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  • Company Law 266 Assignment

    Question: 2 According to Corporate law 2001, section 148, the company may trade under its Australian company Number (ACN) or it may register a company name(Corporate Law 2001) When the directors have decided the name of the company, they need to register the name. Once the name is registered, it is protected by law. All the limited companies must have “limited ;( “Ltd”) “proprietary limited” ( “Pty”); or “Pty Ltd” as part of their names (Corporate Law 2001).The directors want to set up a proprietary

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  • Law Assignment

    registered business, company, corporation, or if it is thought to be distasteful or inappropriate for registration (may contain profanity), the name or words contained in the application may be confined by Ministerial Prohibition or state or government law, or if it contains foreign language characters. It is important to check with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) if the name has already been registered before applying, in order to avoid refusal of application. It is also important

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  • Law Assignment

    Katherine. According to case law Katherine’s revocation is not valid. However if it is found that Martha’s acceptance was valid at 3.45pm she will be liable to receive the stamp collection as her bid was higher than Katherine’s. On the other hand if Martha’s acceptance is valid from 4.20pm Katherine will be bound by the contract. Tina has not abided by the terms of the offer so consequently has not formed a contract. Bibilography 1. Elliot.C. and Quinn.F.2011.Contract Law.1st edn.Harlow.Longman 2.

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  • Employment Law Assignment

    Employment Law Assignment 1. Define BFOQ and list to which characteristics it applies BFOQ stands for Bona Fide Occupational Qualification which functions as a defense to a suit for discrimination for employers with regards to religion, national origin, gender, and age. Employers may discriminate for the causes mentioned above if they can establish that a "bona fide occupational qualification" exists. This qualification defense does not apply to race and color. Under the ADEA (Age Discrimination

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  • Employment Law Assignment

    Week 2 Assignment 1. What do you think are some of the factors in the modern workplace that contribute to a theft of time? How can those factors be managed? Three huge factors that contribute to theft of time are internet, mobile phones and smoking. Majority of employees have a computer on their desk to do their job and the internet which allows them to access social sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.. Employees also can surf the internet hours at a time instead of performing

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  • Law Assignment

    School of Law Coursework Assignment Semester A, 2011/2012 Total words:1193 a) Alex and Charles in relation to the sale and purchase of the apartment On 8thSeptember2011, Alex placed an advertisement in the Hong Kong Daily, which is about selling his prestigious apartment. The advertisement of Alex is an offer, not an invitation to treat. In Partridge v Crittenden [1968] , the newspaper advertisement without details was held to be an invitation to treat, which is not an offer. However

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  • Morality and the Law, the Validity Question

    MORALITY AND THE LAW; The Validity Question By Nfon Mark PLAN Introduction -A general overview of Morality and the Law -Definition of Morality and the law -Principles of Morality -The validity question Body -principles of Morality in details -The principle of Truth

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  • Wk3 Assignment Bus Law

    For this assignment – you will need to access the LexisNexis database in the Keller Library, from the student resources tab under Course Home. Go to Jennings Chapter 9, page 315, problem 5. Use LexisNexis in the Keller library and look up the Esposito-Hilder vs. SFX case. Use the citation you find in your book to do the search.  Read the case and answer these questions. Copy and paste this information into a Word document, include your name on that document, and answer the questions. 1. What

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  • An Analysis of Natural Law and Morality

    Alex Erebor 2/1/10 An Analysis of Natural Law and Morality Human beings are undoubtedly the most sophisticated life forms on Earth. We are capable of many remarkable feats, but the one attribute that separates from other life on Earth is the ability to rationalize and reason. Because of this, humans have been able to form a society in which our activities are judged to be right or wrong. This phenomenon is known as morality and is only existent in human society. As expected, when dealing with

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  • Business Law Assignment I

    words] 1. Identify areas of law addressed in the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report. This chosen article reports on the prosecution of the directors of a medical practice company called Medical Centre 2000 at Liverpool in Sydney for discriminating against a visually-impaired employee and underpaying her more than $20,000 for about 3 years. Civil Law Civil law can be illustrated in this case when workplace law and disability discrimination

