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  • Ngos in Bangladesh

    Concept of NGOs Historical background of NOGs in Bangladesh Types of NGOs Functional coverage of NGOs Role of NGOs behind the rural development Advantages and disadvantages Findings Jagorani chakra foundation (JCF) Objectives Working area Programs Programs related rural development Exceptional and successes of JCF Achievements of JCF Concluding remark Subject Page 02 02 02 03 03 04 05 06 08 09 10 10 11 12 13 15 15 16 17 1 INTRODUCTION: Bangladesh has a strong tradition of private philanthropic

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    STIPEND PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH Janet Raynor, University of London Institute of Education Kate Wesson, Open University, Milton Keynes Citation Raynor, Janet, Wesson, Kate (2006). The Girls’ Stipend Program in Bangladesh. Journal of Education for International Development 2:2. Retrieved from’StipendPrograminBangladesh.pdf on [insert month] [insert day], [insert year]. Abstract The Female Stipend Program (FSP) was created in 1982 in Bangladesh to help increase

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    t r i b u t i o n o f U N F PA a n d I P P F Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report DFID Department for International Development Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs and Rights of Young People since ICPD: The contribution of UNFPA and IPPF Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report September 2003 Written by: Alanagh Raikes Malabika Sarker Hashima-e-Nasreen For: UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG UNFPA and IPPF Evaluation: Bangladesh Country Report CONTENTS Acronyms............

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    in the year 1871 with its main activities situated in Burma. Then in the year 1903, they established their “Moheshkhal Oil Installation” at Chittagong in the year 1903. And finally in year 1985, BOC transferred its entire property in Bangladesh in favor of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. Then in year 1988 the company was named “Padma Oil Company” Padma’s current business line is of procurement, storage and marketing of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, LUBRICANTS AND GREASES, BITUMEN, LPG AND manufacturing

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  • Bangladesh Bank

    PERFORMANCE: A CASE STUDY ON BANGLADESH BANK PRESENTED BY: MD. RAYHANUL ISLAM EXAMINATION COMMITTEE: Dr. SUNUNTA SIENGTHAI (CHAIRPERSON) Dr. SUNDAR VENKATESH Dr. YUOSRE BADIR Agenda: Introduction of the study Snapshot of BB and its current situation on human resource management. Findings and discussion. Conclusion of the study and recommendations. Introduction Bangladesh Bank (BB), the central bank of Bangladesh, is the key player for the financial sector of Bangladesh as well as for the economy

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  • Paper on Bangladesh

    Prospects of shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh by Dr NM Golam Zakaria The rich history of shipbuilding in Bangladesh dates back to a long ago. Due to congenial geographical location of this part of sub-continent, people living here used to craft wooden boat for commuting and transporting goods. They also nurtured their heritage of craftsmanship in boat building over many centuries and transferred this artistic skill to subsequent generations across different

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  • Singer Bangladesh

    BUSINESS STRATEGY TERM PAPER ON STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF SINGER BANGLADESH LTD Submitted to Mr. A.K.M. Saiful Majid Course Instructor & Professor Strategic Management Submitted by Quazi Asaduzzaman, Roll # 14, MBA 44E B M Hasan Mahmud, Roll # 36, MBA 44E Submitted on June 13 2013 Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka June 13, 2013 Mr. A.K.M. Saiful Majid Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Term

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  • “Standard Living of Bangladesh ”

    ON “STANDARD LIVING OF BANGLADESH ” Submitted to- Md. Rezwanur Rahman Associate Professor Department of Management Carmichael College, Rangpur. Department of Management Carmichael College, Rangpur. Submitted By- Md. Amin Hossain Class Roll: 4092 Roll: 9818619 Registration: 1768100 Mobile: 01744480430 Submission Date: ............................. Letter of Transmittal Shehab Jil Karnine Lecturer Department of Management Carmichael

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  • Amendment of Bangladesh

    “Amendment of Bangladesh Constitution and Basic Structure Doctrine” 25. Nov, 2010 Introduction: The Constitution of Bangladesh is the highest ruling of Bangladesh. It represents Bangladesh as a democratic republic nation where all the power is in the hands of Bangladeshi people[1] and characterizes basic political principles of the state and stands for the fundamental rights of citizens. It was approved by the Assembly of Bangladesh on November 4, 1972; it was exercised from December 16, 1972

