Assignment 1 Reflective Learning Log Rll

  • Week 1 Assignment 1

    University of Phoenix is a great place to receive great distance learning. In order to attend the University of Phoenix you need to make sure you have access to the internet. Once you find a computer that can log onto the internet you need to get online. Once you are online and logged into your Phoenix website, you will have a few things you get graded on from discussion questions, to assignments, to participation grade. In order to achieve your participation grade you need to go to the electronic

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  • Ssk 12 Learning Log a

    |ELECTRONIC ASSIGNMENT COVERSHEET |[pic] | |Student Number |32065721 | |Surname |McDonald | |Given name |Suzanne

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  • Assignment 1

    Academic Help 1. WHAT ARE THE 6 MATH LABS AVAILABLE FOR STUDY IN THE CENTER FOR MATHEMATICS EXCELLENCE? HINT. CLICK THE RUNNING START LINK AND LOOK UNDER OTHER MATH CONTENT. a. Self Assessment b. ALEKS Math Refresher c. Pre-Algebra Review d. Algebra 1 e. Algebra 2 f. Introduction to Statistics 2. Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence? a. Write Point b. CWE Review c. Plagiarism Checker 3. Which formatting

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  • Unit 1 Assignment 1

    Unit 1 Assignment 1 1. Describe the role of software for computers: Computer software tells the hardware what to do. Without any software, the hardware would be worthless. Think of the software as a subject in school, and the hardware as you or your brain. Without any learning, you can't do anything. One you have learned some math, and then you are able to solve math problems. This learning is usually accomplished through downloads or CD's that are loaded into the computer. At the very basic level

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  • Assignment 1

    1: Predictive Policing The following resources may be helpful in completing this assignment: Goode, E. (2011, August 15). Sending the police before there’s a crime. Retrievablehere. Pearsall, B. (2010, May). Predictive policing: The future of law enforcement? National Institute of Justice Journal, 266. Retrievablehere. Predictive Policing Symposium (2010). Retrievablehere. Shurkin, J. N. (2011, September 13). Santa Cruz cops experiment with ‘predictive policing’. Retrievablehere

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  • Reflective Log

    abortion are against her religious and personal belief. Before we start to reflect on above scenario it’s necessary to reflect on what’s reflective thinking is according to “Dewey “contends that the purpose of this type of thinking is to achieve a goal and that the thought process is active and purposeful. Gardner’s (2001) research also found that reflective writing is indeed effective to students, increasing their ability to recognize and articulate their own values and attitudes and exposing them

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1: Essay Due Week 4 and worth 100 points Read the selection in the textbook. Write a three to four (3-4) paragraph essay (250 words) which analyzes the “surprise ending” of the reading selection. APA format. Topic Choices: * Reading selection from Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Swift begins with offering the solution that the English could do things which might solve the problem of over-population and the mistreatment of citizens in Ireland and ends by offering the solution that

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  • Reflective Log

    Reflective Log Hofstede’s 4 dimensions Power distance: Society can accept and expect that power is distributed unequally in the organizations and institutions. Power distance has different between large and small. People with large power distance will great acceptance of unequal power, but people with a small power distance want power to be shared equally. Some Asian countries are large power distance and western countries are small power distance. Uncertainty Avoidance: When a society has

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  • Reflection Log 1

    true! In my formula, my expectation is so high that happiness hardly finds me. 99 marks in dictation is actually a very good result. Why should I stay stubborn and focus on the 1 mark lost? Why should I magnify the negative side? I exactly fall into the trap of negativity bias that is focusing on negative thing like the 1 mark lost, the name of “first in form” lost. Also, I shouldn’t compare everything with others. Even if I got the lowest score among my friends, I did try my best in my weak subject

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  • Wk 3 Assignment 1

    UNIV/100 Career Exploration Plan Worksheet For this assignment, you will research the website and use the My Career Plan tools on eCampus. To complete this assignment, follow the directions provided in each section. You may refer to the completed example in the Week 3 Materials as a guideline. When you complete each section, submit this document to your Week 3 Assignment 1 link on your student website. Save this document so you can reference it as you work on building

