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  • Management Communication, Delivering Bad News

    (Letterhead) 29 October 2012 Mrs. Jane Goh Vice-President of Corporate Social Responsabilities, Asia & the middle east Philip Merit International 25 Navier Road Singapore 234567 Dear Jane, Congratulations with your new job and thank you for your kind request for our assistance in creating a CSR campaign for Philip Merit International in Asia this coming fall. I am flattered that you would include our organization in this project and I am sincerely grateful for the great

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  • Bad News Message

    IHOP 8785 Centreville Rd. Manassas, VA 20110 October 25, 2012 Josh Carter 231 Liberty Avenue Manassas, VA 20110 Dear Mr. Carter: Pet Friendly Restaurant Policy Our motto at IHOP is “Come Hungry, Leave Happy”. It is not just a saying but also an idea that we hope is validated with each one of our customers. We take pride in satisfying our customers and in making their dining experience with us a pleasurable one. IHOP constantly listens to each customer when it comes to implementing

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  • Routine Message

    ENGL510 – Foundations of Professional Communication Writing Assignment 4 – Procedural Message Below you will find three documents: 1. The assignment itself – pages 2-3 2. A set of formatting guidelines for writing instructions – page 4 4. The criteria that will be used in grading the message – page 5 Please read all of these carefully and let me know if you have questions about any of them. Please save your assignment as a Word document using the file name “4yourlastname,” and

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  • Message

    MAMA’S MESSAGE TITLE: FEW QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU SAY “I DO” Welcome to Mama’s corner. In this edition we shall be looking at salient, important and vital question that must be asked before saying “I do”. Mark 10:6-8 (NIV) “At the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they two will become one flesh”. Question 1 Why am I getting married? After salvation, walking down the aisle is probably

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  • Deliver Bad News to Parents

    Donna Shirley Johnston Elementary School Woodstock, GA 55555 November 11, 2010 Robert and Deborah Roebuck 1594 Hendon Road Woodstock, GA 55555 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck: I want to take this opportunity to express my excitement about working with your daughter this year. We care deeply about each of our students. I believe students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in class. The main goal of our school’s courses is to improve each students skills. Recently I

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  • Promotional Message

    Marketing Research and Promotional Message Becky Waldron PSY322 January 15, 2013 Vincent Bonina Marketing Research and Promotional Message Although still widely overlooked, women make up the majority of consumer purchases not only in the United States but worldwide. Studies show that women make 80% of the purchases in the United States, which amounts to $7 trillion dollars a year. When the marketing plan is focused at women, research needs to be current and ongoing, through surveys, and

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  • How to Successfully Deliver Bad News

    Delivering bad news is a part of life. But for all organizations the way that news is delivered is critical to employee engagement and to the success of the organization. Because delivering bad news is a reality that all organizations must face, it is crucial that the way that news is delivered in a way that does not catch employees completely off guard and cause extremely negative reactions. In the article, “The Delivery of Bad News in Organizations,” author Robert J. Bies presents a framework for

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  • Bad News

    have to purchase more fuel to be able to commute to their next nearest store. It will also have an effect on the Shareholders of the business, those who invested a lot of shares into the business will have lost everything after this which is great news for them. There could be many reasons why they did not make a profit, for example; Marketing: it is possible that their marketing department did not do a good enough job such as advertising and research to attract customers in. Maybe they could

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  • Bad Education

    INTRODUCTIONS TO CANADIAN STUDIES BAD EDUCATION Bad education? Is there such a thing as bad education? Education supposed to be a good thing. Its roots come from the Latin word educere and means something like “to lead forth “ or “to develop mentally and morally by instruction “[1] Therefore a process of education should have a positive impact on human being and it should actually broaden his mind. But that

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  • This Is Really Bad News

    Implementation of organizational change: Implementation of organizational change in times of change within an organization, it is essential for the management team to ensure that employees are actively involved in the process of change. Becker introduced his new policy to the directors of the organization. He however, found himself all alone trying to implement the empowerment practice. Involving employees in the decision making initiatives is crucial. The purpose of this is to make them feel part of the organization

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  • Engl510 Foundations of Professional Communication Writing Assignment 3 -- Bad News Message

