Attitude Legislation And Litigation

  • Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation

    solutions have been exhausted: court-based adjusdication and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) (Schroeder, 2011). Traditional litigation is a formal process with rules established by the various levels of government under the U.S. Constitution. Litigation is a legal procedure that is decided in a court of law and heard before a Judge, and sometimes a Jury. Litigation is adversarial, it is a battle between lawyers and strategies, and although the Judge is there to consider points of law and keep

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  • Attitudes

    Attitude Theories Patricia Saylor Strayer University Online Prof. Robin Oatis-Ballew May 6, 2012 Cognitive dissonance was fist examined by Leon Festinger, this arose from the observations he made of a cult whom believed that the earth would soon be destroyed by a flood. Members that had been faithful to the cult had to give up their homes and jobs to come and work for the cult. This came about after the fact the earth was not destroyed by the flood. The faithful members of the cult were

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  • Adequacy of Legislation

    Legislations Relevant to Adolescents There is a broad recognition that ideals for humanitarian welfare and provisions in policy frame work are not sufficient to ensure the well- being and social justice of people in a society. Sound judicial foundations in the form of legislative measures and political will, are equally important. All initiatives and programmes, particularly for children who are powerless sections of the society, are essential for achievement of social goals. The increasing

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  • Litigation and Alternatives

    Litigation and Alternatives The dispute between NonLinearPro and Quick Take Video take place because an employee make the mistake of not reading an agreement before signing it. NonLinearPro now has a leasing contract for three months for the equipment Quick Take Video returned and refuses to make payment. The following will give the complaints each party could have and their options for resolving the complaints. The complaint NonLinear Pro would have against Quick Take Video would be not receiving

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  • Attitudes and Influencing Attitudes

    Marketing: consumer behavior Chapter 11 attitudes and influencing attitudes Attitude is an enduring organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive process with respect to some aspect of our environment. By changing the attitude component, marketers often attempt to influence the consumer behavior in a different significant way. Though it may seem positive, in most cases the marketers are changing the behavior in order to sell their products only. They do so by first changing

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  • Attitude

    Attitude Attitude is very important in the workplace. A good attitude is very helpful and most productive. Some of the pros for attitude in the work place are, being kind, it makes talking and confiding in you easy for the patients. Being soft spoken can help settle the nerves of an anxious patient. Having a positive attitude can make your coworkers and patients feel at ease and make the feel of the office relaxing and cheery. If you bring a good/positive attitude to the workplace is almost guaranteed

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  • Litigation Paper

    Arlana Spikener, JD Litigation Paper Understanding alternative methods of dispute for resolution is important; because most case never goes to court they are settled before they are heard by the courts. The traditional litigation system and nontraditional litigation both strive to settle the dispute or resolution that both parties agree upon. This paper will compare and contrast traditional litigation with the nontraditional forms of ADR. Compare Both traditional litigation system and nontraditional

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  • Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation Process Litigation is the process of bringing, maintaining and defending a lawsuit. This process is very difficult, time-consuming, and costly. In addition, the entire process must comply with complex rules and regulations. The pretrial litigation process is divided into a pretrial and trial process. The pretrial litigation process can also be divided into several major steps. These steps include: pleadings, discovery, dismissals and pretrial judgments, and settlement conference

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  • Attitude

    My attitude towards writing is both positive and negative. I enjoy writing for many positive reasons. One reason is being able to effectively communicate with disabled people. Werther someone is death or blind using braille writing is a way we all can communicate with each other. Another positive reason is using free writing which is a good way to relax your mind. Writing gives you a outlet on paper when you don't have someone to speak with. Writing essays can be used to learn more about ones self

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  • Attitude

    ATTITUDE Introduction Attitude refers to a learned tendency to evaluate things in a special ways which may include evaluation of people, issues, object, or event. The evaluation can be positive or negative and can be uncertain at times. Researcher who took a more behavioural stance define attitude as predisposition to respond consistently in a positive or negative way to some person, object, or situation. Psychologist are in a better position to meet the goals of psychology (describe, explain