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  • Law 1701 Major Assignment

    Introduction Formally, to be able to advise Tom with references to common law of contract that if there is any form of contract or acceptance made by Tom and Vicky, it is necessary to determine the main facts of the problem, whether or not to convince one of the two parties is illegally bonded and, back up by using relevant case law that bring about the similarities, certain behaviors to apply the precedents to this problem. In order to indicate the formation of a legally binding contract either

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  • Law Assignment 1

    Homework Assignment #1 One of the most important skills you will learn in this course is how to “brief” a case. Judges interpret the law to resolve a dispute between two parties in a civil trial. This interpretation is documented in an “opinion”. These opinions are indexed in volumes and online. Opinions can be complex and address a variety of issues in the plaintiff’s claims or claims. Using case “briefs” will help you to understand how the court interpreted the law and how that interpretation

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  • Law and Morality

    Explain the role of morality in the law of England and Wales. Law is a set of rules and boundaries that I set as a guiding conduct that determines the way in which we behave, it was established by authorities which if disobeyed can lead to a sanction. Sir John Salmon said: 'the body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice' Whereas morals are set of beliefs,  values and principles shared by society or a part of society to determine what is right from wrong

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  • Business Law Assignment

    Business law assignment Business Law Assignment Common law and stare decisis Common law is all that law that is made by judges. It is initiated by citizens when they file cases in courts. Stare decisis is a term used in the common law to mean that decisions made in court cases should be based on previous decisions. It simply means that the decision should stand. It therefore means that in business, this is a principle that can assure a business person of the ruling of a case that is similar to

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  • Employment Law Assignment 4

    Assignment 4 Termination Questions 1. Is there any basis upon which Brown can make a claim against Whitney? Explain the nature of any possible claim and the remedies that she would seek. Note that in this question you are asked for the position Brown would be taking. Do not deal with what she might be awarded -- that is considered in question 2. The claim that Brown can make against Whitney is that she was constructively dismissed due to an untenable work environment created by her supervisor

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  • Law Assignment

    Principles in Business Law/Business Law and Ethics (W2001/BLW203) Assignment Term 3, 2014 Student’s ID Student’s Name Lecturer’s Name Course STUDENT DECLARATION: I declare that:    I understand what is meant by plagiarism. The implication of plagiarism has been explained to me by my institution. This assignment is all my own work and I have acknowledged any use of the published and unpublished works of other people. Submission Date: Student’s Signature: FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY: Marker’s Comments

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  • Busn 420 Law Assignment

    Assignment 1 Business Law Oct 28th 2014 Common law is defined as “law developed by judges who issued their opinions when deciding a case.” (Cheeseman, 2013). The principles in these early cases have taken precedent for later judges that are deciding similar cases. English common law is divided into cases which are decided by three different courts. These courts are: law courts, equity courts, and merchant courts. Law courts deal with matters of the law, such as administering it and upholding

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  • Law Assignment

    Riche[1]. MEANING OF THE STATEMENT: Both the memorandum of association and article of the association are public document. The memorandum of the association is like a constitution of a country; on the other hand article of the association is like a laws of a country. Memorandum of the association is a last limit, which the shareholders cannot across and they cannot control it; one the other hand the shareholders have full control over the article of association and may alter them from time to time

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  • Business Law Assignment

    but according to the Indian property law it define the ‘Transfer of property’ means an act by which a living person conveys property, in present or in future, to one or more other living persons, or to himself and one or more other living persons; and "to transfer property" is to perform such act. In this section "living person includes a company or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not, but nothing herein contained shall affect any law for the time being in force relating

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  • Law Studies Assignment 1.05

    Assignment 1.05 Is it ethical for lawyers to use jail house informants to get a conviction if they’ve offered a deal to the incarcerated informant? The Innocence Project (, presents the case that in 18% of wrongful conviction cases overturned through DNA testing, an informant testified against the defendant at the original trial. An informant is defined as a witness who testifies as to statements made by a fellow inmate while

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  • Business Law Assignment

    BUS 850: Business Law (Assignment) Masters of Risk Management (Year 1) Matriculation Number: 139022060 1. Definition of Private Company 2. Definition of Public Company 3. List the differences between a Private and Public company by the use of a differential table Brief: According to Companies and Allied Matters Act, LFN 2004 (CAMA) Part II Chapter 1 section 18 to section 26 under the Incorporation of companies and incidental matters as regards Formation of Company.

