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    aA Guide to Case Analysis I keep six honest serving men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When; And How and Where and Who. Rudyard Kipling 2 STRATEGY: Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches I n most courses in strategic management, students use cases about actual companies to practice strategic analysis and to gain some experience in the tasks of crafting and implementing strategy. A case sets forth, in a factual manner, the events and organizational

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    are expected to be able to: 1. make the students understand the reasons for the existence of firms 2. analyse the production theory with two variable inputs 3. demonstrate the least cost factor combination While going through this analysis students may feel it is a revision of the indifference curve and the budget line. Isocost and isoquants play the same role in producer’s equilibrium as that played by the budget line and indifference curves in consumer’s equilibrium. Isocost curve

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  • Private Fitness Inc. Case

    may facilitate in marketing and facility up-keeping. Action Controls As a small newly established fitness business, Private Fitness Inc. offers too many fitness choices to its clients – 10 in total. Some of them are overlapped. It results in some of the classes are quite popular, but many of them are not and has to be canceled for lack of clients. With only 3 exercising rooms, Private Fitness should use its limited rooms and facilities more efficiently. Find out the reasons of the cancelled classes

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    Snap Fitness Franchise Analysis Sebastian Limon, Raja Medipalli, Trevor Moore, Bob Patton, Chad Shipman University of Phoenix ACC/561 Sanja Saracevic January 29, 2012 Snap Fitness Franchise Analysis Snap Fitness is a franchisor of personal fitness devices and associated training modalities as well as 24 hour access for members. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based franchisor claims to equip the worldwide network of franchisees all the necessary equipment in a safe and secure environment for

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    expand well beyond the United States into international markets. Costco’s top competition is Sam’s Club. While Sam’s Club may have more warehouse stores, Costco has a larger customer base, giving it the edge in the discount/variety stores industry. Analysis: Current Ratio: Costco 2011 - 1.14 Industry Average - 1.18 The current ratio describes a company’s ability to meet short-term, or current, liabilities. Costco’s current ratio is greater than one and thus it is clear the company has enough current

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    Something (TM) Survey released in January 2004 by Bally Total Fitness more than 97% of Americans are aware that the United States is the world’s most obese nation and more than 64% stated that this is embarrassing to them personally. More than 97% of survey respondents who felt they were unfit or overweight want to lose weight, yet only 25% are currently following a diet program. The response to this survey demonstrates that with effective marketing Bally has the potential market available to improve

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    ..............................................................5 SEARCH & SEIZURE.............................................................................................................................................7 SEARCH & SEIZURE – DRUG CASES ................................................................................................................9 COURTS-MARTIAL: TYPES & CONVENING ...................................................................................................

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  • La Fitness India

    muscular and built for males) serves as a perfect business opportunity for L.A. Fitness to expand into the Indian market.         Opening L.A. Fitness in India to promote good health and well-being the “western” way seems fitting to the common “East meets West” motto.  L.A. Fitness established in 1984 and has acquired Bally Total Fitness which currently has operations outside of North America in China and Korea. L.A. Fitness has based its strong expansion from its commitment to understanding and meeting

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    Globalization ¾ Constrains to the developing countries ¾ The “unequal footing” ¾ A common cause of Asian crises: “incompatible opening” ¾ The Lessons from Asia crisis: Speed up the reform and Balance the globalization and domestic restructuring ¾ Case of China: Gradual liberalization II. China: Opening process and benefits from the globalization II. 1 Trade. II. 2 Foreign Investment II. 3 Service sectors III. Potential negative impacts of further market liberalization III

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  • Case Analysis on Private Fitness, Llc

    I. Background/Issues and Concern Rosemary Worth was talking about the consequences of a theft that had recently occurred at the business she owned, Private Fitness, LLC. Private Fitness is a small health club located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, an upscale community located in the Los Angeles Area. As manager of the business, Rosemary hired Kate Hoffman, one of the instructors and a long-time friend. Kate’s primary tasks included marketing, facility upkeep, scheduling of appointments, and

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  • An Analysis of the U.S. Health Club Industry in 2004 and the Role of Bally Total Fitness

