Asthma Outline

  • Asthma Outline

    Asthma Outline Revised 7/06 I. Introduction A. Introduce yourself B. Purpose of pre and post C. Importance of this training 1. Prevelance 2. Liability 3. Inclusion a. Inclusion i. ADA II. Objectives A. Distinguish between normal breathing patterns and signs of asthma B. Identify and address asthma triggers C. Effectively use an Asthma Action Plan and Individual Care Plan D. Recognize asthma

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  • Asthma

    Asthma is a lung disease that is chronic and it aggravates and tightens the airways of a person. Asthma cause recurring periods of wheezing, which is a whistling sound when a person breathes, tightness in the chest area, a shortness of breath, and coughing (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). Coughing mostly happens at night time or either early in the morning. The airways are the tubes that carries air in and out of the lungs, so it is difficult for a person who has asthma because

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  • Asthma

    Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases that occurs in every age group. It is the focus of many clinical and health interventions. Mortality from asthma are significant as well as morbidity. The number of strong years that an individual loses due to the effects of asthma worldwide are similar to that other prevalent diseases such as diabetes, schizophrenia, and liver cirrhosis. Because of continually increasing knowledge of how to manage and treat asthma, health care professionals have

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  • Asthma

    Living with Asthma missing works cited The weather in Boston is just beginning to feel cooler as Maeve Vaillancourt, a Northeastern University sophomore rushes to her first class of the day. Although she is already behind schedule, she huddles in a corner to take a dose of her Abuterol inhaler, then finishes her ten-minute walk and slips into class late. “I hate taking my inhaler in public, because it is embarrassing, but after quick walks like that, I need to or else I feel as if I can’t

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  • Asthma

    Asthma What is Asthma? Asthma is an incurable lung disease in which the airways of the lungs swell and narrow making it difficult to breathe (National Institutes of Health, 2011). Symptoms of Asthma include: • Shortness of breathe • Tightness in the chest • Coughing • Wheezing Causes The exact cause of Asthma is still undetermined but researchers believe genetic and environmental factors may play an important role in the diagnosis (Mayo Clinic, 2011). Some of those factors

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  • Asthma

    million individuals worldwide suffering from asthma (WHO 2006). It is expected by the year 2025 there will an additional 100 million persons diagnosed with asthma. As the prevalence of this non-communicable disease continues to rise there must me methods implemented to control and monitor. It is with this foundation that a needs assessment was conducted in the emergency department (ED) of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. Uncontrolled asthma places an enormous strain on individuals’

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  • Outline

    specified in the Sample Cover Page If you do not have a specific ministry at this time, imagine a hypothetical setting.  In addition, the Rubric details how you will be graded.  The Cover Page is due in Module/Week 3. * You will create an outline of each lesson in your study.  The main passages you must use come from the four Gospels; however, you are not restricted to one Gospel.  You may also refer to epistles from time to time, but do not make an entire lesson out of epistles, such as 1

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  • Asthma Condition

    This way, the reader will understand that while your ideas are all related they fall under one main topic only. In conclusion, it has to be said that the thesis statement should be specific, to the point and have the ability to hold its own. Asthma is a chronic disease that plagues approximately 4 to 5 percent, or 10 million members, of the American population (McFadden et al. 1928). Clinically, this illness is characterized by reversible airway obstruction, bronchial hyperresponsiveness, and

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  • Asthma and African Americans

    The Effects of Asthma on African Americans Omari Steed HCS/245 September 23, 2013 Frances Keeler The Effects of Asthma on African Americans Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects all populations without racial, ethnic, or gendered prejudices. Although many communities endure the suffering associated with this life-threatening disease, studies have shown amplified numbers among African Americans. Of the 25 million Americans who have asthma, in 2010, more than

