Aspects And Levels Of Federal Courts

  • Court Systems

    Court System Introduction The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the significance of the history of judicial system prevailing within the premises of United States. This paper intends to explore the Court System of United States. The major historical developments in the courts of United States will be discussed. Moreover, the rationale of the dual court system of the United States will be outlined. This paper will also explore the correlation between the historical developments

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  • The Aspects of Right to Counsel

    The Aspects of Right to Council Donna Chupurdia CJA/364 July 16, 2012 John Hullar The Aspects of Right to Council The Sixth Amendment was ratified on December 15th, 1791, guarantees the accused the right to council in federal cases (Adams, 2012). The Fourteenth Amendment extends the right to council in all state and federal cases. The role of an attorney is to represent to the best of their ability and defend the rights of their client. Defense attorneys are sworn to defend the accused regardless

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  • Structure of the Courts

    separate state court systems and an extra court system for the District of Columbia, yet there is only one federal court system. I live in the state of Maryland. The court system of the state of Maryland shares similarities with the federal court system, yet, the systems are different. Each court system has its own structure. There is a difference in the source of laws. Also, the types of cases that are heard in the court system of Maryland are dissimilar than what is heard in the federal court system.

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  • Federal

    The main objective of all federal, state, and local level is to have better infrastructure so that public health should be maintained and a healthy living is very important. To deal with diseases they should have enough money and prepare themselves for various emergencies. This will help the whole nation to become healthy. There are other factors which help in healthy life of public. These are better transportation, good communication, internet facility in remote areas etc. There are three main factors

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  • Court Case

    time by using Federal Taxes Weekly Alert Newsletters (available in RIA Checkpoint) as the basis for selecting topics. For example: Ganon may be assigned to base her update on Federal Taxes Weekly Alert Newsletter,  01/13/2011 - Volume 57, No. 2. You may find this newsletter by using the Newsstand feature in RIA Checkpoint. Click on Newsstand tab, on the top of the screen. Then click on the Newsletter Library on left. Click on Federal Taxes Weekly Alert Newsletter to expand that level. Click on 2011

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  • The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court Leshea Hicks Professor Dorothy Sliben LEG420 January 22, 2012 The United States Supreme Court is the last level at the federal level. It is also the only court mentioned in the Constitution. “The constitution states, “the judicial power of the United States shall be in one supreme court”, and Congress may ordain and establish from time to time” (Champion, Hartley & Rabe, 2008). The Supreme Court consists of eight associate justices and one chief justice. Each year

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  • Court Systems

    The U.S. Federal Court system I have chosen the United States Federal Court System as my topic of research. I believe the U.S Federal Court System is paramount to our criminal justice system. Today the Federal Court System is a complex structure of courts and actors working together in an imperfect process to deliver justice. Throughout the years there’s been controversy and debate between the rights of state and federal courts. However, as the dual process evolved they became dependent on each

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  • Business Aspect

    go on strike against the oppressive burden of excessive regulation and taxation, leaving the world in disarray and demonstrating how indispensable they are to the rest of us (the “ second handers” ). Rand wrote in a world in which the top marginal federal income tax rate in the United States was 91% (beginning at taxable income of $400,000).2 This is an unimaginably high rate by today’s standards, when the dominant view in Washington is that a marginal rate of 39.6% (the top † Irwin I. Cohn Professor

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  • Court Issues Analysis

    possible futures within the criminal justice field. Students will focus upon relevant research in policing, courts, and corrections that reflect key elements of current conditions and what may be expected in the years to come. Students will apply critical review and engage in in-depth discussion of these concepts as a basis for comprehensive understanding at local, state, national, and global levels of criminal justice administration. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible

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  • Federal Court

    Federal Court vs. NC State Court Danielle Paul CJS/220 06/05/13 Reginald Anthony Federal Court vs. NC State Court The NC state court system structure is as follows: the highest court is the Supreme Court, then the Court of Appeals, Superior Court and District Court. The Supreme Court hears mandatory jurisdiction in civil, capital criminal, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile and disciplinary cases, as well as discretionary jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile