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  • Reflective Essay #1

    To describe my leadership manifesto I will answer the following questions within the body of this my reflective thinking essay number one. The first question is what type of leader am I? This is a tough question to answer and probably could best be answered by the subordinates who work underneath my leadership style. However if I am forced to answer this question I would describe the type of leader I am as someone who takes into account all information, from leaders and subordinates alike, before

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  • Assignment 1

    Business Management Assignment one Question 1 Briefly describe the management responsibilities you undertake in your business? The management responsibilities that I undertake in my workplace are the general day to day running of the establishment and organisation. These include all health and safety and fire regulations ensuring that all policy’s and procedure are all in place and all members of staff are obeying them. I undertake staff rotas, staff holiday allowance and ensuring all shifts

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  • Assignment 1

    Professor Brian Smith CIS 111: Introduction to Database Management System October 13, 2013 Through this assignment, I was able to experience logging into the Strayer University Oracle Server. The process started a little rough for me because I did not have the necessary credentials, but once I received them from I was able to log in. the screen I attained at the end of the exercise is shown below: I googled putty on the google search engine and found www.putty

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  • Assignment 1

    Introduction to Business Information Systems Assignment 1 Table of Contents Part A 1. Describe the information age and the differences between data, information, business intelligence and knowledge…………………. Page 1 2. Explain systems thinking and how management information systems (MIS) enable business communications…………………………….. Page 2 3. Describe three Business 2.0 tools for collaborating………………... Page 2 4. Characterise and explain the importance of decision-making

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  • Learning Team Assignment

    Trial Assignment Name Institution Date   Trial Assignment PART 1 Disney organization is the world’s best entertainment organization owing to several factors. This organization affects the lives of most Americans and people around the world through their films, theme parks and resorts. The company has been a key player in the film industry through its animations and other children’s films, this level of growth and identity comes with great wealth and financial strength to an organization

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  • Personal Development and Planning Reflective Report Assignment

    Anthony Reid Business Management Personal Development and Planning Reflective report assignment During my first year of studying in the Cardiff Metropolitan University I have found myself using a number of skills that I was previously taught in my school and now this set of skills is been all brought up together and represented in a more specific and detailed view throughout the PDP course. PDP e-lessons were a good source, which I have used when I have found my self stuck with the referencing

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  • Key Reflective Learning for Operation Strategy

    apartment by providing a lot of choices to the potential buyer to make it more interesting. We provide 5 types of different apartment because we want to attract all type of people in that area. We provide from studio room, apartment 1 room plus 1 living room, apartment 2 rooms plus 1 living room, 3 rooms plus one living room, and the best room is suites resident which is at the highest of the building with 5 rooms and 2 living rooms plus one big balcony. By build a unique design of house that can accommodate

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  • Reflective Essay #1

    1. How would your subordinates describe you as a leader? I believe my Airmen would describe me as a compassionate, straightforward and trustworthy leader. I try not to sit in the office all day and always take the time to be involved with my airman with everyday tasks through guidance and mentorship. Currently I do not have any assigned subordinates that I immediately supervise. I have an open door policy and that has proven to be very effective with personal issues. 2. How would your supervisor

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  • Reflective Assignment

    Reflective Assignment The Political Nonviolent Activism of Martin Luther King Jr. I will focus on the life and the nonviolent political activism of Martin Luther King Jr. King Jr. is a world-renowned figure for his nonviolent pursuit of justice, equality, liberty and freedom for all, he worked tirelessly for racial equality and civil rights within the United States of America and his values of beliefs have been referenced the world over in similar pursuits. He is most well known for a speech

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  • Learning Log

    LEARNING LOGS or A REFLECTIVE LEARNING JOURNAL One way of developing evidence of your skills and knowledge development is to engage in the process of producing a learning log or learning journal. A learning log is basically a record or journal of your own learning. It is not necessarily a formal ‘academic’ piece of work. It is a personal record of your own learning. As such it is a document which is unique to you and cannot be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, although there are ‘better’ and ‘worse’ ways