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  • Sec Bangladesh

    Bangladesh University of Professionals EMBA , Legal Environment of Business. Dr. Ridwanul Hoque: Regulation of business What is regulation?: t o say what to do and what not to do; to draw a periphery of corporate powers. And, is regulation anti-thesis to financial regulation thought to be generative of economic progression?: It is in no way a hindrance to economic performance by corporate entities. Absence of regulation leads to non-environment

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  • Digital Bangladesh

    ICT  Roadmap  Bangladesh:  A  Pilot  Study     Moving  Towards  a  Sustainable  Growth  of  the  IT  Industry.         March  4th,  2013                                   Final  Draft.              2       Table  of  Contents   EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY     DIGITAL  BANGLADESH:  AN  OVERVIEW

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  • Ecotourism in Bangladesh

    INTRODUCTION While tourism is a concept almost everyone around the world is familiar with, ecotourism is a relatively newfangled concept that not too much people have heard of and this is more realistic in the context of our country Bangladesh. Even we, when first assigned with this particular topic as our research project, did not have clear idea what ecotourism exactly was all about. Later, we studied in detail regarding the concept and got to what ecotourism actually is. Two topics that have

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  • Accounting Standard in Bangladesh

    RIJBFA Volume 1, Issue 4(April 2012) A Journal of Radix International Educational and Research Consortium ISSN: 2277 – 100X RIJBFA RADIX INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BANKING, FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING DECISION MAKING AND THE ROLE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING FUNCTION – A REVIEW OF EMPIRICAL LITERATURE Fitsum Kidane (Phd. Research scholar), Lecturer in Accounting and Finance College of Business and Economics Mekelle University Mekelle, Ethiopia Abstract This study examines decision making and

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  • Standard

    Chapter 4: Feasibility of Proposed Standards CHAPTER 4: Feasibility of Proposed Standards Section 213(a)(3) of the Clean Air Act presents statutory criteria that EPA must evaluate in determining standards for nonroad engines and vehicles. The standards must "achieve the greatest degree of emission reduction achievable through the application of technology which the Administrator determines will be available for the engines or vehicles to which such standards apply, giving appropriate consideration

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    well as social affairs. Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Women’s position in the past: In past women were segregated from out of home productive work. They were kept within the four walls. The hearth became the place for them. So cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other activities became their responsibilities. In Bangladesh position of the women is very humiliating. Women

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  • It Industry in Bangladesh

    Management Vol. 34 No. 6 November-December, 2006, pp. 31-39 An Overview of the Software Industry in Bangladesh Syed Munir Khasru Abstract: Software is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh. Last two decades have seen lot of initiatives, both in public and private sector, to stimulate growth in this sector. Although some successes have been achieved, Bangladesh lags far behind other South Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka in terms of employment and revenue

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  • Rmg in Bangladesh

    History of Ready-made Garment (RMG) Sector in Bangladesh Now a days textile sector of Bangladesh retains it's top position in global market. This can't be gained overnights. Bangladesh can get it's present position by dint of merit and industry of people of Bangladesh. The base of textile sector was first established in 60th decade of the last century."mercury shirts"which is originated from Karachi started the rmg business first.the industry exported shirts to the European market in 1965-66 first

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  • Sec of Bangladesh

    1. ORIGIN OF THE REPORT This assignment is originated as the course requirement of FIN 335, which is termed to be a major course for the B.B.A program. As this assignment is based on Security Exchange Commission of Bangladesh, so we have to work with limited time. We were assigned the assignment on “Security Exchange Commission” around 30 days ago, and we went around looking for its source of existence and also searched the internet to get enough updated knowledge. 1. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

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  • Democracy and Bangladesh

    justice, liberty and fraternity. The quest for democracy in Bangladesh is moving in circles. The country gained its independence through both the democratic process and through war. During the four decades of its existence as a nation-state it has endured spells of military and non-military rules. Of the latter all were not elected. The elected governments seemed to betray superficial practices of democracy. In Bangladesh today, we have a situation where 153 members of the parliament out of