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  • Litigation and Alternatives

    Litigation and Alternatives Wilma McDonald LAW 531 August 14, 2012 Candice M. Deisher, Esq. Litigation and Alternatives The video “Litigation and Alternatives” features a dispute between Quick Takes Video (Quick Takes)

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  • Legislation

    an employee should work with reasonable skill and care, and be prepared to learn new skills if their job changes. TASK 6 It is important for the employer to keep up to date with all employment legislation as legislation is constantly changing. Failure to keep up to date with the latest legislation may lead to an employer becoming at risk of claims from employees. TASK 7 The essential features of an organisation’s disciplinary procedures are that, the procedure should be non-discriminatory

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  • Litigation Paper

    RUNNING HEAD: COMPARE AND CONTRAST Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Paper As an organization strives to achieve goals through such things as innovation, technology, and leadership; the threat of litigation can become reality which requires expertise and knowledge to effectively defend. For those organizations conducting business in the United States, conventional judicial and nonjudicial dispute resolution can be pursued based upon the circumstances within a lawsuit. The subject

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  • Attitude, Legislation, Litigation

    Attitude, Legislation, Litigation Mandi Leon SPE: 226 Ashley Barkel 10/28/2013 Over the years there have been people who are scared of those who have disabilities, with these scares many people who had disabilities were looked upon as if they were monsters. Since people were scared of people with disabilities, the 1650 Connecticut code was implemented which would mean that the developmentally delayed were not allowed to wed and horrible things were done to them up to and including

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  • Legislation

    Legislation Here are some of the acts that took place between the year 1979 and 1990 which were also used at Manchester Airport. Data protection act 1998 The data protection act was updated on the 16th of July but the first act came onto place in the year 1984 and now this regulates the process of information relating to individuals. This act came into place because advanced personal information was being shared around the world and it needed to be controlled so it would sort out the information

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  • Specialized Litigations

    Running head: SPECIALIZED LITIGATION Trends in Specialized Litigation in Criminal Justice CJ305: Legal Foundations of Criminal Evidence Abstract Over the years through technology advances and criminal activity evolving it is more common for lawyers to specialize in one, two, or three areas versus being a solo practitioner. By following your states guidelines and Rule 7.4 (d) (1), Communication of Field Practice and Specialization (Ginsburg, 2013), an attorney can be specialized after

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  • Attitude

    ATTITUDE OF MALE EMPLOYEES TOWARD FEMALE MANAGERS IN SELECTED ORGANIZATIONS IN GHANA Alexander Preko PhD/CE, Business Studies Department Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, Legon Ghana ABSTRACT The study examines the views of male employees working under female heads in selected organizations in Ghana. The research is significant because it testifies how male negatively regard female heads despite series of both international and national conferences and platforms that advocate

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  • Attitude

    towards organisation development. In current environment changes are necessary for organisation to stay ahead of competition. Policies, procedures and rules are changing frequently to keep organisation efficient, profitable and competitive. Individual attitudes toward organizational change is emerging one of the most important factors in Organisation development. Managing change effectively is one of the biggest challenges for management; managers must understand factors affecting employee’s motivation

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  • Attitude Legislation and Litigation

    Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation We are all human beings and regardless of our disabilities that we may or may not have, we all deserve the right to a fair and proper education. There are many challenges that face individuals with disabilities, but education should not be one of them. It is necessary for not only teachers, but for society as well, to be able to understand individuals with disabilities and be able to interact with them. Too often we have biased influences and labels we use

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  • Attitudes

    Attitudes Darren Daniels University of Phoenix Online BEH/225 Kristina Green February 6, 2014 An attitude is a mixture of belief and emotion that predisposes a person to respond to other people, objects, or groups in a positive or negative way (Coon, 2013). With that said attitudes are formed and influenced, how individual and group behaviors are affected by society, there are also the three main components of attitude. To fully understand attitudes one must first think about what forms