    ENGL510 Foundations of Professional Communication Writing Assignment 3 -- Bad News Message Instructions In this assignment you will complete a collaborative project designed to solve the problem of delivering bad news. Communicating bad news is one example of a complex workplace problem. Incorporate strategies for analyzing group dynamics, resolving conflict, and communicating in a multicultural environment to complete the project. Each group has a dedicated discussion area to work on the

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  • Bad News Letter

    Donna Shirley Johnston Elementary School Woodstock, GA 55555 404-555-1234 February 11, 2012 Ms. Deborah Roebuck 1594 Hendon Road Woodstock, GA 55555 Ms. Roebuck: Thank you for your letter regarding Hillary’s detention warning. Let me begin by stating how much I admire Hillary as a student. She consistently gets good grades, and has a positive and enthusiastic attitude during class. It is for these reasons that I was surprised when Hillary did not submit her paper on time, which led to

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  • The Man Behind the Message

    Marshall McLuhan “The Man behind the message” A professor from Winnipeg, Marshall was one of the world’s most innovative thinkers. His theories about mass media turned him into a media guru. Arguably most famous for his quote “The medium is the message” Many would consider Marshall to be a brilliant man; others would say they don’t understand a word he is saying. I wonder how much thought his skeptics have put into what he had to say. I will agree that some of his theories are not clear at first

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  • Perausive Message

    Persuasive Message Anthony Comeaux Comm/470 Communicating In the Virtual Workplace July 12, 2013 William Curci Persuasive Message When creating a persuasive message the writer must plan the message first, know what the purpose of the message, and be very clear to the audience. According to University of Phoenix “Writing Persuasively on Paper and in Electronic Formats” A persuasive message can be in the form of a letter, an e-mail, a memo, a proposal, an advertisement, or a presentation

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  • Analysis: Delivering Bad News

    Delivering Bad News Analysis I chose to analyze a news conference that was given by Mayor Bing of Detroit on December 1, 2011. The purpose of the conference was to address the current state of the city’s financial crisis and reports that the State of Michigan is coming in to do a financial review. I will evaluate the physical aspects of the speech, including appearance, chosen location, and body language. I will also evaluate the content of Mayor Bing’s speech and give my opinion on whether

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  • Assignment 2.1 Bad News Letter

    ACME Super Duper Stereo Systems * 123 First Street * Phoenix, AZ 85040 * 520-777-1212 November 3, 2013 John Smith 123 Main Street New York, NY 10001-0000 Dear Mr. Smith: Refund Request of October 29, 2013 First let me begin by expressing our appreciation for your loyal business over the past 3 years. It is a pleasure to serve you. I have personally looked into the situation surrounding your request for refund. I found that you purchased the ACME Super Duper Stereo System

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  • Is the New Immigration Really so Bad?

    David Card’s paper entitled Is the New Immigration Really So Bad? takes a look at U.S. immigration and focuses on two main questions: “1. Does immigration reduce the labor market opportunities of less-skilled natives? 2. Have immigrants who arrived after the 1965 Immigration Reform Act successfully assimilated?” One of the key ways Card measures the effectiveness of immigrants assimilation is based on the success’s of U.S. born children of immigrants. Recently there have been shifts in immigration

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  • Analyzing Messages

    Analyzing Messages Paper Introduction Communication is a process involving the encoding and decoding of messages being sent and received by a source and receiver, respectively. Messages are sent through various channels, such as face-to-face interaction, electronic mail, teleconference, or telephone. Depending upon the channel used to communicate a message, it may allow for the communication to be transactional or unilateral. All of this occurs within a

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  • Analyzing Messages

    Running Head: ANALYZING MESSAGES Analyzing Messages Jonell Benson COMM/470 September 27, 2010 Susan Corliss Analyzing Messages The ability to compose, send and receive a message requires awareness and communication by both the sender and receiver. The sender should be aware of the tone of the message that is being composed and rather or not the point of the message is made. The receiver should be open to feedback both positive and negative, and be able to determine the difference between

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  • Giving Bad News to Customer

    ENGL510 Foundations of Professional Communication Writing Assignment 3 -- Bad News Message Instructions In this assignment you will complete a collaborative project designed to solve the problem of delivering bad news. Communicating bad news is one example of a complex workplace problem. Incorporate strategies for analyzing group dynamics, resolving conflict, and communicating in a multicultural environment to complete the project. Each group has a dedicated discussion area to work on the