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  • Asthma

    Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs that affects millions of children in America. Millions of children are diagnosed with the disease each year, and are frequent visitors of the countries’ emergency rooms. Asthma is Greek for panting, which is what asthmatics experience when they experience an asthma attack (Eisele, 2003). According to Neergard (2006), more than 20 million Americans have asthma, and the chronic lung disease is on the rise. This paper will discuss the, causes, symptoms, treatments

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  • Asthma

    mqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Asthma Symptoms and Treatment 7/14/2013 Donna Hunter | Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs, making it harder to move air in and out of your lungs. When we breathe, air passes through the nose, down the throat and into the lungs. Inside your lungs there are tubes called

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Introduction In today's society children are faced with many problems in their day to day life. However, there is one disorder that affects many children and can be potentially fatal if not caught and treated correctly. This disorder is call asthma. The National Center for Biotechnology Information defines asthma as, "Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightening, and coughing." Asthma mostly effects

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  • Epidemiology of Asthma

    Epidemiology of Asthma: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways which causes episodic wheezing, shortness of breath ,chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma effects people of all ages, backgrounds , religion and gender. According to one article no one risk factor is responsible for asthma morbidity; rather asthma risk factors include living in poverty, in the inner city being uninsured or Medicaid enrolled and being African American. (Kimberly P Toole, 2013) Asthma is a significant

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  • Asthma

    environmental factors, biological factors and her employment status. All these factors affect her physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Genetical Factors: Sophie’s Asthma Medical Condition Asthma is a genetical inherited medical condition that affects her physical development throughout her life stages. Asthma affects the small airways, bronchioles, which carry air in and out of the lungs. Therefore Sophie’s airways can become inflamed, swollen and constricted; this physically puts extra

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  • Asthma

    have asthma and that number has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. “ More than 17 million Americans suffer from asthma, with nearly 5 million cases occurring in children under age 18. In the United States, asthma causes 5,500 deaths each year… Among all Americans, the prevalence of asthma increased more than 60 percent between 1982 and 1994.” (1) The management of asthma is a health issue for many people besides me. As a result of my research I have found that I can manage my asthma and

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  • Asthma

    Introduction: Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma is caused by inflammation in the airways. When an asthma attack occurs, the muscles surrounding the airways become tight and the lining of the air passages swells. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by. In sensitive people, asthma symptoms can be triggered by breathing in allergy- causing substances (called

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  • On Asthma by Seneca

    On Asthma by Seneca Translated by Robin Campbell Ill health—which had granted me quite a long spell of leave—has attacked me without warning again. “What kind of ill health?” you will be asking. And well you may, for there isn’t a single kind I haven’t experienced. There’s one particular ailment, though, for which I’ve always been singled out, so to speak. I see no reason why I should call it by its Greek name, difficulty in breathing being a particularly good way of describing it. Its onslaught

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  • Breathing with Asthma

    Breathing With Asthma Asthma is a long-term lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in the morning. To understand asthma, it helps to know how the airways work. The airways are tubes that carry air into and out of your lungs. People who have asthma have inflamed airways. The inflammation makes the airways swollen and very sensitive. The

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Joshua Hernandez HCS/245 Oct 7, 2014 Margaret Latham Asthma Asthma is a serious respiratory diseases that is widespread that affects millions and millions of people through out the world. This disease affects newborns, young children, adults, baby boomers and seniors and it is rapidly affecting small children in a rapid rate. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways with recurring symptoms, with reversible airflow obstruction with common symptoms such as wheezing,

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Asthma is a chronic lung disease which inflames and narrows the airways. Inflammation causes the airways to swell and become sensitive. Symptoms are prominent when the airways are obstructed. Sometimes the symptoms go away on their own or with minor treatment. There is no known cure for asthma. You will have the disease even when symptoms subside, because you can have a flare up at anytime. Etiology Asthma is caused by different triggers. Each person has a different trigger, what may

