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    Project Title: Realization of Green Cloud Computing ~ Green EDI collaborating with Financial EDI ~ Project Leader Name: Youichiro Kojima Organization/Company: Kojima Press Industry Co.,Ltd., Japan Nominated by: Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedures (JASTPRO) Abstract: This Green Cloud Computing project has achieved the significant reduction of Cost and CO2 through the cloud computing while realizing EDI for SMEs, REACH and Financial settlement. Executive Summary:

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  • Green Initatives

    Green life project initiative taken by various banks are as follows- SBI launches green policy for paperless banking The State Bank of India (SBI) on Friday launched its "Green Banking Policy" in the Bengal circle. Aiming at paperless banking, the SBI has selected four of its branch in Kolkata and Howrah to introduce point-of-sales (POS) terminals. It will also run 50 ATMs out of 850 ATMs in Bengal by solar energy by March 31, 2011. Addressing a press conference, Suriender Kumar, chief general

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  • Green Party

    Green Party Candidate: Jill Stein Political Views * Cover abortion on the Health Care System. Jill Stein believes that woman should have control over their own body. * Legalize same-sex marriage because she believes in equality for all people. * Legalize marijuana and hemp; she also wants to dismiss all the prisoners that were sent to jail on drug cases. * The Green Party supports equal access to high-quality education, and sharp increases in financial aid for college students

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  • Green Banking

    Green Banking GREEN  BANKING 1.  Title : Green Banking 2. Duration : 04 working days 3. Frequency : 01 4. Nature : Residential 5. Target Group :  Principal Officer or  Equivalent Officer and above 6. Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion, Case Study and Project Visit 7. Resource Person :     BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions 8. Objectives a. To discuss/analyze concepts, policies, rules, regulations, instruments and administrative framework related to Green Banking

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  • Green

    I. Introduction A. Attention Getter Why choose Non- Toxic Green Cleaning Products? Using Green Cleaning Methods and Products with environmentally- friendly ingredient is designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemical reactive and toxic cleaning products which contain various toxic chemicals. (Wikipedia) Many of us are practically using cleaning products which contain too much amounts of toxins. Today, evidence

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    Alternatif Camilan Sehat dan Lezat" Basoka (Batik Soccer Khas Jawa) Peluang Bisnis di Bidang Industri Retail Atribut Sepakbola Sebagai Usaha Peningkatan Cinta Budaya Indonesia PEMANFAATAN LIMBAH BOTOL PLASTIK SEBAGAI SARANA KERAJINAN TANGAN DALAM AKSI GO GREEN 44 IKIP PGRI SEMARANG Cahyani Kurniangtyas PKMK 45 IKIP PGRI SEMARANG Evi Septiana L M PKMK 46 IKIP PGRI SEMARANG Fandi Nur Aziz PKMK 47 IKIP PGRI SEMARANG I'anatul Kholisah PKMK 48 IKIP PGRI SEMARANG

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  • Bank

    LESSON 14: CASH BOOK, PASS BOOK, BANK RECONCILIATION STATEMENT Dr. Jyotsna Sethi, Rekha Rani STRUCTURE 14.1 Introduction 14.2 Objectives 14.3 Cash Book 14.4 Types of Cash Book 14.4.1 Simple Cash Book 14.4.2 Two Column Cash Book 14.4.3 Three Column Cash Book 14.5 Petty Cash Book. 14.5.1. Imprest System of Petty Cash Book. 14.5.2 Advantages of Petty Cash Book 14.6 Pass Book 14.7. Bank Reconciliation Statement 14.7.1 Meaning 14.7.2. Causes for difference between Cash Book Balance and Pass Book

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  • Green Banking

    Page | 1 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT UNDER GREEN BANKING INITIATIVES OF TRUST BANK LIMITED Introductory Note The publication of the first Sustainability Report of Trust Bank Limited (TBL) represents its continued commitment to publish information on sustainability matters every year. The Sustainability Report consists of only the GRI technical section to meet the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative. The scope of the information provided in this report basically covers

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  • Green Survey

    Visit Peak District & Derbyshire Green Questionnaire Sustainable tourism is changing, from being relatively niche and misunderstood into the mainstream of the tourism industry and is increasingly being sought by consumers. We’re interested in learning how green your tourism business is. Complete our Green Survey and return to |Name

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  • Green Banking

    Green Banking activities in EXIM Bank Compiled by: Sheikh Moyeen Uddin Executive Vice President IRMAD-II, EXIM Bank, Head Office, Dhaka. What is Green Banking i.e Environmental Risk Management & its purpose? It’s a Banking for saving the environment from different hazards and pollution. A risk due to environmental impacts caused by environmental conditions generating an element of uncertainty or possibility of loss in the context of a financing transaction. Purpose The overall purpose

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  • Green It

    Is Green IT Threat to Security Dissertation Supervisor name: Student name : Student number: Intake: Contents 1 Introduction 4 1.2 purposes of study 6 1.3 Problem Gartner research on Green 6 1.4 Background and Motivation 7 1.5 Audience 8 1.6 Outcome of Study 8 2 Introduction 10 2.1 Green IT 10 2.2 Why IT Need to be Green 12 2.3 Benefits of Green IT 13 2.4 Companies Interest in Green IT 14 2.5 Green IT and Information Assurance and Security 14 2

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  • Go Green

    Proximity Hotel is a LEED Platinum "green hotel" and the building's design and construction followed guidelines of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance. LEED