    An Analysis of the U.S. Health Club Industry in 2004 and the Role of Bally Total Fitness Executive Summary Introduction The rise of the U.S. health club industry can be traced back to the 1980s and 1990s when the majority of health clubs emerged. By 2004, this $14 billion industry claimed 41 million members. Although the health club industry operated in a perfectly competitive market, several prominent key players gained large

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    Case Analysis Luotang Power Company Background Luotang Power Company is a 600 Mega Watt coal-fired power plant, located in Hubei Province, China, the parent company of which is China Hua Tong Power (HT Power). The major business is to generate electricity by coal burning and sell it to Hubei Provincial Power Company (HPPC), the major customer which is the only power transmission and distribution company in Hubei Province. Whereas the coal is purchased from Pindingshan Coal Company who is required

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  • Case Study - Private Fitness

    Case 3 – Private Fitness, Inc. Private Fitness, owned by Rosemary Worth is a very good example to show the consequences of lack of internal control procedures. The two major problems she is facing are: I. Protecting business revenue and assets even without her presence. a. No proper recording of revenues and operating expenditures b. No scheduling system for instructors or employees c. Payroll system doesn’t exist d. Limited funds II. To decide what to do with

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    Parity Conditions and Cross-Border Valuation Hints to case study questions: 1. Compute the NPV of Ariel-Mexico's recycling equipment in pesos by discounting incremental peso cash flows at a peso discount rate. How this NPV should be translated into Euros? Assume expected future inflation for France is 3% per year. 1.1. Review principles of estimating project cash flows. Suggested reading: Ch. 9 “Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis” in “Contemporary Financial Management”, 11th ed.

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    AFLAC CASE ANALYSIS Aflac is Fortune 500 insurance company founded which was founded in 1955 by three brothers, Bill, Paul and John Amos. “Since its beginning Aflac has believed that the best way to succeed in our business is to value people. Treating employees with care, dignity and fairness are founding principles of Aflac” Today, Aflac employs more than 4,500 people and has more than 71,000 licensed independent agents throughout the United States and Japan according to the New York Stock Exchange

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  • Bally Total Fitness

    Bally Total Fitness – Case Summary Bally Total Fitness is born in 1962 and become leading firm in US Health club industry. Since 2002, Paul Toback as CEO has did a lot of intervention to avoid Bally from banckrupcy. Consumer demand for health club has been arise in USA. By 2004 US health club industry took in revenur of $ 14.1 billion with more than 26.000 health club operated in the United States, compare in 1987 only 11.800 health club (Exhibit 1). The demand cause Americans become more concern

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    CASE STUDY 1 – MCDONALD’S Industry Analysis – Understanding the External Environment Step 1 – definition of industry, its value chain and industry segments Industry | Industry segment | Product segment | Restaurant | Informal Eating Out (IEO) | Fast food | Step 2 – Industry life cycle Maturity 1. Growth rate reduced, revenue increased at a decreasing rate?? 2. Emphasis on cost control and/or product differentiation/market segmentation (e.g. premium Angus beef burger and healthy

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  • Total vs Exxonmobil Financial Analysis

    Financial analysis TOTAL : * Business : Total sale many products: Gas, oil, Liquefied natural gas, electricity, coal, GPL, Petcoke. Total operate in all sectors of the oil industry, its activities are divided in 4 sectors: * Upstream sector: Exploration-Production, Gas &Powder. * Refining chemistry: Refining-chemistry, Trading-Shipping. * Marketing & Services: Marketing & Services, News energies. * Investissements: Investissements achieve, Planned investissements

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    Helaine Krisha A. Lee Case Analysis Basic Economics McDonald’s Corporation started in 1940, and now known as the world’s largest hamburger fast food chain. It serves around 68 million people in 119 countries and has branches of almost 34,000 worldwide. As of 2012, McDonald’s has an income of $5.46 billion and has total employees of nearly 1.8 million as of this year all around the planet. McDonald’s has been known in using Coca-Cola products, same as through with Heinz ketchup especially