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  • Commercial Law Assignment

    Commercial Law: Assignment Question 1 Material Fact J is a tour operator who provides narrow boat holidays. K and L each book a holiday with J, and J agrees. There is subsequently an outbreak of a waterborne virus in almost all canals in England and Wales. A new regulation was implemented by the government stating the need for all tour operators to purchase a disinfectant which prevents the spread of the virus. Prices of disinfectant increase. In order to purchase adequate supplies, J will

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  • Law and Assignment

    Assignment 2 LEGAL PROBLEMS (30 marks) Note – All students are expected to use the prescribed textbook when undertaking this assignment and all cases cited at c) in each problem below should be taken from the textbook. If you use any source other than the prescribed textbook you are required to include the relevant case notes as an appendix to your assignment. The page/s should be scanned and merged with your assignment Word document. Failure to do this will result in your paper being

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  • Assignment Law

    COMPANY LAW AUSTRALIA Question 1: Insolvency The area of law involved in this question: Insolvency trading and director’s duties, under Corporation Acts 2001. A director will engage in insolvent trading in breach of section 588G of the Corporation Acts 2001(Cth) if the company incurs a debt and: a) The company is insolvent at the time of incurring the debt or becomes insolvent by incurring the debt; b) At the time the debt is incurred, there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that

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  • The Law and Morality

    The law and morality can be seen to have very strong links with one another. Things that are usually deemed as immoral are often illegal. The Natural Law Theory states that law are morality are the same thing and that every legal question has a moral question that runs along with it. The theory is physically demonstrated by two circles with the centres overlapping to show that they are linked. The overlap displays a correspondence between moral values and law. For example, murder is illegal in all

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  • Business Law Assignment

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to execute certain provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 (enacted March 9, 2006) relating to trafficking in contraband cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. The new law amends the Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act by: reducing the threshold amount of cigarettes necessary to trigger jurisdiction under the CCTA from a quantity in excess of 60,000 to a quantity in excess of 10,000; extending the provisions of the CCTA

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  • Law Contract Law Assignment

    should make an offer and the other party should accept the offer. Similarly there should be a meeting of the minds. Other requirements of a valid contract our consideration and the capacity to enter into the contract. It needs to be noted that the law of contract provides that the party making the offer can revoke the same at any time before the other party has accepted the offer (Peel, 2007). At the same time, it is also required that the offer should be accepted unequivocally by the party to whom

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  • Law 531 Week 3 Assignments

    A++PAPER; LAW 531 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENTS Read “The IRAC method of case study analysis.” Select one legal case from a current event that has taken place within the past 2 years relevant to the following objectives: 3.3: Differentiate between personal, real, and intellectual property issues. 3.4: Determine appropriate methods to address potential property issues. Discuss the selected case with your Learning Team.

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  • Commercial Law Assignment

    attempt to do so (the exclusion clause) is void. Therefore the exemption clause is not valid and is no longer part of the contract. From the facts established, we can deduce that the contract has in fact breached a variety of areas within contract law and more specifically the Trade Practices Act (1974). This contravention has resulted in Kai’s intention to seek compensation for his losses. Under section 68A (1) of the Trade Practices Act, this entitles the defendant to any one or more of the following:

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  • Phi 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence, and Morality”

    PHI 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” To Purchase this Tutorial Copy And Paste Below Link In Your Browser For Any Information or Any Class Which you Did not find on Our Website , Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: Visit Our Website : PHI 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence