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  • Court

    around the world as we know have been attending court everyday for different reasons. Those reasons can be for traffic violations, civil law suits, or unlawful criminal acts that are committed. These acts are all handled and disputed in a court of law. The courts are empowered to make fair and blending decisions upon the facts that are provided through out the court hearings. As we know there are two types of courts such as civil court and criminal court and it is very important that we understand

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  • Court

    Offense Level and Total Offense Level) * Manny Ramirez was taken into custody with possession with intent to distribute more than 1, but less than 3, kilograms of marijuana. The undercover officer who made the arrest reported Ramirez having a loaded 9mm handgun on his person. * According to the §2D1.1 Guidelines Manual, at least 1 KG but less than 2.5 KG of Marijuana , results in a Base Offense Level (10) * Possession of a dangerous weapon increases this by 2 levels

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  • Are the Federal Courts Too Powerful

    Are the Federal Courts too Powerful As the US became a more industrial society, there were increasing calls for government intervention. In the 1900's the view of the courts at that time was a laissez-faire approach, less government intervention. This was shown in Lochner v. New York 1905. The court said New York couldn't regulate working hours of bakers, it was unconstitutional. This laissez-faire approach continued in 1935, Schecter Poultry Corporation v. United States. Another case that

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  • Court History

    Court history and purpose David Anderson CJA/224 March 21, 2013 Symone Walker Court history and purpose The United States justice system is based on the beliefs that with the correct facts of a specified criminal or civil situation justice will prevail. This paper will discuss the purpose of court, the dual court system, and its role in criminal justice. If the individuals act as adversaries not agreeing on the facts of each other, a neutral person or persons known as judges and or juries

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  • Different Levels of State and Federal Prisons

    Different Levels of State and Federal Prisons CJS/230 Prison is the place where convicted criminals will go to atone for what the crimes they have committed. Anyone who must serve for a year or more will be sent to a state prison. An example of a state prison would be Minnesota’s prisons. Minnesota have the reputation of locking up dangerous criminals. Instead of holding prisoners, many offenders are put on probation while providing prison space to hold violent criminals (Foster

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  • Discuss the Role of the Federal, State, and Local Legislation Related to Health Care? Give at Least 2 Examples for Each Level

    finances and helps to deliver healthcare to all the citizens. The role of the federal government is to reform the growth of Medicare spending and they can make provisions to the healthcare system. The House of Representatives have control of the healthcare reform movement when it comes to planning and implementing throughout the approvals of committees, and advice from qualified healthcare teams. The United States federal government’s main role in health care is to introduce, organize, finance and

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  • Federal Court Powerpoint

    it started with * Gregory Lee Johnson * Dallas Police Dept. * Dallas County Criminal Court * Texas Court of Appeals 5th District * Texas Court of Criminal Appeals * State of Texas * United States Supreme Court 4. * Texas Court of Criminal Appeals * Texas Court of Appeals 5th District * Dallas County Criminal Court 5. The United States Supreme Court stated that it was against Gregory Lee Johnsons First Amendment rights of expressive conduct.

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  • Court

    Week 1 Assignment State Court System Trial Courts Trial Courts are also called "Superior Courts." There are 58 Trial Courts--one in each county. In the Trial Courts, a judge, and sometimes a jury, hears testimony and evidence and decides a case by applying the law to the facts of the case. Superior Courts handle: * All criminal cases (felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic tickets) * All civil cases (family law, probate, juvenile, and other civil cases) * Appeals of small claims

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  • American Court

    American court system paper Justin Burnett CJA 224 April 30, 2014 David Benson American Criminal Court System American criminal court system and its purpose: The criminal court system in America is a tool that communities use for standards to be enforced and necessary to protect individual and the whole communities. The action taken against the lawbreakers is like that it solves three purposes. It takes away harmful people and removes them from the society; it uses others as an example

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  • Legal Aspects of Nursing