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  • Asthma

    Running Header: Asthma Paper on Asthma September 10, 2010 Abstract Chronic bronchitis is a preventable disease highly linked to smoking. Once a patient is diagnosed with chronic bronchitis through pulmonary function tests and other exams, it is not curable but there are medications that may help in alleviating symptoms. Chronic bronchitis patients are often referred to as “Blue bloater.” In chronic bronchitis, there is a marked increased in the proliferation of the goblet cells that results

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  • Outline

    common form of note taking used by college students; an outline naturally organizes the information in a highly structured, logical manner, forming a skeleton of the textbook chapter or lecture subject that serves as an excellent study guide when preparing for tests. This method of note taking is extremely useful in most instances; however, in classes, such as math or chemistry, where a lot of formulas, graphs, or structures must be drawn, the outline method should be replaced with a better note-taking

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  • Asthma

    Phase 3 Individual Project BIO144-1102B-01 CTU Online 06/06/2011 Asthma is a lung disease that is chronic and it aggravates and tightens the airways of a person. Asthma cause recurring periods of wheezing, which is a whistling sound when a person breathes, tightness in the chest area, a shortness of breath, and coughing (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). Coughing mostly happens at night time or either early in the morning. The airways are the tubes that carries air in and

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  • Asthma

    Understanding Asthma Zachary Carter Asthma is a chronic condition that is caused by inflammation of the airways. It is a sudden and severe outburst often allergic disorder of respiration. It is a condition of the small tubes in our body (bronchi). This tube carries air in and out of the lungs. An inflammation of this tube can make the person become very allergic or over sensitive and they get irritated very easily. This causes the airways to become swollen and the muscles surrounding it tighten

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  • Asthma

    The Story of My Search All of my life, I have had to deal with asthma. From the time that I was born until now , asthma has been a constant issue in my life. When I was born, I immediately had breathing issues. I had to make many emergency room and hospital trips at an early age. The first asthma related attack that I can recall was when I was about five years of age. I vaguely remember this incident, but I do recall the fright that the attack caused me. Being only five years old, I did not

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways. These are the small tubes, called bronchi, which carry air in and out the lungs. If you have asthma, the bronchi will be inflamed and more sensive than normal. Symptoms: * Felling breathless * A tight chest, like a band tightening around it * Wheezing * Coughing What causes asthma? The cause of asthma is not fully understood, although it is known to run in families You are more likely to have asthma if one or both your

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  • Asthma Paper

    Asthma Disease Outline By Ifeoma Uzoma HCS 245 - Introduction to Health And Disease. December 20th 2010. Dr. Michelle Clemons Introduction: Asthma is a respiratory disease of the lungs that usually obstructs human breathing. Types of Asthma: the classification of asthma is based on severalty or chronicity of the disease. 1. Season   A. seasonal asthma   B. perennial asthma 2. Allergen A. Atopic or extrinsic asthma. B. Non atopic asthma or intrinsic asthma 3. Trigger  A. occupational

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  • Asthma

    Asthma By Luis M. Cotto Asthma is considered a chronic (long-term) lung disease that causes inflammation and narrows the airways. Asthma is also known to cause recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing usually occurs at night or early in the morning. Asthma has been known to affect people of all ages, but it mostly starts during

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  • Asthma

    1. Discuss the pathophysiology of asthma. The pathophysiology of Asthma includes inflammation of the airway. The way in which this works is from an irritant which can include dust, pollen, cedar, or cat hair. When a reaction occurs, the airways become inflamed and narrow. The narrowing occurs because once the inflammatory response is triggered by an irritant, histamines, immunoglobulin E antibodies, and leukotrienes are released. Because of this, mucous production occurs. Since the bronchioles are

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Asthma can be a very frustrating disorder. It affects so many people of all ages. There are many different types of asthma with many different symptoms. The way asthma affects one person may be very different from how it affects another person. Etilology Asthma is when your airways become narrow and inflamed. There’s extra mucus that is produced which makes it very difficult for someone to breath. Causes of asthma are unknown but heredity seems to play a role along with allergens