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  • Law Assignment

    Maxine Law assignment Due date 23 September 2014   Content page Page 1- cover page Page 2- content page Page 3- question 1 Page 4- question 1 Page 5- question 1 Page 6- question 2 Page 7- question 3.1 Page 8-question 3.2 and 3.3 and 3.4 Page 9- question 3.5 Page 10- question 3.5 Page 11- question 3.5 Page 12- referance Question 1 A minor or referred to as a child is any natural person which is any human being under the age of

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  • Law Assignment

    Australia, and has either its central management and control in Australia, or its voting power controlled by the shareholder who are resident of Australia. Page 77 understanding taxation law 2010 Frank GildersBut the current definition of Australia of residency company do perform a highly compulate system and the double tax with a higher tax rate, which is discourage the over-sea investor and bring trouble to Australian itself. – the decrease

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  • Business Law Assignment

    no person shall be deprived “of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Therefore, in this situation, due process requires the governmental decision to take those (life, liberty, or property) fairly. * 1–7 The Dormant Commerce Clause. In 2001, Puerto Rico enacted a law that requires specific labels on cement sold in Puerto Rico and imposes fines for any violations of these requirements. The law prohibits the sale or distribution of cement manufactured outside Puerto Rico that

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  • Difference Between Law and Morality

    HU 4640 ETHICS Homework Assignment: Difference between Law and Morality Instructor: Mr.Garmon Student: Mr. Rupert L.Griffith 03/31/15 The Debate between Law and Morality: Laws are absolute rules prescribed by government representatives, while morality has to do with personal views on what is right or wrong. A major difference between these two concepts is that a law is formal public policy that has consequences for those who violate it. Someone who murders or steals, for instance, goes to

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  • Business Law Assignment

    out some repairs and improvements on a bungalow, such property was part of the family estate her father in law owned before he passed away. According to Majorie’s father in law’s will, he had left the bungalow along side all property under his name to his wife for life then on trust for Majorie’s husband and his four siblings. After the work was finished Majorie’s brother and sisters in law signed a document to state in consideration of her effort of carrying out the repairs of the bungalow, they

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  • Commercial Law Assignment

    Commercial Law Assignment 1. In this essay will discuss the following case which involves two parties, Alan the passionate drinker and Ben the salesperson. Alan is an individual whom only drinks vodka that is distilled in Russia and Ben the salesperson, who sold him three bottles of liquors claimed it, is distilled in Russia which is untrue. Alan and his friends drank three bottles of liquor and got ill. In this discussion will determine if there was a legal binding agreement which is, contract

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  • Law Assignment 1

    Part 1: Law in Society A) A responsible business person would set a comprehensive code of ethics and values to be met by employees and associates, and would make clear how this code is to be enforced and in what matter it will be followed-up. A legal risk plan will be outlined and the business person will make the decision to retain a lawyer or hire an on-staff lawyer to handle all legal issues that may arise, and to follow up on the legal risk plan ensuring it is implemented accordingly and adhered

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  • Phi 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence, and Morality”

    PHI 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” To Purchase this Tutorial Copy And Paste Below Link In Your Browser For Any Information or Any Class Which you Did not find on Our Website , Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: Visit Our Website : PHI 208 Week 2 Assignment Peter Singer – “Famine, Affluence

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  • Law Assignment

    warranty is a breach of condition will be considered as the breach of the whole contract, thereby a breach of warranty will be claimed only for damages. In the given case, there is not a breach of condition, because the unable of the freezer to retain the law temperature cannot be considered as a breach of the whole contract. According to the section12(3) of SALE OF GOODS ACT 1957, a warranty is a stipulation collateral to the main purpose of the contract, the breach of which gives rise to a claim

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  • Law 531 Week 3 Assignments

    LAW 531 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENTS A+ Graded Tutorial Available At: Visit Our website: Product Description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LAW 531 Week 3 Assignments Week Three IRAC Brief Case:DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. v. Waxman. August 3, 2012. In the outlined case, DePuy is trying to sue one of their distributors Joint Venture for breach of a non-compete agreement. Under the non-compete covenant Joint Venture disclaim