    There are many different legal aspects of nursing. The legal aspects are there to protect the patients. Nurses need to know these because it can put their license in jeopardy, fines, jail time or even worse, harm to a patient. Not only could you be in trouble because you did something, you could also be in trouble for not doing something. When working with patients that are sick or injured the last thing you need is to let something else other then there sickness or injury interfere with

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  • The Us Courts

    developments of the U.S. courts began in the colonial days. Since then the American courts have taken their own path, and have evolved in order to better suit the social needs of today’s America. Presently, there are two judicial systems. The first one is the state and local courts established under the authority of state governments. The second is the Federal courts system created by Congress under the authority of the U.S. Constitution. Development of the American Courts The origins and foundations

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  • Forensic Testimony in Court

    Examine Forensic Testimony Forensic evidence has become more and more important in the court case for proving the guilt or innocence of a criminal defendant. Due to new technology the world of forensics is becoming more and more advanced providing law enforcement with all types of new investigatory tools and ways for the court to prove or disprove guilt. It is essential for law enforcement agencies to have trained forensic personnel with the skills to properly collect the evidence first to

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  • Court Room and History

    Court History and Purpose CJA/224 July 7, 2014 Court History and Purpose Court history and its purpose have been on a long and tedious journey through the Centuries. Court history has seen numerous changes along the way, good bad and indifferent. Although the road has been rough throughout the journey, it has made tremendous change by leaps and bounds with the help of several landmarks highlighting the complexity. The literature reviews, illustrates and examines the following:

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  • Level the Playing Field

    executive order stating that there "shall be no discrimination in the employment of workers in defense industries or government because of race, creed, color, or national origins". Roosevelt’s executive order and allowed minority taxpayers to obtain federal jobs. After that came the executive order, demanding the equal treatment and employment in the armed services. This would essentially not happen until the 1950’s during the Korean War. It had taken two world wars and a large-scale depression just

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  • How Far Were the Federal Government and the Supreme Court Responsible for the Changing Status of African Americans in the Years 1945-1968?

    The Federal Government in the United States is divided into three branches, Legislative; Congress, Executive; President and Judicial; The Supreme Court. The Supreme Court therefore forms part of the Federal Government. The Federal Government played a significant part to change the status of African Americans from 1945 to 1968 in the sense that the Presidents during this period; Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson all started to become more involved in improving Civil Rights for Black Americans

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  • Court History

    Court History and Purpose Leon White CJA/224 January 6, 2015 David Hernandez Court History and purpose The American court system is a vital part of the criminal justice system. Courts are part of the judicial branch and serves as an instrument of social control. A court must have proper legal authority and are entrusted to make decisions that are binding within the adjudication process. The court system has the task of punishing wrongdoers who commit heinous crimes against

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  • Court History

    Court History and Purpose Leon White CJA/224 January 6, 2015 David Hernandez Court History and purpose The American court system is a vital part of the criminal justice system. Courts are part of the judicial branch and serves as an instrument of social control. A court must have proper legal authority and are entrusted to make decisions that are binding within the adjudication process. The court system has the task of punishing wrongdoers who commit heinous crimes against

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  • Court Systems

    structures of the court system within the U.S. and the jurisdiction of the federal courts, also alternatives to litigations. State court system includes Limited-Jurisdiction which may or may not be recorded into record and may be limited by subject and amount. General-Jurisdiction, which hears evidence, testimony and renders a decision. May have separate divisions that handle civil and criminal matters and recorded into record. Some states may have an Intermediate Appellate Court which hears appeals

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  • Drug Court

    Summary The American court system is overflowed with people that suffer from substance abuse. For example drug and/or alcohol related crimes have been implicated in violent crimes, instances of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect cases. Therefore, drug court has come in to offer people arrested for substances abuse related crimes and opportunity to receive community-based treatment with judicial supervision to avoid potential incarceration. For this reason drug court has changed people’s lives

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  • The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court The purpose of the Supreme Court is to review or address cases that involve issues on a federal level or of constitutional law, just as appellate courts hear cases on a state level. Their responsibilities include deciding how to apply the principles of constitutional law to new matters and issues that arise in today’s day to day legal process; they also play the role of the “parent” to lower federal appellate courts when their decisions on legal issues are contradicting to one

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  • Differences Between the State and Federal Court System

    DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE STATE AND FEDERAL COURT SYSTEMS 2 Differences Between the State and Federal Court Systems Both the state government and federal government have their own separate court systems. They select their judges differently, hear different types of cases, and are structured a bit differently as well. The states use different types of ways to select their judges for their courts. In some states, voters get to vote for their judges during elections.