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  • Asthma

    As far as asthma goes, triggers for asthma are: allergies, family history (because there is a genetic influence) dust mites, pet dander, dust, cockroaches, pollen, mold, anything like that, pollutions and factory immetions can trigger some allergies. And often your patient will give you a history of GERD and exema (especially when they were a kid). In asthma we have reversible narrowing of the bronchioles. When they narrow they swell, so it gets hyper responsive, the airway tends to remodel

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  • Asthma( Nursing)

    Asthma Hanna Bazzi Nsg 222 Henry Ford Community College Definition Bronchial asthma is a chronic disorder of the airway obstruction, bronchial hyper responsiveness, and airway inflammation that are usually reversible. It is a chronic lung disease. According to 2005 data, an estimated 22.2 million American (3.8million children younger than 18 years of age) had an asthma attack (Porth and Matfin, 2009 pg), (Ignatavicius and Workman, 2010). Although the prevalence rates for asthma have increased

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  • Children with Asthma

    Asthma is one of the highest common disorders of children. It is also one of the leading causes of children missing school. According to (Marotz, 2015, p. 90) over seven million children are affected by this disease. In this report, it will define asthma, signs, systems and triggers. It will also offer different ways to manage the disease. Asthma is a chronic disorder of the airways that results from a complex interaction among genetic factors (e.g., predisposition to allergy), environmental factors

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  • Asthma

    Asthma An important issue that needs to be further researched in the health care field is Asthma. Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs; it causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing (CDC, 2014). Asthma affects children and adults, but is deemed the most common long-term disease among children (CDC, 2014). It is a prevalent disease in the United States affecting 25.7 million people, including 7.0 million children (CDC, 2015). The reason it is important to continue further

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Describe the Disease: ​ Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs that affects the airways and causes them to become very swollen and sensitive to the air that you breathe. With this disease you can get what is called an asthma attack, this is where your airways become narrower, making it difficult to breathe. You may notice that someone is having an asthma attack if the person begins wheezing, getting a tight chest/ chest pains, breathing problems, and coughing. There are different types

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  • Asthma

    Standardized Simulation NR442 Asthma Management/Nabiha Meer Chamberlain College of Nursing: Nursing Students We want to thank you in advance for your active participation in this standardized simulation. Our purpose is to immerse you in a high quality clinical experience that will enhance critical thinking, decision-making, and prepare you as you move forward in the curriculum and transition into practice. The following material can be used in scenario preparation. You will find preparation

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  • Asthma

    Johnson 10/26/15 “ASTHMA” Introduction Most of you may not think of asthma as a killer disease, yet more that 5,000 Americans die of asthma each year. According to the Mayo Clinic web page, asthma also accounts for more that 400,000 hospital discharges annually. As the number of people with asthma increases, the more likely you are to come in contact with a person who has the disease. As far as I can remember, I have had asthma my whole life. My mother and one of my sisters also have asthma, so I have

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Management for School Nurses Asthma is one of the most common chronic problems in children today. Asthma affects approximately 7 million US children today as per the Center for Disease Control. Asthma is an overwhelming cause of children being absence from school according to the American Lung Association. Children spend a majority of their time in school, so the school nurse does most of the education regarding signs and symptoms of the illness along with its management. Jaime Donohue-Brennan

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Evidence Based Pharmacology Asthma is a chronic debilitating disease which affects children and adults. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), “asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood. In the United states, more than 25 million people are known to have asthma. About 7 million of these people are children.” Asthma is most commonly diagnosed during childhood. Pathophysiology and Age Continuum Implications Asthma is a disorder

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  • Asthma

    Allergy Asthma and Immunology" (2015), “The number of people with asthma continues to grow. One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the U.S. population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001.” Another scary eye opener is that more than half 53% to be exact of people with asthma had an attack in 2008. Out of that 53 percent of people more children suffered from asthma attacks then adults. In 2007 a whopping 185 children and 3,262 adults died from asthma ("American