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  • Bad Message

    TO:            John Smith, Construction Manager at Greenfield Community College FROM:      Thom Jones, Sales Manager SUBJECT: HVAC relocation DATE:       April 6, 2014  Dear Mr. Smith: Our company is honored to have the opportunity to work with you on your recent project. We at EBG, are pleased that you have chosen our services to provide Greenfield Community College with an energy efficient and cost-effective HVAC system. Our HVAC systems are the best in the nation and have been engineered

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  • How to Write Bad News Letters

    Bad News Letters Ashley Allard Culture Free Memo TO: Irene O’Connell New Product Manager Ireland International Landscape Tools, Ltd. FROM: Ashley Allard New Product Specialist Chalmers Industries ABOUT: Not Interested at this Time This is to advise you that Chalmers Industries will not be manufacturing mid range blades. We regret to inform you that although the mid range blades are of decent quality they are not a good fit for Chalmers Industries. Please keep Chalmers

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  • Bad Apps

    consumption, data usage and security risks are some of the most important of all quality assurance (QA) criteria because: a) they are mostly hidden from consumers; b) they are more easily overlooked by developers; c) the consequences are far reaching. Bad apps affect the performance of the device, battery and network; inflate the phone bill; and most consumers blame the device, operator… anyone except the real culprits. If the user interface (UI) is rubbish or the app keeps crashing, there’s little doubt

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  • Bad News Letter

    Assignment 2.1: Bad News Message ENG 315 – Professional Communications To: Jane Doe From: joe doe Subject: Request for Refund Date: 4/20/2014 Dear Jane, Thank you for taking the time to contact the Super-Fast Printing Company. We like hearing from our loyal customers and appreciate your business over the years. As CEO, I would like to personally thank you for your purchase of the Super-Fast Printer 2000 and for being a devoted customer for so many years. Over the years Super-Fast

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  • Text Message

    now use our phones to send text messages. The danger is this: are we, as teens, becoming addicted to our cell phones? Parents, I am sure that when you consider punishing your teen one of the first ideas that comes to mind is taking away the cell phone. This is no coincidence, for we truly have become irrationally attached to our phones and to text messaging in particular. But whether you are a parent or teen, who is to say that the new age of the text message is all bad or all good? Here are some pros

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  • Subliminal Messages

    Subliminal Messages: Messages Occurring Daily Brianna Ortiz Tarleton State University According to Aronson, Wilson, and Akert, a subliminal message is defined as words or pictures that are not consciously perceived but may nevertheless influence people’s judgments attitudes, and behaviors. This can be included in multiple examples of media that surrounds our everyday lives. Subliminal perception is characterized by perception without awareness (Weinberger 2008). Subliminal messages are strategically

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  • Bad News Letter Example

    premiums will go up 30%. How will this affect you? Currently, you only have to pay monthly premiums and a co-pay of $25. Under the new plan the co-pay will remain the same but your monthly rate will increase and you will have to pay a deductible. Please see the chart below for the new health insurance premiums and deductible costs for 2013: Membership Types | 2012 Rate | New 2013 Rate | 2012 Deductible | 2013 Deductible | Employee Only | $82 | $106 | 0 | $250/year | Employee + Spouse | $164 | $234

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  • Message

    about spoiling your baby: Responding to him promptly helps him feel secure and loved. You can help him learn to soothe himself by guiding his thumb to his mouth or offering him a pacifier. Continue to make tummy time part of his daily routine so he can practice his new skills and strengthen his muscles. When he's on his tummy, give him toys and safe objects he can reach for, hold, and explore. Give your baby lots of loving attention. Talk to him throughout the day, describing what you're doing and naming familiar

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  • New Hirer Message

    New hire message Julia Srnsky University of Phoenix 1/24/2015                     New hire message The main purpose of this message is to provide orientation to the new hire. The purpose of this message is to provide information about the company to the new hires. This message aims at informing the new hires about the processes of the company, its code of ethics and the various processes which occur in the company (Foster, 2012). The initial purpose aims at providing an overview of

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  • Reporting Bad News; Whose Interests Matter?