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  • Supreme Court

     A supreme court is the highest court within the hierarchy of many legal jurisdictions. Other descriptions for such courts include court of last resort, instance court, judgment court, apex court, and highest court of appeal. Broadly speaking, the decisions of a supreme court are not subject to further review by any other court. Supreme courts typically function primarily as appellate courts, hearing appeals from decisions of lower trial courts, or from intermediate-level appellate courts. However

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  • Aspects

    Topic An Assignment on Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Submitted By: ------------------------------------------------- Student ID… ------------------------------------------------- Module Name: ------------------------------------------------- Group: ……. Date of Submission: …………… Table of Contents LO1 A valid contract in a Business Context 3 1.1 The importance

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  • Federal

    that may include fines, community corrections, home confinement, electronic monitoring, intensive probation supervision, and boot camps. These sanctions have better supervision than used in prisons. We know that first time offenders committing mid-level crimes and of low risk are eligible for intermediate sanction. This saves money without posing public threat. As intermediate sanctions are applicable for only specific offenders, probation officers have to put offenders in appropriate programs

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  • Court Sysyem

    from dissimilar handling of similar people by virtue of race. This may be attributed to overt trial basis or effect of factors that are indirectly linked to race. In some instances discrimination results from un-guarded, individual or institutional level decisions that are made based on race (Lynch2008). Context of the Problem According to statistics, the population of United States is made up of 13% Black population. Despite this as of 2009 blacks made up 28.3 percent of all those sentenced

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  • Evaluation of Supreme Court Case

    The Texas state court held his initial trial in 1995, where Judge Stephen Ables allowed Panetti to represent himself. During this trial Scott Panetti dressed in cowboy clothes and called witnesses to the stand such as John F. Kennedy, as well as his own friends, who he questioned about their weekend activities. This court found him guilty of capital murder and he was sentenced to death. He appealed directly to the Texas court, and his appeal was denied. He then filed a federal Habeas petition. The

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  • Aspects of Cases

    Aspects of Cases, Was It Justified? Jeremie Rancier National American University Abstract When juveniles are being questioned there are concerns to worry about. They have rights just as an adult does, however these rights should be within limits. The rights of having legal counsel should always be given. The thing about this could be that what is considered legal counsel. Can a parent be considered or even a probation officer? They aren’t technically attorneys and can’t really be considered

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  • Court History

    Court History and Purpose Paper Damon G Walton CJA/224 7-01-2013 Nolson Philippe Court History and Purpose Paper Court History and Purpose Paper The U.S. court system is an integral to our justice system which provides a legal framework to mete out justice. Courts is defined by the book as, “An agency or unit of the judicial branch of government, authorized or established by statute or constitution, and consisting of one or more judicial officers, which has authority to decide upon cases

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  • Role of the Courts

    Paper Federal courts and Florida state courts systems are similar in some ways, but also very different in many ways. Both systems function with specific process of order, and a chain of command to adhere to. Neither the Federal Court nor Florida Court has seniority over the Constitutional Laws that our Country has in place. Federal Vs Florida The federal courts consist of a three part structure that combines the Supreme Courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the District Courts. The Supreme

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  • Court System

    separate court systems: State and Federal. The two court systems were made to keep State and Federal matters separate. Under the State court, legislatures were able to generate a variety of laws. The following will review on how the two different systems came, and how the systems relate to today. Two branches are equally important, and the following is going to mention about how both the State and Federal Courts interact with one another. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF STATE COURTS A State court will