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    |For Office Use: Grade | | Written Analysis and Communication Individual Assignment No 2 Case Analysis Report On ‘Pramanik Containers And The Bottleneck Challenge (A)’ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Pramanik Containers Private Limited (Pramanik) is an aerosol manufacturer which faces a problem of mismanagement of printing plates and maintenance of record which in turn increase overtime bill and emerged urgent orders. This

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    Case Analysis Nicole Derrickson Grand Canyon University: ADM 626 Jere Smith Summaries/Impact The largest amount of debt is in the form of bonds. They are a “written promise to pay a specified sum of money at a specified date or dates together with periodic interest at a specific rate” (Smith and Lynch, 2004, pg. 293). In terms of the financial crisis that took place in New York City and Orange County both either defaulted on their financial obligation or came extremely close to defaulting

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    04-78-651-03 Business Strategy Case Analysis: Zespri Submitted to: Dr. Jonathan Lee Submitted by Group #5: Lifang Huang 104005864 Wei Li (Sherry) 104018790 Rong Shang 104050190 Le Zhang 104010354 Weicheng Zhao 104048973 November 10th, 2014 Major Issues Zespri is the main exporter of New Zealand-grown kiwifruit and the leading marketer of kiwifruit worldwide. As the global demand for kiwifruit increased, there is much room for Zespri to grow both in emerging markets

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  • Total Quality Management Analysis for Pinewood

    Total Quality Managemen t Cost of Quality: Pinewood By: Oana Pirtan Charles Mentzis Tong Xie Mubarak Tiibaa Daniel Hummelsund  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This group report examines Pinewood Technologies PLC’s cost of quality. Pinewood offer a dealer management system (DMS) called Pinnacle to retailers in automotive industry, offering a wide range of features integrated in one software. We have examined Pinewood’s cost of quality by following the Six Sigma framework DMAIC, utilising Project

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    A Case Analysis of Bally Total Fitness’s External Environment Group 2: Meghan Cree, Sarah Medve, Rachel Hamrick,               Jacob Rath, James Wallerstedt, Samuel Kube Due: 01/27/15 Word Count: 2039 Case: Bally Total Fitness         By 2004, Bally Total Fitness was a major leader in the $14.1 billion health club industry. With over 400 million facilities worldwide, Bally was the “largest publicly traded health club operator in the United States in 2003” (Wells, John R., 1-7). Bally’s

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    CASE: Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc Introduction Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc is the largest division of Cadbury Schweppes PLC that is the third largest soft drink companies and fourth largest confectionary company that sells its products in over 200 countries. Also, this company is the largest non cola soft drink company in the North America, and the third largest soft drink company in the United States. They are rated among first 10 companies based on their product share. However, some of their products

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    Bally Total Fitness Marketing AuditBally Total Fitness is the largest, and only nationwide, commercial operator of fitness centers. Bally's has approximately four million members and 420 facilities across the United States and around the globe. (, 2004) A marketing audit was performed on the company in order to assess their total marketing program to see what was and was not working to increase business. The following will summarize key findings of environmental aspects and marketing

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    Dear Mr. Tehranian: The report is entitled “Case Analysis Process: Problem/Decision Approach.” The purpose of this report is to use the case analysis process and the problem/decision approach to come to a final decision in regards to the conflict involving Robert Smith, the General Manager of the Canadian Operations for Neilson Plastics Engineering (NPE). Throughout this process we have acquired the appropriate analytical and problem solving skills to deal with real decision-making situations

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    A Guide to Case Analysis I keep six honest serving men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When; And How and Where and Who. — Rudyard Kipling 2 A Guide to Case Analysis In most courses in strategic management, students use cases about actual companies to practice strategic analysis and to gain some experience in the tasks of crafting and implementing strategy. A case sets forth, in a factual manner, the events and organizational circumstances surrounding a particular

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    Case Analysis The case offers an unusual perspective—that of the lessor who is trying to understand the viewpoint of the lessee. Many leasing problems are cast from the standpoint of the lessee only, and thus, amount to estimating the cost of financing. By considering both perspectives, this case shows that the lessee’s financing problem is the lessor’s investment problem. The other key insight provided by this perspective is that competition among manufacturers to provide lease financing actually