    Journal analyzed the bankruptcy filings of 90 large public companies and found that 29 did not disclose their bankruptcy preparations in any way. A few collapsed too quickly to report, but most made the decision not to let the public know. Is that a bad thing? On one hand, a free market relies on transparency and honesty. Bankruptcy filings are material information and, as such, investors have a right to know that a company is in distress. On the other hand, filing for bankruptcy protection is intended

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  • Routine Messages

    Instructor: Christopher Henderson Course: Managerial Communication (Management 540) Section: 002 Date: January 2, 2014 Routine Messages 1. Inquiry Letter 2. Instruction E-Mail or Memo: New Process for Purchase Requests 3. Claim Refusal Letter 4. Request Refusal Letter 5. Persuasive Favor/Action Request: Borrowing Suits for Interviews 6. Sales Message: Adapting From Low Context to High Context Culture Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan 44 Ansari Square, ICA Building, Shahre

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  • Negative Messages

    Part I: Business-Writing Steps When writing negative messages one has to analyze his or her audience, and plan the steps accordingly to relay the message the best way. With this assignment, I must deliver a negative message in writing to store managers, store employees, retail customers, and the public. I need to ensure that each audience group understands and accepts the message and to maintain as much goodwill as possible (Locker, Kienzler, 2008). Store Managers Store Employees Customers

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  • Bad News Sample

    Chris Johnson 11224 Holmes Road Kansas City, Missouri 64131 08/17/2014 Steve Smith Construction Manager Greenfield Community College 12345 Alphabet Drive Greenfield, Ohio 78542 Dear Mr. Smith: Your many ongoing construction and renovation projects at the Greenfield Community College has made you one of our most valued customers. We are looking forward to continuing the work on the campus’s overall design plan. Your recent request to change the location of the venting apparatus to accommodate

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  • Bad News Message

    ENGL510 – Foundations of Professional Communication Writing Assignment 3 – Bad News Message/Group Project Below you will find five documents: 1. The assignment itself – pages 3-4 2. A template to follow in writing the message called for in the assignment – page 5 3. A letter you can use as a model for the message called for in the assignment – page 6 4. The criteria that will be used in grading the message – page 7 5. The form you will use in Week 5 to evaluate fellow group members - page

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  • Business-to-Business Messages

    Business-to-Business Messages Today digital or electronic communication makes up a great deal of world’s communication. The reasons behind that leap from written and hardcopy to softcopy communications has to do with technological advances and the speed in which individuals and businesses can now communicate accurately. The electronic media that surrounds the average consumer consists of television commercials, e-mail advertisements, Internet stores, paying bills and banking online, blogs, social

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  • Bad News Letter

    brand new one. Unfortunately, however we were notified that your two year contract has expired, so we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the new iPhone6 for the reduced cost of $199. We, the Apple Care Support Team are very grateful for you being a loyal customer to Apple and always making payments in a prompt way. We value and respect you for understanding and accepting our Apple Care Insurance plan and hope that you take our advice in purchasing the new and improved

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  • Bad News Memo

    you are concerned with any allergies you might have, veggie sticks, sunflower seeds, and soy nuts will be provided as alternatives if needed. As a company representing green events, we can make a huge difference to our company by implementing this new policy. Any question or concerns you may have regarding this memo are strongly encouraged during our weekly meetings. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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  • Sample Message

    Sample Persuasive Message COMM/470 Sample Persuasive Message The Internet has created many choices for consumers to shop within the privacy of their own home. The world of e-tailing has many competitors, striving to make a sale each and every time a consumer visits their website. In order to persuade the consumer to purchase a product, a business must effectively communicate the message about their product to the consumer. The primary purpose of a persuasive message is to have the receiver

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  • Persuasive Message

    Persuasive Messages Christina Morgan Com 295 September 21, 2015 Edward Dempsey Persuasive Messages Dear Sir., The creative production team has come up a design for a new car. Now that the design of muscle cars is coming back we want to introduce a new muscle car that is a combination of all the classics such as the; 1964 ½ Mustang Mach 1, 1979 Grand Torino GT, Cobra 428, 1968 Shelby Mustang, and the 1971 Mustang Boss 351. Each of these provided a unique design on their own with similar motor

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  • Bad New Message

    November 3, 2015 Scott Rowan Alpha Kappa Psi Treasurer 40 Stratford Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45221 Dear Mr. Rowan: Thank you for your interest in staying at the Panama City 100 over your upcoming spring break. The Panama City area has a lot of exciting developments happening right now and in upcoming months. After a few unfortunate experiences at our hotel, a strict policy against accepting reservations from student groups was put into place. Without the normal amenities that a resort