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  • Attitudes

    Chapter 7 – Attitudes The Power of Attitudes Attitude: A lasting, general evaluation of people, (including oneself), objects, or issues. • Is lasting because it tends to endure over time • It is general because it applies to more than a momentary event • Can be very product-specific behaviours (Crest toothpaste rather than Colgate) • Can be toward more general consumption-related behaviours (how often they should brush their teeth) Attitude Object (A0): Anything toward which a person

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  • Attitudes

    Assessing the description of attitudes is a very complicated subject because in one hand you can have an attitude about work and be very displeased with your current job, and at the same time have an attitude about your family with a projective satisfaction to home life. The reason surrounding their attitude may be more complicated then interpreted, but also be closely related. In the (Judge, 2013,2011,2009,2007,2005)case of Walter Henderson he may be a good worker but that’s not to say that he is

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  • Attitudes

    Attitudes Gordon Allport, 1953 stated, attitudes are, “the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary social psychology”. As behavioral and social psychologists continue to research attitudes and how they impact the emotions and behavior of individual’s, Allports description has remained unchanged for the most part. Attitude is believed to be a belief that is shaped by an individual’s experiences. A person’s attitude influences their behavior because; attitude is that person’s belief

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  • Attitude

    Attitude The student: * is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. * exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. * appears well rested and ready for each day's activities. * shows enthusiasm for classroom activities. * shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved. * uses instincts to deal with matters independently and in a positive way. * strives to reach his (or her) full potential. * is committed to doing his (or her) best.

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  • Legislation

    activities Current UK and EU legislation UK is governed by two areas of legislation and those two areas are the Lows passed within the UK and the passed with the European Union. Also the European is consisting to have 25 European states in the Europe for who is joined in the European and become integrated and having good movement between people and also having good service across them. The responsibility of the European Parliament is to pass to the EU the legislation that is affect the state of

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  • Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation

    Attitude, Legislation and Litigation SPE-226 Attitudes, Legislation and Litigation have changed the disabled people' lives. Since the beginning, we can read those Bible passages or other books where disabled people were discriminated, they were killed, hidden or lock away by others until today. There are people actually who shun from them and they consider an embarrassment those disabled people. Those kinds of attitudes or mindsets slowly have changed and it started 65 years ago, during those

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  • Law531Contrast and Compare Traditional Litigation with Non-Traditional Litigation

    Running head: OPTION 1 Compare and Contrast traditional litigation with non-traditional Option 1 Law/531 MJ Meade May 24, 2011 Judge Gregory P.Holder Society is familiar with litigation and its ramifications. One hires an attorney and files a lawsuit requiring the other to hire an attorney and defend the lawsuit. Litigation is expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable. With litigation, you never know the outcome until a judge or jury decides. Alternative dispute

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  • Attitude

    5/22/2015 Attitudes Attitudes What are Attitudes? • The attitude “object” • Attitudes are a learned predisposition • Attitudes have consistency • Attitudes occur within a situation Tricomponent Attitude Model A learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object. Structural Models of Attitudes • Tricomponent Attitude Model • Muliattribute Attitude Model • The Trying-to-Consume Model • Attitude-toward-the-Ad

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  • Leaders and Legislation

    Axia College Material Appendix C Leaders and Legislation of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements Identify leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? What legislation was relevant during these critical times? Part I Complete the following matrix by identifying 7 to 10 leaders or legislative events from both the Civil Rights and Black Power movements

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  • Attitude

    Attitude Hire for Attitude train for skill Desari Roberts HRM 2300 Training and Development October 06, 2015 We live and work in a world where survival depends on employing people who will do whatever it takes to keep costs low, quality high and continually be on the lookout for new ways to add value to the customer It requires people who are committed to taking personal responsibility for offering good service. Positive attitude is of great value and importance in all walks of life, especially