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  • Fitness Centre and Amore Fitness Analysis

    Industry Evolution Issues of Fitness Center in Singapore Amore Fitness Table of Contents Industry Evolution Issues of Fitness Center in Singapore 1 1 Introduction 1 2 Industry review 2 2.1 What is the current stage of industry evolution 2 2.2 What are the important factors that impacting the current and near future of such industry? 3 2.3 Five forces analysis 5 2.4 Possible trends identified from above analysis 8 3 Firm level analysis 8 3.1 Brief overview of the firm and its

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  • Swot Analysis: the Fitness Center Industry

    SWOT Analysis: Fitness Centers Industry Courtney Albertson PHL/320 30 March 2015 Matthew Hazlett SWOT Analysis: Fitness Center Industry It today’s society, “going to the gym” has become a normal phrase heard around the world; however, the fitness center industry is not exactly in the spot light of today’s media and headline news. So, that sparks the interest of what makes the fitness center industry succeed, what are their strengths. What about the fitness center industry in the future;

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    External Factor Analysis Summary EFAS (As Attached) 6 IV. Internal Environment: Strength and Weaknesses (SWOT) 6 ♣ Corporate Structure 6 ♣ Corporate Culture 6 ♣ Corporate Resources 6 1. Marketing 6 2. Finance 7 3. Research and Development 8 4. Operations and Logistics 8 5. Human Resources 8 6. Information Systems 8 Internal Factor Analysis Summary IFAS (As Attached) 8 V. Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT) 8 ♣ Situation Analysis 8 ♣ Review of

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    MKT 533 Branding Strategy Cases Dr. Diane Badame Fall 2015 The price of this reader reflects a 20% discount on production costs, due to the early submittal of material by the instructor. Dear Student: Reproduction of copyrighted material, without prior permission of the copyright owner, particularly in an educational setting, is an issue of concern for the academic community. Unfortunately, the impropriety of much unauthorized copying is all too often overlooked by users in an educational

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  • Private Fitness Llc Case Study

    Case Study: Private Fitness Inc. (Merchant & Van der Stede, pp.20/21) “I don’t know how much money I might have lost because of Kate. She is a long-timefriend whom I though I could trust, but I guess that trust was misplaced. Now I’ve got todecide whether or not to fire her. And then I’ve got to figure out a way to make my business work effectively without my having to step in and do everything myself.”Rosemary Worth was talking about the consequences of a theft that had recently occurredat the

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  • Turnaround at Balley Total Fitness

    Turnaround at Bally Total Fitness? 1. Evaluate BFT’s business strategy, identifying the key success factors and risks. The key success factors include: BFT offers various memberships according to members in different age and income levels; a few membership fee payment plans are available to choose; strong brand identity by nationwide using its service mark; and convenience of multiple locations. The key risks are the competitions with commercial fitness centers, government supported physical

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    Strategic Analysis Masters in Management, Spring 2016 Final Exam (due no later than Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 23:59 UK time) Case: Bally Total Fitness Questions: Question 1: Did Bally have a competitive advantage in the U.S. health club industry (around 2004)? Use the tools and frameworks covered during the course to address this question. [70 points] Question 2: How serious are the competitive threats faced by Bally Total Fitness in 2004? Feel free to consider broader elements in the

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  • Case Analysis on Private Fitness

    Case 15-1: Private Fitness LLC* Private Fitness LLC is a springboard case that can be used as the basis of a discussion of management's need for information. It serves the same purpose for Part 2 of the book that the Kim Fuller case did for Part 1. Approach This case uses a small business as its setting so that students can visualize the business's activities, and so questions of generally accepted accounting principles will be essentially irrelevant. In fact, a shift the student needs to

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  • Bally Total Fitness Case

    Group 1 BALLY TOTAL FITNESS 10/02/2014 1. What is this case about? This case is about Bally Total Fitness, an U.S. health club industry founded in 1962. But more generally this case is about the health club industry in the USA and throughout the world. In a first part, there is a general presentation of the U.S. health club industry characteristics. We have some information about people who go to these clubs, proposed activities, equipment and facilities. It presents the different