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  • Persuasive Message

    Part 1 Dear Boss, The message that I am writing is to persuade my boss to approve the capital resources for an existent product. I am writing to my boss through email because that is how everyone is communicating presently and both of us will be able to keep a copy of my proposal. The channel of communication I would use would be to send an email to my boss. This would allow me to highlight the product as well as detail the benefits of using this product over existing products. I would also list

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  • Bad News Message

    Bad News Message – David S. Moody From: David S. Moody, Sales Manager, Easy To Be Green To: Construction Manager, Greenfield Community College Date: 3 August 2015 Ref: Change in location of Venting Apparatus Sir and/or Ma’am, Here at Easy to Be Green, we pride ourselves on being the leader in installing energy efficient heating, cooling, and insulation systems. And since these systems are custom designed to meet you, the customer’s request, it involves a variety of Sub-contractors. And

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  • Bad News Message

    BRAC University Topic: Writing Bad-News Messages “A letter refusing a formal invitation” Submitted to: Jerry Cornelius Cardoza Lecturer, BRAC Institute of Languages, BRAC University Submitted by: Nasrin Sultana Maesha BRAC Business School ID: 14304156 Section: 03 Date of submission: 15th February, 2016 10th February, 2016 Mr. Mashuk Zaman President Dhaka Community Service Foundation Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh Subject: Invitation to the opening ceremony of the school

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  • Persuasive Messages

    Persuasive Messages Stephani Thurman COM/295 December 14, 2015 Dr. Ivonne Bates   Part I The Product: Incentives Lead to Growth A resurgence of the economy has brought old competition back into the Capital Finance arena, making new client retention harder to come by. To increase our profits and gain new clients to our portfolio, I have a vision of launching a client referral program. An incentive to our existing clients to refer their business vendors and customers will aid us in gaining

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  • B2B Messages

    Business-to-Business Messages Comm/470 September 5, 2011 Business-to-Business Messages Business-to-business (B2B) messages are sent and received by the organizations, companies and business firms. These messages can be sent for various different purposes including invitations to do business, initiating a new business together, for joint ventures, and other reasons. Communication is extremely important for businesses that work in the virtual environment. The communication process includes

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  • Message Analysis

    Message Analysis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx COMM/470 COMMUNICATING IN THE VIRTUAL WORKPLACE December 19, 2011 xxxxxxxxxxx Message Analysis This is an analysis of three business-related messages and how they were used to communicate within the work environment. The message that initiated the start of the communication process dealt with the build of a new data center. The technology used in this environment includes the network designs, electrical requirements

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  • Persuasive Messages

    Sample Persuasive Messages Jim Watson January 16, 2012 Comm/470 Professor Greta Zeimetz E-Commerce has become a part of our everyday way of shopping. Shopping via the internet is available through many companies, as well as enables the customer to save time and effort. Online shopping is also more convenient than going to the company’s store to shop. Electronic retailers understand this has become a competitive environment. These companies must not only find innovative ways to grow their

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  • The Gospel Message

    The Gospel Message The Apostle Paul said, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek” (Romans 1:16). Paul should know, since his life was radically transformed when Jesus confronted him on the road to Damascus (Acts 9, 26:4–18). Once he knew Jesus and His power, nothing held him back from telling others about the risen Christ. He shared this gospel, the “good news,” with anyone who

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  • Messages in Art

    The Messages in Art Artists have long been known to throw subtle messages into their pieces of art. One way of doing this is an artist taking an event that is part of history and making a slight change in it to show something that they feel is valuable. A perfect example of this is the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware. The artist Emanuel Leutze took the negative space in this painting and turned it into a day sky, with a shining sun. Historically, however, this event didn’t happen during

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  • The Delivery of Bad News

    The delivery of bad news Dear colleagues, Thank you for coming in! On behalf of the executive team I have some information regarding our company I would like to tell you. The main theme of our meeting today is informing you about new rehabilitation plan of the company for the next 3 years. The prolonged economy uncertainties have caused the company experienced financial difficulties and it forced the Board of Directors to create the detailed action plan for the future development of the company

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