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment Cover Sheet For the student Please ensure this form is fully completed and attached with the assessment. Student ID: Student Name: Course: Unit Name: Assessment Title: Trainer’s name: Intake: vfhvom0085 ALI ABDUL KARIM DIPLOMA OF MANAGEMENT Manage Quality Customer Service Unit Code: Assessment No: Due Date: Campus: BSBCUS501C One Develop customer service plan Melbourne Plagiarism and collusion constitute cheating. Disciplinary action will be taken against students

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  • Assignment 1

    Business Part 4, 5 and 6: Marketing Management, Managing Technology and Information and Managing Financial Resources Chapter 12-18 Email to: Dr. Luis Ortiz at Multiple Choice and Essay Exam MULTIPLE CHOICE Chapter 12 1. ________ is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. |a. |Marketing

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  • Reflective Log Tips

    Tips for Writing a Reflective Learning Log for an Assignment What is a reflective log? This kind of log is a record of your learning experiences, thoughts, feelings and reflections. It is not just a diary of what you have done, but a critical assessment of how you have progressed. It is less formal than other kinds of assignments - for example you should write in the first person. To be truly reflective you need to ask yourself some questions: • • • • • • What have I achieved? Have I made progress

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  • Assignment on Learning Process

    Understanding the Learning Process Contents 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………03 2. Understanding Different Theories of Learning……………………………………..03-08 3.1 Application of learning domains to learning in health and social care…………03-06 3.2 Different ways of learning in Health and social care workplaces…………….06-07 3.3 Analysis on the relation of learning theories to the development of understanding and skills of health care…………………………………………………………….07-08 3

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  • Reflective Journal 1 and 2

    combined or blended in order to exemplify an original personality. I have discovered that my behavioral blend is CIS. In the process of understanding this fact, I have learned quite a bit about myself – I prefer following clear, well-defined assignments that allow me to critically think things through (ultimately making a sound and thorough decision). I love to help others, and I have a very personable and friendly personality. I also like consistency. All of these presumed attributes are completely

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  • Reflective Thinking Essay #1

    Reflective Essay One While I don’t often inquire about their feedback, I believe that my subordinates would view me as someone who is easily approachable and willing to offer time to listen to any issues or concerns they may have, and be capable to help them arrive at solutions. They would see me as that supervisor who would never ask them to take on any task that I wasn’t willing to do myself, and in turn, I would hope to earn their respect, trust and motivation to get the job done. My goal is

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  • Reflective Learning

    Christina Pickett Reflective Learning EDU-233022-01X December 3, 2014 Research Paper Trauma and Birth Healing from a traumatic birthing experiences could be achieved through reflection. A traumatic birth experience can be described differently by all demographics of women and cover a wide range of reasons for labeling the birth as traumatic. According to Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress (1) One of the leading causes of post-partum post-traumatic stress disorder is when a women’s

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1 – ECOM 320 1. What are the main functionalities and features included in an e-commerce server? E-commerce servers some or all of the following system functionalities: * Digital Catalog – used to display goods * Product Database – used to provide product information * Customer on-site tracking – used to personalize and/or customize products and to identify common customer paths and appropriate responses * On-site blog; used to engage customers in conversation and community

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  • Service Learning Assignment

    Service Learning Assignment: Houston Food Bank Volunteer Day Service Learning, volunteerism and community service are similar acts of service, but they are certain characteristics that distinguish the three as well. Service-learning involves students in community service activities and applies the experience to personal and academic development. Service-learning course objectives are linked to real community needs that are designed in cooperation with community partners and service recipients.