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  • Telecommunication in Bangladesh

    Assainment on Bangladesh Telecommunication 1 . Southeast University, Banani, Dhaka. . . Assignment . On . “Telecommunication Operator Grameenphone Ltd. . . Course Title: Organizational behaviour Course Code:---- . Assignment Submitted . T) . . . . INTRODUCTION . . 1. It was a talk 2000 years ago. A soldier of ancient Greece was seen running taking the challenge of his life. He started form war field ``MARATHON`` and had the destination, the city of `` ATHENCE``

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    Now-a-days banks are not confined to these functions solely. Other functions of commercial banks are- * Securities underwriting * Asset management * Foreign exchange trading * Commission based services etc. COMMERCIAL BANKS IN BANGLADESH After the independence there were six commercial banks that were merged and grouped in the country. Now there are 48 scheduled banks operating in the country. These are categorized as * 04- State owned commercial banks (SCB) * 05- Specialized

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    Standards for medicines management a We are the nursing and midwifery regulator for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Islands. • We exist to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public. • We set the standards of education, training and conduct that nurses and midwives need to deliver high quality healthcare consistently throughout their careers. • We ensure that nurses and midwives keep their skills and knowledge up to date and uphold the standards of their professional

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  • Digital Bangladesh

    Final Draft PERSPECTIVE PLAN OF BANGLADESH 2010-2021 ____________________________ MAKING VISION 2021 A REALITY General Economics Division Planning Commission Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh April 2012 Contents ABBREVIATIONS ...............................................................................................................................v PREAMBLE of the Perspective Plan (2010-2021) ......................................................................

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  • Standards

    October 2002 national competency standards for the enrolled nurse Introduction Description of Enrolled Nurse National Competency Standards Assessing Competence Glossary of Terms Introduction The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) is a peak national nursing and midwifery organisation established in 1992 with the purpose of developing a national approach to nursing and midwifery regulation. The ANMC works in conjunction with the state and territory nursing and midwifery regulatory

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    * Geographic factors of Bangladesh: The main geographic factors of Bangladesh are as follows – * Geographic location * Physiography * Climate * Forest * Rivers * Physiography of Bangladesh : The physiographic condition of a country influences the socio-economic and the political situation or development of a country. Physiography of Bangladesh also influences this country .A small portion of Bangladesh is high land. Major part of our country is plain land. Though there

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  • Privatization in Bangladesh

    INEFFICIENCY AND THE ROAD TO PRIVATIZATION IN BANGLADESH Tanweer Akram Abstract This essay provides an overview of public enterprises inefficiency and discusses the main issues concerning the privatization program in Bangladesh. The paper points out how the country’s privatization program can be improved. Keywords: Privatization, Public Enterprises, Bangladesh. The Scope of this Essay This essay provides an overview of public enterprise inefficiency in Bangladesh and issues related to the problem of privatization

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  • Disaster in Bangladesh

    Question #2 Economically, who benefits when retailers in Europe and the United Sates source textiles from low-wage countries such as Bangladesh?  Who might lose?  Do the gains outweigh the losses? * Economically, when retailers in the U.S. and Europe source textiles from low-wage countries such as Bangladesh, many parties benefit. Some of the biggest retailers such Wal-Mart or Kmart benefit a lot by having better profit margins. Costs of goods are relatively low which allow them more room to

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  • Cocacola Bangladesh

    too was slow to deliver results. Since then the group has struggled to find new ways of lifting sales of its core product. Summary: There are most many distinguishes features & changes have taken place that made coca cola world wide famous. In Bangladesh this is one of the best seller soft drinks products which are very popular in all groups. Coca cola have initiated some steps that create positive impacts. These are following. On the basis of it the term paper is designed. Product Review: The

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  • Usaid in Bangladesh

    [pic] Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) – Bangladesh ELEMENTS OF A NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES SECTOR IN BANGLADESH USAID Bangladesh IT Enabled Services Project SETA Task Order Number: 4002-345-001 Subcontract Number: 011227001/4000 Contract Number: GSOOK97AFD2185 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 10 2. The Market for IT Enabled Services