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  • Fuller Morality of Law - Jurisprudence

    thought - unseating the natural law theories of the time, with its clear separation of law and morality coupled with empirical methods. The 20th century however, saw a huge of interest again in the natural law theory. American legal philosopher, Lon Fuller who was “an outsider within the intellectual climate of mid-twentieth century legal philosophy” today, stands as “the leading natural lawyer” at the forefront of it. However, despite seeming to conform to natural law thinkers, Nicholson claims that

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  • Assignment Business Law

    arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable at law as a binding legal agreement. Contract have a history that where or when established. Contract law is based on the principle expressed in the Latin phrase “pacta sunt servanda”, (“agreements must be kept"). The common law of contract originated with the now-defunct writ of assumpsit, which was originally a tort action based on reliance. Contract law falls within the general law of obligations, along with tort, unjust enrichment, and restitution

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  • Laws 310 Week 5 Assignment

    Laws 310 week 5 Assignment Click Link Below To Buy: You are a business planner and accountant. Part of your expertise is in helping prospective business owners evaluate the various manufacturing and supplier options available based on the product they manufacture. You have a long history of working with widget manufacturers, which is why Gloria is meeting with you. Additionally, you are an expert in global business issues and can

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  • Law and Morality

    Law and Morality It is possible that law and morality in many ways are interrelated. Law is essentially a set of rules provided by the government to mediate our behaviour and to ensure our society lives harmoniously. These rules must be complied with, as failure to do so will result in penalties or sentences against the deviants. These laws can be implemented immediately through statute and can provide guidelines for future cases. In contrast with law, morality is less of a collective sentiment

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  • Business Law Assignment

    entity that represents the best choice for each business, taking control, taxation, and liability issues into consideration. Identify laws and regulations each business must consider in starting the business, and identify risks against which each business must protect itself. For the scenario, discuss the above elements, and identify and discuss the employment laws and regulations with which the business must comply in making a decision.

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  • Corporate Law Assignment

    CORPORATE LAW ASSIGNMENT TASK1 Introduction The board meeting conducted by the board of directors of Juices Ltd in December 2010 revealed a new proposal for Juices Ltd to acquire the juice container manufacturing business owner by Fruit juice containers Pty Ltd, $48 million being the settlement price. The proposal was duly considered important as Juices Ltd operated an apple and pear juice producing business and owned ore hands around Australia and the juice container manufacturing business can

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  • Business Law Assignment 1

    “Jenson V. Eveleth Taconite Co.” Normarie Castellon Professor Lisa Browning Business Law – LEG 100 Spring Term 2012 Abstract In this paper, we will discuss the case of Jenson V. Eveleth Taconite Co. In August 1988, Lois Jenson and Patricia Kosmach filed a class action suit against Eveleth Mines alleging sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), 42 U.S.C. § 2000e-2, and the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA), Minn.Stat. § 363.03, subd. 1(2)

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  • Law Business Assignment

    RSM225 – Assignment 2 Issues 1. Whether Frank had entered a contract with the caller? 2. How long is the offer available for? 3. What is the liability of the manufacturer for Frank’s injury? 4. Liability of on-line supplier for inappropriate advice about his product? 5. Whether Frank had made payment for securing the price or a 1st payment towards purchase? 6. What is the proper conduct for miscommunication? 7. Making a purchase when incapacitated? 8. Having received

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  • Assignment: Morality and Law

    1. Assignment: Morality and Law • Examine the relationship between morality and law using several different examples. • Answer each of the seven Critical Thinking Questions on pp. 480–481 of the Criminology text. • Respond to each question, and number your response according to the question. Each response must be between 150 to 250 words. Please make sure to incorporate supporting information from text in at least a few of your answers. • Post your paper as an attachment through the Assignment

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  • Law of War Assignment

    Law Of War Homework Assignment 1. The student Handout references indiscriminate attacks. What does the statement “Soldiers will not fire indiscriminately” mean to you? It means that soldiers will not just fire their weapons at random. They will fire when it is necessary. When Soldiers use discrimination, when firing their weapon, that prevents innocent people from being injured. Soldiers must distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. 2. In your own words, explain the following

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