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  • Private Fitness Llc Case Study

    CASE STUDY: PRIVATE FITNESS, LLC I-Summary Private Fitness, LLC a private fitness owned by Rosemary Worth, a small health club which is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California- an upscale community located in Los Angeles area. The services offered by the club were personal fitness training and fitness classes of various types including aerobics, spinning, body sculpting, air boxing, kickboxing, hip hop, step and pump, dynamic stretch, Pilates and yoga. Private Fitness LLC Rate for services

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    FLIP FACTORY INC. Birgitte Grøgaard wrote this case solely to provide material for class discussion. The author does not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The author may have disguised certain names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality. This publication may not be transmitted, photocopied, digitized or otherwise reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the copyright holder. Reproduction of

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    Case Analysis Case: BONIFACIO SAVINGS AND LOANS ASSOCIATION The Bonifacio Savings and Loan Association (BSLA) in its consultative meeting for the year decided to embark on a one year deposit campaign program. Dubbed as BSLA’s “Employee Motivation Program (EMP)”, the deposit campaign is aimed to increase deposit levels which was BSLA’s traditional source of funds. Mr. Danilo Lagman, VP for operations, was chosen as overall program coordinator. After a month of preparation, Mr. Lagman and his

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    Weilie Chen MGTOP 491 Professor: Dr, Arthurs Date: Individual Case analysis: Under Armour: working to stay on top of its game Overview Under Armour, was founded by Kevin Plank, in 1996, one of the major sports clothing and accessories companies in all over the world. They are a supplier of a wide range of sportswear and casual apparel mainly focusing on high technology sportswear for professional athletes. Depending on the high technological and differentiated product lines, Under Armour

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    a private company; therefore GAAP is not a legal constraint. However, the company should comply with GAAP because BCR has intention to become public in the future—an initial public offering (IPO) is planned in the next fiscal year according to the case fact. As a private company, BCR can use ASPE to fairly present their financial statements. Since they may go public, we would choose IFRS, as it is required for public companies in 2011. Private company can use either ASPE or IFRS. However, because

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  • Case : Total Recall

    relevance of Product Design in the case Reasons of Tread Separation from the case: ❖ High Speed ❖ Warm climate Along with these reason all other factors that might lead to Tread Separation should be kept into mind of manufacturer while producing the tiers. While designing tires or any other products for SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), it should also be put into concern for what purpose the products will be using for. In the following case, the reason of failure could possibly

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  • Bally Total Fitness Case Analysis

    1. Situation Bally Total Fitness is a public firm in the U.S. health club industry. Since 1962, the company had developed into a large and nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers in the Unite States. But with the increasingly fierce market competition and the internal management problems such as poor accounting standards, the stock price of the company collapsed. Some shareholders had lost faith in the company. A major shareholder of the company was urging the CEO to sell the company

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    Case Analysis ABC Corporation - Write a two to three page discussion paper ABC Corporation is a large multinational audit client of your CPA firm. One of ABC's subsidiaries, XYZ, Ltd. is a successful electronics assembly company that operates in a small Caribbean country. The country in which XYZ operates has very strict laws governing the transfer of funds to other countries. Violations of these laws may result in fines or the expropriation of the assets from the company. During the current year

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  • Bally's Total Fitness

    the fitness industry is maintaining steady growth because of better dietary practices and a resurgence to play and become more active. It is no surprise the demand for gyms and health and fitness clubs will continue to rise. Therefore, my paper will cover the critical concepts as it relates to Bally Total Fitness Case Study. I will highlight Bally’s history, macro environment, SWOT analysis, corporate-level strategy, business-level strategy, and my recommendation for Bally Total Fitness. History

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  • Cvp Analysis Snap Fitness

    CVP Analysis Introduction According to “Snap Fitness,” (2011), “economically, the health club industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990’s across all health clubs and gyms,” (Fitness Franchise Opportunities). Snap Fitness franchising offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to open a successful business that has already allocated the following benefits and services for consumers and for the franchisee:  Location of fitness needs is open 24/7

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