in Asia as company owner - Working for a western company in Asia as employee ( Chinese

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  • Asia Pacific Studies

    IMF. Conclusion – The harmonious engagement of regional actors in multilateral frameworks has significant capacity to contribute to regional stability, rendering Washington’s role as an extra regional balancer redundant. The rise of a unified East Asia will undoubtedly recalibrate regional security arrangements. 1.2 – The US is a regional balancer due to its hub-and-spoke system. Many theories support this such as hegemonic stability theory, which priorities unipolarity challenges from disputing

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  • Pacific Century

    NATIONAL OPINION POLL: CANADIAN VIEWS ON ASIA © Copyright 2014 Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT THE ASIA PACIFIC FOUNDATION OF CANADA _________________________________________________ 2 ABOUT THE NATIONAL OPINION POLL: CANADIAN VIEWS ON ASIA ________________________________ 2 METHODOLOGY KEY FINDINGS ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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  • San Miguel Brewery

    INTRODUCTION A. Company Profile HISTORY San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines, with nine out of ten beer drinkers preferring its brands. San Miguel Beer was first produced by La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, an upstart brewery in the heart of Manila that began its operations in 1890. It received the Royal Grant from the Spanish king to brew beer in the Philippines, then a colony of Spain. In 1963, the brewery was renamed San Miguel Corp. (SMC) to reflect

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  • Breckenridge Brewery

    Cresente G. Siglos Jr. MBA 231- StratMan Brewing Change at Breckenridgre Brewery Summary of the Case Back in the 1980s, founder Richard Squire was your typical ski bum – with one significant difference. He had a knack for making extraordinary home brews. For years, only his closest friends were able to enjoy his creations, but it didn’t take long for Richard to realize that his talents needed to be shared with the world. Craft Brewing represented a “blend of art and science” where focus was on

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  • Asia Pacific

    Brief Description Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia that is bordered by India to its west, north and east. It has a population of over 160 million people and is the world's eighth-most populous country. Around one-third of Bangladeshis live in urban areas, including Dhaka which is the capital and largest city. Bangladesh is also one of the world's poorest countries (approximately 31.5 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line). An innovative legal situation that Bangladesh

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  • Asia Pacific Viewpoint

    CHAPTER 03 Customer expectations of service L EARNING O BJECTIVES This chapter’s objectives are to: 1 Recognize that customers hold different types of expectations for service performance. 2 Discuss the sources of customer expectations of service, including those that are controllable and uncontrollable by marketers. 3 Acknowledge that the types and 54 sources of expectations are similar for end consumers and business customers, for pure service and product-related service

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  • Asia Pacific Aviation Competitive Challenges & Growth Dynamics

    International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2015) Study on trade-off of time-cost-quality in construction project based on BIM XU Yongge 1, a, Wei Ya 1, b 1 Xi’an Univ.of arch.﹠Tech., Xi’an 710055, China; a, Keywords: Building information modeling; Construction project; Time-cost-quality trade-off optimization; Genetic algorithm. Abstract. With the development of BIM technology

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  • Greaves Brewery Case Analysis

    Greaves Brewery: Bottle Replenishment Case Analysis Case Synopsis The following is an analysis of the case, Greaves Brewery: Bottle Replenishment. It details the growing beer operation of Greaves Brewery located in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. The purchasing manager for the company, Alex Benson, is uncertain about how many bottles to order from the company’s German glass supplier. His decision is complicated by the possibility of a new bottle design being introduced that would compromise

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  • Asia Brewery Case Study

    Asia Brewery 1. Short history/Milestones With Lucio Tan’s predominant desire to improve the Filipino beverage standards, he started out Asia Brewery, Inc. (ABI) and launched its first brand, Beer Hausen Pale Pilsen, in January 27, 1892 in Cabuyao, Laguna. In 1995, Manila beer was introduced, and 3 years after, Beer Pale Pilsen (now known as Beer na Beer), its most successful and most controversial brand, was launched. Due to the growing demand in the Mindanao market, ABI established its second

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  • Blackberry in Asia

    (RIM’s) entry into the Chinese market during a time when many distractions—principally a patent dispute with NTP—occupied management’s attention. Norm Lo had been in charge of the Asia Pacific region for eight months, though he had been with RIM for five years. Lo was successful in signing new partners throughout Asia, but China remained a difficult market to crack. One holdup was an impasse with regard to RIM’s use of encryption technology and the Chinese authorities’ desire to monitor e-mail

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  • Pacific Cares

    Which overall growth strategy should Pacific Cares adopt? * GO WITH STEADY SCENARIO for next two years (2006 & 2007) * The potential risk for the robust scenario is not worth it (comparative net margins don’t justify the risk – Exhibit 3). * Lack of confidence of the projections for the robust scenario add to the riskiness (“the CEO and Chairman only had 85% confidence in the 2006 projection and 75% confidence in the 2007 estimate.”) * 75% topline growth for the steady scenario

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  • Air Asia

    try to reduce theirs costs. 3) The Foundation of Air Asia Company Asia believes in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept and feels that keeping costs low requires high efficiency in every part of the business. Through the corporate philosophy of Now Everyone Can Fly, Air Asia sparked a revolution in air travel with more and more people around the region choose Air Asia. In the competitive airline industry, Air Asia keeps improving their supportive and constructive management

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  • Kuehne & Nagel in Asia Pacific

    Kuehne & Nagel in the Asia Pacific Prepared by: Satya Jagannathan KOTHIMANGALAM (G0750279L) Q 1. How do you see KN’s environment changing? The changes in the environment could be classified into the following – Regulatory changes: The formation of trade barrier-free European Union meant lower Customs Clearance (CC) revenue for Freight Forwarding (FF) companies. It used to form 60% of an FF company’s business and now was reduced considerably. Hence, companies like KN had to look for other

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  • Business in Asia

    because of IMF intervention the crisis has become much worse rather than before. Moreover, we will discuss about global crisis, this crisis happened in 2007. This started in US because of housing mortgage, and also credit crunch. The difference between Asia crisis and the Global crisis also will be discussed. Asian Crisis Hot money is “Money that flows regularly between financial markets as investors attempt to ensure they get the highest short-term interest rates possible. Hot money will flow from

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  • Business in Asia

    2012, Treichel 2012, p.3) “As shock waves of the global financial crisis (GFC) reached East Asia in autumn 2008 immediately after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September, the region faced the task of evaluating and reassessing the economic cooperation efforts of the previous ten years” (Katada 2011, p.274) Thus by evaluating and reassessing the economic cooperation of those previous ten years East Asia was able to maintain its flexibility during the Global Financial Crisis. The aim/purpose

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  • Bank Asia

    Organizational Behavior in the perspective of management in Bangladeshi Organization. A study on BANK ASIA LIMITED Organizational Behavior in the perspective of management in Bangladeshi Organization. A study on BANK ASIA LIMITED Prepared for Cource Teacher of Human and Organizational Behavior (HRM-501) Prepared by Sajjad Mahmud Sajed Topic : Organizational Behavior in the

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  • Greaves Brewery

    Sohan Phal Dessai | Sec B | 2012112 Greaves Brewery: Case Analysis Abstract: Greaves Brewery enjoyed an excellent reputation as a maker of beer that had won both local drinkers and tourists who chanced to try out its bottled product during their trips. Located in Trinidad, a southern Caribbean island, Greaves Brewery was established in 1924 by John Greaves, its founder. Through the years, Greaves Brewery had steadily grown and eventually began to tap the export markets as well. The company reaped

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