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  • Fdi in Bangladesh

    Foreign direct investment And Economic Growth in Bangladesh Internship program at Brac Bank Ltd. Internship Report On “Foreign direct investment And Economic Growth in Bangladesh and Internship program at Brac Bank Ltd.” The Internship report is submitted to the Department of Finance, University of Dhaka for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of BBA program. Submitted to: Department of Finance University of Dhaka Supervised

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    Bangladesh is one of the founding members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the international body that assists in establishing trade standards for its members. Since the beginning of the WTO Bangladesh has used tariffs as their primary trade policy for imports and exports of goods and investment capital. They use a 5 tariff scale system with a maximum tariff rate of 25% and a minimum tariff of 3% with an average tariff of 14.85%. This system, although staggered with 5 different levels of

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  • Poverty in Bangladesh

    Introduction :Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with 150 million people, 26% of whom live below the national poverty line of US $2 per day.In addition, child malnutrition rates are currently at 48%, in condition that is tied to the low social status of women in Bangladeshi society.A small country in the South Asia, tucked between India and the Bay of Bengal, of the Indian Ocean. Stricken by poverty, overpopulation, and malnutrition many people in this country are destitute

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  • Handicrafts of Bangladesh

    Chain. Mgt Vol. 1, No. 1, June 2012 Impact of Government Law on Edible Oil Supply Chain in Bangladesh Perspective Reaz Ameen Choudhury#1, Meghla Clara Costa*2 #1 Department of Management, American International University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1 *2 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, American International University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2 Abstract-This descriptive study is not intended as a detailed analysis; its

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  • Walton Bangladesh

    Walton Bangladesh ltd. Report on Walton Bangladesh ltd. Prepared for Anika Khurshid Faculty College of Business Administration(CBA) IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and technology Submission Date: 30th March, 2013 STUDENT DECLARATION We the student of BBA, in the college of business administration (CBA) at IUBAT (International University of Business Agriculture and Technology) declaring that this report on the topic WALTON BANGLADESH LTD, has only

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  • Vat in Bangladesh

    “Accounting Aspect of VAT in Bangladesh.“ Submitted by: Sadhan Krisna BarmanExam. Roll No: 9823502 Registration No : 1806089 Session: 2010-2011 BBA (Hon’s) Second year Class Roll No : 847 Sherpur Govt. College,Sherpur. Date of Submission : February 02, 2014 Chapter Particulars Page No Letter of Transmittal i Preface ii Abstract iii Acknowledgement iv Chapter: 1 1. Introduction 1 Chapter: 2 2.1 Objectives of the Article 2 2.2 Tax System in Bangladesh 2 2.3 Introduction

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    Media, 2016). Chmielewski and Media (2016) implied that free trade was the best thing that could happen to Bangladesh’s textile industry. Free trade is an attempt to improve the international economy on the principle of “comparative advantage”. Bangladesh prospered by using their abundance of textile to trade for products that other countries have abundance. The main purpose of the “free trade” was to improve the global economy using the principle of “comparative advantage”. The shift to a free trade

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  • Sme in Bangladesh

    They are a primary target for many countries desiring to stimulate economic growth and development. The SMEs sub-sector plays an increasingly dominant role in the technology assimilation and dissemination and in economic development in Bangladesh as well. In Bangladesh, SMEs playing a significant role for the development of our economy by creating employment opportunity and producing important alternative machines and machinery parts for saving huge foreign currency for our country. So as a part of

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  • Unilever Bangladesh

    Unilever Bangladesh Limited” Submitted to Sharmin Shabnam Rahman Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Submitted by Md. Robin Miah Id# 06204032 BRAC University Date: 02-09-2010       September 2, 2010 SHARMIN SHABNAM RAHMAN Lecture BRAC Business School BRAC University Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Madam, This is to inform you that I am submitting the internship project report titled “Evaluation of Entry into Ice cream Business for Unilever Bangladesh Limited”