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  • Asthma

    Topic: The Life-threatening Disease Asthma Organization: Topical Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, I want my audience to be educated on the conditions of asthma, how to manage the disease, and how to help someone under an attack. I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Getter: What illness do you think is the leading cause for children missing 14.4 school days and 14.2 million adults missing a workday? Well I personally thought the common cold or fever would be the leading cause

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  • Asthma Speach

    Good morning, I will be discussing the medical condition Asthma that has been identified as a national health priority in relation to my patient Jane smith. Asthma is a chronic disease of the Respiratory system in which the air passages or bronchial tubes in the lungs become inflamed, swollen and narrowed, preventing free/ easy air flow into and out of lungs. Miss smith is a 12 year old female that suffers from asthma, she is in a healthy weight range although she finds it difficult to exercise because

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  • Asthma

    people have a superior possibility of surviving and recreating than ordinary people in districts where jungle fever is predominant. ASTHMA Asthma is a state of the bronchial tubes described by scenes of tightening and expanded mucous generation. A man with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super delicate to different jolts, or triggers, that can deliver asthma indication. As such, asthmatics have uncommon affectability that causes their lung tissue to respond significantly more than is ought

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  • Asthma

    Asthma March 21, 2011 Anatomy & Physiology II Asthma Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects more than twenty two million people in the United States, with more than six million of them being children. Asthma inflames and constricts airways, which are the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. When these airways are inflamed and constricted the result is shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. Airways that are inflamed are extremely sensitive and tend to react

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  • Asthma

    ASTHMA CHRISTOPHER RUBIO UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX According to “Asthma makes breathing difficult for more than 34 million Americans.” Asthma is a non-curable Repertory disorder in which the passage way that air flowing in and out of the lungs narrows, this causes wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing. This narrowing of the wind pipe is a temporary problem is reversible. In some severe cases of asthma death may be a result. Asthma is simply an

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  • Asthma

    Asthma Bronchial asthma; Exercise-induced asthma Last reviewed: July 14, 2010. PubMed Health U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health National Center for Biotechnology Information U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways, which causes attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. See also: Pediatric asthma Causes, incidence, and risk factors Asthma is caused by inflammation

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  • Asthma

    Asthma is a respiratory disease that targets the lungs triggering inflammation along the airways causing them to narrow down. Common symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. An asthma term paper is rather straight forward, but needs careful attention to detail and subject matter since it’s a science related topic where facts and evidence is easily available. When writing an asthma term paper, you need to decide what part

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  • Children with Asthma

    What is Asthma? * A long-term lung disease that causes swelling in the airway * Causes wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing Overview * The airway is made of tubes that carry air into and out of the lungs that help us breathe * In people with asthma the airway can become smaller, making it harder to breathe, which is an asthma attack * Asthma cannot be cured and even a person feels fine, they still have asthma and must be careful Swollen airway vs. Normal

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  • Asthma Outline

    I. The Asthma Condition A. What is Asthma? 1. Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways in the lungs. II. Asthmatic Symptoms A. Shortness of Breath B. Difficulty breathing while exercising C. Wheezing D. Always Coughing III. Causes of Asthma A. Airway Constriction B. Inflammation IV. Diagnosis of Asthma A. Medical History B. Physical Exam C. Lung Tests V. Treatment Options A. Medicine 1. Preventative Asthma Medications a.

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  • Children and Asthma

    Children and Asthma Cultural Disease Paper HCS/245 University of Phoenix Rochelle Faith Cordray Professor Cathy Coyle May 19, 2012 Asthma is a respiratory disease. It is obstructive to the airways, causes an increase in mucus and its secretion. It is brought on my environmental factors such as chemicals and allergies. If a person can make the differentiation between the two strains of asthma, then it will be easier to figure out what causes

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