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  • Reflective Thinking Essay 1

    Your Leadership Manifesto 1. I believe my subordinates would describe me as easy going. One of my subordinates described me as a pacifist, filling more of a peacekeeping role in the work center yet still demanding. They see me as highly approachable and always available, ready to teach or provide guidance when asked. I think they also see me as very detail oriented because I’m so picky about the way they do things. 2. My supervisor would describe me as an effective follower with some room

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1: Demand Estimation Becky Boom ECO 550 Demand Estimation for Low Calorie Frozen - Microwavable Food Using data from 26 supermarkets around the country for the month of April, the following regression equation was generated. Please note, standard errors are in parentheses for the demand for widgets. QD = -5200 - 42P + 20PX +5.2I +.20A +.25M (2.002) (17.5) (6.2)

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  • Communicatio Log Week 1

    | :30 | Told her I was too busy today | +/- | Sat | 11:00 | Father | Asked him where the tissue box was | In-person | :10 | Found the tissues I needed | + | Sat | 11:03 | Boyfriend | Told him I didn’t have much time to hang out today | Texting | 1:00 | He said ok/good luck | + | Sat | 11:10 | Pet Meds Business | Asked why meds haven’t arrived yet | Telephone | 2:00 | Found out that they’ll arrive on Wednesday | +/- | Sat | 12:00 | Boyfriend | Talked for awhile | In-person | 10:00 | Told him

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  • Gvv Reflective

    REFLECTIVE WRITING: DIEP Reflective writing can be included in a variety of different assignment tasks. It can include keeping a reflective journal or learning log with multiple entries – particularly for professional placements – or be part of an essay or report. Reflective writing aims to get you to think about and understand your learning experiences. This outline is an approach to reflective writing, using a DIEP strategy. The DIEP strategy The four steps in this approach (adapted from

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  • Learning and Communicating Online Reflective Essay

    In this report, I will reflect on what I’ve learnt in the course ‘Learning and Communicating Online’ and in particular, I’ll discuss what I have learnt about finding, using and evaluating online sources for academic communication. I’ll also discuss how my ideas of using online sources of information have developed during the course and how the development of an informational resource has helped me understand how to evaluate the credibility of online sources in an academic environment. I will also

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  • Assignment 1

    Final Exam Read the following short essay, and then write a 3-5 page response (12-point font, double-spaced, normal margins, no cover page, no binders). Your response should do the following three things: (1) state what the main conclusion of the essay is; (2) state what the most important premises (including sub-conclusions) are—i.e., state which premises are most important if the argument is to rationally convince its audience; (3) evaluate the quality of the argument, giving detailed reasons

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  • Bus 518 Assignment 1 Bus518 Assignment 1 BUS 518  Assignment 1 – A Peaceful Evacuation- Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward (New) Read the case study titled “A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward.” before starting this assignment. Write a 3-5 pages paper in which you: 1. Describe the leadership style that Lieutenant Colonel Yaron

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  • Reflective Essay – International Assignments

    even worse when an international assignment plays a role in the work life. No matter what type of assignment comes into play, there are several advantages and disadvantages, especially for the family of the person that has to go abroad for work, what should be discussed in this essay. When we first go into deep about expatriation, the major question to be asked is whether the family is also moving abroad or not, depending on the planned length of the assignment. In both cases several issues have

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  • Distance Learning Assignment

    Distance Learning Readiness Assignment This practicum will factor into your total class points for the semester. Please type your responses directly into this document. The screenshot of the quiz results can be placed in the document as well. Step 1: Of the available links, I’m asking that you watch the entire video “What it takes to be a successful online student” (short 2:48 mins) and answer the following questions thoroughly (these

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  • Learning Team Assignment

    University of Phoenix Material Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet The ability to work collaboratively with others is a critical skill in the human services field. Learning Team assignments will help you prepare for this challenge by requiring effective communication, timely management of tasks and deadlines, and cooperative problem solving. Keep in mind that your task is not simply to complete an academic assignment, but also to demonstrate the ability to collaborate effectively

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  • Assignment 1

    Professor Teresa Wilburn PSY 105 November 1, 2012 Assignment 1: Preferences ` I coach track and field and until a year ago, I could not run one lap around the track. I started out slowly but I am now able to run miles without stopping and I love it! Track and Field is a competitive sport with various athletic contests that include running (road, cross-country and race walking), jumping and throwing. It is normally an individual sport with athletes competing against each other to