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  • Courts

    Court Management Executive Summary Larry Garcia, Stephanie Saucedo, Erick Orozco, Alfred Grayson CJA/394 Jan-24-2012 Barry Boggle The traditional and “problem-solving” roles of the judge may be at odds philosophically, ethically, managerially, and Procedurally Communities expect more from courts for example, rehabilitation, reform, and control/cure of substance abuse and other behaviors and conditions. But some social problems cannot be solved. For example, mental health courts have proliferated

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  • Court Managment

    Court Management Executive Summary CJA/394 Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice January 30, 2012 Troy Hokanson Courtroom Management Executive Summary The purpose of court systems is to ensure that a person accused of committing a crime receives a punishment or is released by reviewing evidence against the accused, and to settle any debts that individuals may have. Court systems have to maintain themselves just as any business does; there needs to be leaders, changes, and

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  • Court System Paper

    Courts System Paper Curtis Lee Cabil Jr. CJA/204 Russell Yeiser December 16, 2011 Courts System Paper The first bill introduced in the United States Senate was the Judiciary Act of 1789. This act divided the country into 13 different districts which represents the 13 colonies. Essentially, the Judiciary Act of 1789 marked the beginning of the historical development of the nations’ court system. From that, “the original American colonies had their own court system for resolving civil and

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  • Appellate Court

    S. states including federal courts they are allowed an appeal per parties as a right. This pertaining to the party who is unpleased with the results of a verdict can bring an appeal to contest that ruling. However, appeals may be costly, and the appellate court must find an error on the part of the court below that justifies upsetting the verdict. Therefore, only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals. Some appellate courts, particularly supreme courts, have the power of discretionary

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  • Federal Lawsuit

    Federal Lawsuits and Sexual Assault: Wider Implications Senjon S. Vann Professor Mark B. Pullin, J.D. Legal Aspects of Business I - Law 304 (21106) 18OCT2011 Introduction When lawsuits occur on a federal level, a degree of national notoriety is common. The media seizes on the most controversial and/or disturbing cases, and public reaction becomes an actual presence in the trial process. Even as courts and juries enact protections to preserve the integrity of the trial

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  • Court Analysis

    identify areas of the court system that needs changes. Portions of the court system facing changes are the way courts are managed including their problems and resolutions. Victims’ rights have emerged as a new trend in the courts as victims are given the rights to be included in case proceedings. In the future, the courts face a loss of cases to a potential private sector of courts such as arbitration and mediation. These changes and issues should be understood in order for the courts to match the emerging

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  • Court Structure

    Structure of the Court When looking at state and federal law, one will find many similarities but many differences as well. There are three main components to courts and the foundation of them, these would be: law making ability, structure and cases heard. There are just enough differences so that figuring out which is which can be confusing. Let’s look at who supersedes who. When a law is passed if it be in federal courts or state courts it pretty much goes the same way, either the House of Representatives

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  • California Courts

    California Courts The Basic Structure of the California Courts In the United States there are two separate judicial systems, the state and federal. According to, every “state has its own system with most having specific courts such as juvenile court, probate court, family court, and others that oversee specific legal issues.” (Judicial Council of California, 2012). Where Federal court deals with constitutional law, or in cases between two or more states, California state court deals

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  • Supreme Court Case

    Supreme Court Case Jamie Wallace CJA/354 August 5, 2012 Graham Quisenberry The Supreme Court case I chose for my assignment is titled “Supreme Court mostly rejects Arizona immigration law; gov says ‘heart’ remains.” Immigration is a controversial area for society and the law in United States, even more so after the terrorist attacks in 2001. The state of Arizona in April 2010 implemented laws that would crack down on immigration violators to protect the citizens

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  • The Main Levels of the U.S. Federal Government

    Running Head: THE MAINLEVELS OF THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT The Main Levels of the U.S. Federal Government Lynn Todd Colorado Technical University Online PBAD200-0904A-13 American Government Professor Jamie Boyd October 12, 2009 The U.S. Government is composed up of three key branches, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Each branch has its own powers, functions, checks, and balances. First, we will look at the history of the Constitution. During the

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