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  • Bangladesh

    Export Control in Bangladesh 1. Introduction: Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971. She entered into International Trade actively since 1972. In the early years of independence the gap between Import and Export was very wide. This gap started to decrease from 1980s when Bangladesh adopted liberal trade policy consistent with the emerging trend of the market economy. Extensive reform programs have been implemented in trade regimes during the last two decades. The prime objective of

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  • Sme in Bangladesh

    Case Study SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) Bangladesh The Smart-Q System enhancing the entire process of its Customer Service Operations in absolute effective, efficient & systematic methodology. The End Customer Standard Chartered Bank is the largest International bank in Bangladesh with 25 Branches and 50 ATM booths in employing over 1,300 people throughout the Country. SCB is the only ‘Foreign Bank’ in the country with its operational presence in 6 (six) cities – Dhaka, Chittagong

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  • Outsourcing in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Software and IT Service Industry Recent Trends & Dynamics Software and IT service industry in Bangladesh has crossed a long road over the last few decades. It has matured. The industry no more remains at the sideline. It joined the mainstream. Not only the industry is contributing significantly in the national income, but also it has been playing very crucial role in creating high quality employment for a sizable portion of young graduates of the country. The presence of high number of

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  • Transaction Banking in Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh


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  • Bangladesh

    1.1 Bangladesh Status General Status (a) GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE Official Name : Capital : The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Dhaka Geographical Location : North-Eastern part of South Asia situated in-between 20° 34’ & 26° 38’ – North Latitude and 88° 01’ & 92° 41’ – East Longitude. International Boundaries: North – India (West Bengal & Meghalaya ) West – India (West Bengal) East – India (Tripura & Assam) and Myanmar South – Bay of Bengal Area Standard Time :

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  • Sme in Bangladesh

    SME 4 SME around the world 6 SME in Bangladesh 7 Limitation of SME 7

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  • Globalization and Bangladesh

    became the consumers of the European market. The phase of pre globalization perhaps came to an end after the First World War was fought. The war put a significant adverse effect on the economic scenario and it led to the Great Depression and gold standard crisis in the later part of the 1920s and early 1930s. Globalization in the modern era Globalization, in the modern sense of the term, came into existence after the Second World War. One of the main factors for this was the plan by the world

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  • Bangladesh

    Local Government Systems: Bangladesh Bangladesh ________________________________________________ 1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY 1.1 Socio-economic profile Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation state in 1971. Although a new state, Bangladesh is an old country with a long recorded history of several thousand years. In its recent past it was part of Pakistan (1947-1971) and was known as East Pakistan. Prior to this, different parts of present Bangladesh were under British India (1765-1947)

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  • Jaquar in Bangladesh

    grounds. So, to implement the theoretical concept of licensing we have chosen to market Jaquar bath accessories, a world famous Indian brand in the Bangladesh market. In the process of writing this project we have tried to implement all the aspects of licensing with the light of our limited knowledge. In the recent past most of the people in Bangladesh were not very cautious about the looks and design of the bathrooms; but now a days there is a new trend in our country to build own home or to renovate

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  • Standards

    Running head: UNWRAPPING ISLLC STANDARD NUMBER Unwrapping ISLLC Standard Number 1 Myka N. Walker Grand Canyon University: EDA 534 January 11, 2012 The initial collaborative learning community assignment was the unwrapping of ISLLC standard number one. A multiplicity of issues was anticipated in the beginning as this was a group assignment. Typically, group assignments can be challenging due to the varying opinions of the group’s membership. In reality, only two problems

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  • Bangladesh Standards on Auditingg

    Bangladesh Standards on Auditing (BSA) Current Status of Adoption of ISA   |BSA | |Present Title | | | |200

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  • Nbfis of Bangladesh

    Institutions in Bangladesh: An Analytical Review Md. Nehal Ahmed Mainul Islam Chowdhury March 2007 Policy Analysis Unit (PAU) Research Department, Bangladesh Bank Head Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh ( ( Policy Analysis Unit* (PAU) Working Paper Series: WP 0709 Non-Bank Financial Institutions in Bangladesh: An Analytical Review Md. Nehal Ahmed Mainul Islam Chowdhury Research Economist Policy Analysis Unit Research Department Bangladesh Bank March 2007

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