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  • Reflective Journal 1

    Reflective Journal 1 In my first experience working with Liz on the floor, I immediately notice that she has a lot going on. With all her responsibilities, you can definitely see the need for excellent time management and delegation skills. She is responsible for opening a new nursing floor, but is still in charge of running the floor she is currently in charge of. So she constantly needs to be aware of her time management skills, to know when and where she needs to be and at what time. She also

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  • Reflective Learning Assignment - Business

    Reflective Learning Assignment 1.) While doing this assignment, I really did develop and enhance some Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities. The first TGC which I develop during this assignment is “Communication Skills”. I tried to communicate with the front desk while we were check-in, and tried to ask about how to solve the problem we met which is the room door was out of function. It slightly improved my communication skill by communicate with the front desk appropriately. Besides, we leant how

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  • Reflective Essay of Honey and Mumford Learning Styles

    Reflective essay of Honey and Mumford learning Styles According to Pashler et al. (2008), the term of learning style is assumed to be an approach that can able to enable individuals to achieve the best learning state. Different people have their own particular learning style. It’s important to clearly understand our own learning style for better analyze ourselves and other different learning style for better manage different types of people and their preferences for learning and working in a team

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  • Reflective Log

    What I understood is that postmodern point of view is not easy to understand, but even more, it is difficult to take in marketing practices. However, as a philosophy, it has a lot to clarify the current trends. I am a student living in a foreign land called Ankara, which is a capital of Turkey. I really am in love with this country, but from time to time, I have a homesick. I miss my family, my relatives, my city with its atmosphere and Central Asian cuisine. Luckily, there is a small restaurant

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1: Business rules and Data Models Darryl W Anderson CIS 111: Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems Kean University requested that I develop a database for their college. The purpose of the database will be to track the students and the courses. They also want a place in the system to track the instructors teaching each course. There are many things that need to be considered in developing this database. This paper will outline the entities, attributes for each entity

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  • Reflective Assessment Portfolio 1 Com150

    Angelica Gonzalez Portfolio Assignment (1 of 3) Bryant and Stratton College COMM 150: Introduction to Information Literacy and Research Ms. Eileen Anderson October 8, 2011 I believe there are core basic skills that can help you succeed in any capacity for school, work, and life as a whole. First and foremost, a positive attitude is necessary for you to succeed. Positive attitude is the ability to look at everything as though “the glass is half full” (Diaz). During difficult times you

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  • Ese 697 Week 1 Reflective Journal

    ESE 697 Week 1 Reflective Journal To Buy This material Click below link The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides professional development, defends the rights of individuals

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning New Millennium Affairs: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Robin Brown Dr. Shirley Todd McLaughlin, CLU, ChFC MKT 500: Marketing Management January 22, 2012 New Millennium Affairs New Millennium Affairs is an event planning company specializing in social event planning. The company will offer specialized services in bridal consulting and party planning for consumers in order to personalize these special events. Our company

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  • Assignment 1- Reflective Learning Log (Rll)

    RLL NURS1101 Week 3: Nursing as an Art & Science Week 3’s NURS1101 class commenced with a DVD lecture on seizures & the different type’s people could succumb to. The level & seriousness is determined by the seizure classification indicator. First it is divided into being a partial or generalised activity, a partial seizure is one originating in one part of the brain & is diagnosed as simple or complex, whereas a generalised seizure’s activity involves the entire brain & diagnosed as absence, myoclonic

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 1: Public Personnel Today Kenan W. Carioti July 22, 2012 Public Personnel Management – PAD530 Dr. Angelique Goliday Abstract This paper analyzes and explains four critical trends affecting the growth of public personnel today, analyzes and evaluates four strategies needed to create a diversified workforce, and describes four strategies the government must address to sustain union membership and representation among public employees. Public personnel

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