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  • Attitude

    2015 Learning Goals Response Paper: Guy R. Maher wrote an article titled, “Building the right attitude”. It is a reflection of his experience when Mr. Maher went to the Robinson Safety course, a requirement for pilots that want to become a CFI for any Robinson aircraft. Mr. Maher observed the vast majority of the group had an attitude. The attitude he is talking about is the attitude that they know more than what is being taught. But Mr. Maher went a step further, he asked himself if

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  • Law Litigation

    Challenging Arb Awards 1. Litigation •  Traditional means of settling disputes •  Court/judge as referee •  Characterised by power of court to enforce its orders and judgments. •  Three key stages: –  Choosing forum; –  Carrying out proceedings under rules of that particular court; –  Enforcing judgment. •  Ideally, parties will have agreed on choice of forum in contract. Litigation is Time consuming, expensive, so therefore as a result to ADR ADR : Alternate Dispute Resolution

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  • Attitudes

    Tanner Bruhn Psychology Paper #20 Attitudes This video is based around the internment of Japanese Americans during world war two. A good point that I believe needs to be made is that the people that were interviewed even though they were imprisoned they were just children. The difference that this fact makes is that their memories, experiences, and attitudes are different from those of there parents. The main difference is that they’re attitudes are somewhat more lighthearted.

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  • Traditional Litigation

    Stephanie Alfred University of Phoenix Bus Law 531 Peter Derouen Nov. 13,2011 In a traditional litigation system all dispute are resole in a civil court system. Traditional litigation system is based on an adversarial justice system which attorneys are obligated to represent their clients within a lawful and professional manner. The court's proceedings right from an action's commencement to the trial inclusion are governed by civil procedures and detailed rules that are formal. Many parties

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  • Attitudes, Legisltion, and Litigation

    kept the disabled child at home, either with no teaching or with a private tutor. The best example of this would be Anne Sullivan with Helen Keller. In this essay I will address the social implications of attitude, legislation, and litigation on the lives of students with disabilities. Attitudes Children with disabilities in the past have received unequal treatment not only in the public education system, but also in society. Prior to school, students with severe disabilities were put in an institution

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  • Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation

    Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation Amy Jamison Grand Canyon University: SPE-226 April 6, 2016 Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation As time passes on we find that the learning ability of our children and their children have begun to advance in a very fast pace. When our generation was growing up, us as children, thought that we were more advanced than our parents when we could set the time on the VCR. As we look back on how we were educated compared to the children of todays society we

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  • Nontraditional Litigation

    Nontraditional and Traditional Litigation Paper Law/531 One of the ways that citizens and businesses alike resolve conflict is through civil litigation. It involves legal processes and the court in order to resolve disputes between two parties, who are seeking equitable and legal remedy. The process is quite structured and the plaintiff, who claims to have suffered a loss as a result of the actions of the defendant, must provide an argument that is based on facts or findings. The

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  • Attitude

    Running head: Attitude Survey Attitude Survey Michelle Anderson University of Phoenix PSY475 March 12, 2012 Abstract The purpose of this survey is to ascertain the general beliefs of a mixed populous on the subject of unemployment. The survey is scored in Likert Method, each item gives a small amount of information about the subject’s attitude. These small amounts add up to a whole attitude toward the object. Attitude Survey The subject of unemployment has become one of great debate over

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  • Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation: Litigation and Alternatives Video

    arbitration is an alternative to traditional litigations, the proceedings are less formal, and because the proceedings are less formal, the rules can be altered to meet the needs of the needs of parties. Unlike traditional litigation, the arbitration process is quick, and the matter is handled privately whereas traditional litigation is public record. It is important to understand that although arbitration is less formal, less expensive than traditional litigation, and private, arbitration is adversarial;

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  • Litigation

    Traditional Vs. Nontraditional Litigation Nirali Patel LAW 531 March 26, 2012 Robert Reimer Traditional Vs. Nontraditional Litigation According to Cheeseman (2010), “Litigation is a process of bringing, maintaining and defending a lawsuit.” The litigation process involves resolving disputes in the court by taking an argumentative approach to prove the point. The litigation process has different phases – pleading

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  • Traditional Litigation

    this essay I will compare and contrast the Traditional litigation system with the Nontraditional forms of ADR. First and foremost “Litigation is a legal process where parties argue their case against each other through the usage of discovery and court room procedures. Parties involved are called litigants. Each party assembles its argument supported by findings and facts. Parties exchange documents pursuing their interest. Litigation continues until the involved parties' find a resolution

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  • Attitude, Legislation and Litigation

    Running head: ATTITUDE, LEGISLATION, AND LITIGATION Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation Tammie Johnson Grand Canyon University: SPE 226 April 1, 2012 Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation The education of students with disabilities has changed over the years. During the B.C. era students with disabilities were consider a disgrace, were shun by society, and the Greek philosopher Aristotle openly declared, “As to the exposure and rearing of children, let there be a law that no deformed

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  • Traditional Litigation

    Traditional litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) have become very popular in the business world today. Many companies have ensued in ADR to resolve disputes. One of the reasons companies have used ADR is because it is more cost effective than traditional litigation. Traditional litigation is used when the company and petitioner cannot come to an agreement on a settlement. Traditional litigation system is a system where the civil court is involved with the dispute and a trial is

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  • Litigation

    Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Chauncey Davis LAW/531 June 18, 2011 Alfred Green Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Litigation can be a lengthy and expensive process that must align with procedural guidelines set forth by local, state, and federal laws. According to Cheeseman (2010), litigation defines as “a process of bringing, maintaining, and defending a lawsuit” (p. 34). A manager or leader in an organization must concede that at some point he or she will have

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  • Litigation

    Abstract In this essay the reader will be able to identify the legal disputes presented in the Litigation an Alternative Video. The paper will converse the difference between the traditional litigation system and the nontraditional forms of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) which will include the risks that a company may encounter should they proceed with traditional litigation, when nontraditional ligation is appropriate to practice to avoid those risk. Alternative disputes presented, such

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  • Litigation System

    Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution The focus of this paper is to compare and contrast the traditional and nontraditional litigation system in the form of ADR. Litigation is the traditional approach to resolving disputes in civil matters. Today, many businesses or organization are realizing that the costs of the litigation have become the major problems. To defend a lawsuit can create hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal costs even when the lawsuit is already dismissed. However

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  • Litigation

    and Nontraditional Litigation Tina Posey University of Phoenix LAW531 June 21, 2012 David L. Wilson Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation People break laws, people do not agree, civil suits filed, and litigation begins. Litigation is closely identified with civil law or tort law and the bringing of lawsuits. Lawsuits are legally authorized controversies judged by a court of law, and when one individual sues another individual, they are engaging in litigation law. The purpose

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  • Attitude

    ATTUTUDE Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing, or event— this is often referred to as the attitude object. People can also be conflicted or ambivalent toward an object, meaning that they simultaneously possess both positive and negative attitudes toward the item in question. First person who came to my mind with a really positive attitude is my cousin Navin Yadav. He has aura around him that makes one feel happy and energetic, so I decided to interview

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  • Attitudes

    Attitude Theories Patricia Saylor Strayer University Online Prof. Robin Oatis-Ballew May 6, 2012 Cognitive dissonance was fist examined by Leon Festinger, this arose from the observations he made of a cult whom believed that the earth would soon be destroyed by a flood. Members that had been faithful to the cult had to give up their homes and jobs to come and work for the cult. This came about after the fact the earth was not destroyed by the flood. The faithful

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  • Attitudes

    A STUDY OF ATTITUDES ATTITUDES An attitude is an overall evaluation about some aspect or phenomenon in the world. On a whole our attitude is our belief, feeling and behavior towards any particular object of our attention. In Social Psychology attitudes are defined as positive or negative evaluations of objects of thought and they generally consist of three elements:- • The cognitive component that entails the thoughts and beliefs people hold about the subject matter. • The affective component

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