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  • Green

    lobbying for causes with their placards and has even seeped into other industries such as financial industries where sustainable financing and banking are the new catch-phrases. Delving into the green initiatives in Malaysia, we see the efforts and support that the government has put into realising the green concept in the country. Malaysia gazetted the Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations, Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulations and Environmental Quality (Control of Pollution

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  • Green Banking

    Administration Discipline Submitted by: Prodyut Golder ID: 090303 4th Year 2nd Term Business Administration Discipline Khulna University 4th November, 2013 Name of the proposed report: “Green Banking Initiative of Bangladesh bank and Compliance of the Commercial banks” (A Case study based on Khulna City) Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of enormous opportunities. After its liberation war, it has rapidly changed its economic status and in spite of so many obstacles

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  • Green Banking

    industries, including financial services to implement “green” initiatives. While green banking is not yet a key reason for most customers to select one financial institution over another, customer demands and greater environmental awareness are driving a number of financial institutions to go green. Environment is a key focus amongst ethical banks (in this field specially called sustainability or green banks) as well as amongst many conventional banks that wish to appear more ethically oriented or that

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    copublication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press i Oxford University Press Oxford • New York • Athens • Auckland • Bangkok • Bogotá • Buenos Aires • Calcutta • Cape Town • Chennai • Dar es Salaam • Delhi • Florence • Hong Kong • Istanbul • Karachi • Kuala Lumpur • Madrid • Melbourne • Mexico City • Mumbai • Nairobi • Paris • São Paulo • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto • Warsaw and associated companies in Berlin • Ibadan © 2001 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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  • Green Banking

    Report On Green Management perspective In Bangladesh SOUTH EAST UNIVERSITY Submitted To  Farzana Ferdoushi Faculty, School of Business of SEU Submitted By  Mohammad Azmir hossain ID: 2010010000004 Department: B.B.A. Date of Submission March 8, 2014 Introduction Bangladesh is a country suffering from immense social, political, economic and environmental issues and these issues need to be addressed for the overall

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  • Green

    A meeting of minds in a lean, green world | Two years on, one company has used videoconferencing to reduce its emissions by 40,000kg of CO2 a year | | Videoconferencing can save customers money in ongoing overheads and travel costs, as well as slash carbon emissions in the drive for green IT, if the experience of public sector services provider Amey is any guide. Two years ago, Amey engaged BT as the reseller to phase in a videoconferencing set-up, delivered as a managed service. According

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  • Bank

    Company named NRB Community Bank which provides international recognition and credentials for fund raising and management as well as investing in Bangladesh. NRB Community Bank will focus on providing services to the High Net Worth (HNW) clients and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) in the UK and from Bangladesh and will carry on other regulated retail bank activities as appropriate. The NRB Community Bank will go into a partnership arrangement with an existing retail bank and offer the banking services

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  • Green Growth

    "Green Growth": A Necessity Green growth is a new buzzword among the policymakers around the world. For many policymakers it's a new magical word that can play a very significant role in the development of a country. Green growth is viewed as a key to sustainable growth. It has been recognized that there is an urgent need of transition towards green growth to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. As per Asian Development Bank "... green growth is an imperative not a luxury, for developing

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  • Bank

    Analysis of standard chartered bank internet base and upcoming 3-year movements 1. Introduction Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCBL) online banking can manages your account anytime wherever you are. It provides different banking services in terms of financial transactions, cost-effective, user friendly and green transactions. This report presents the detailed analysis of online banking as well as future strategic actions. It describes how online banking provides business and personal

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  • Green Marketing

    GREEN MARKETING IN INDIA: EMERGINGOPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Pavan Mishra* & Payal Sharma** th  Received: 10 Sept.2010 Revised: 15 th Dec.2010 Accepted: 25th Dec. 2010 Abstract Green marketing is a phenomenon which has developed  particular important in the modern market. This concept hasenabled for the re-marketing and packaging of existing  products which already adhere to such guidelines. Additionally, the development of green marketing has opened the door of opportunity for companies

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  • Bank

    transactions and lower their costs. Efforts have been concentrated on improving the credit delivery mechanisms. Although the Narasimhan Committee on the Financial System (1991) recommended the phasing out of the directed credit programme at 10 per cent of the bank credit not only the proportion has been retained at 40% level but its coverage has been considerably enlarged. The appropriate instrument to achieve distributive justice is fiscal policy not credit policy. Fiscal policy ensures the scrutiny of budget

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    intermediaries. Most financial institutions are highly regulated by government. Broadly speaking, there are three major types of financial institutions: • Deposit-taking institutions that accept and manage deposits and make loans, including banks, building societies, credit unions, trust companies, and mortgage loan companies; • Insurance companies and pension funds; • Brokers, underwriters and investment funds. Functions of a Financial Institution: The functions of Financial Institutions

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  • Hetty Green

    (Hetty Green). The more I researched the life of Hetty the more questioned her mental health or lack of it. Why was it so hard for her to spend money? How had money become her the must imported thing in her life. What made her need to kept her fortune so close and what keep her from enjoying the basic comforts of life she could have easy afforded? Was Hetty Green just an eccentric old rich lady or could she have been suffering from a mental illness or a personality disorder? Hetty Green was one

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  • Bank

    launched by some multinationals and new local private commercial banks. Electronic banking is one of the most demanded and latest technologies in banking sector. This paper tried to unearth the present status of electronic banking in banking sector in Bangladesh. Keywords: Electronic Banking, Bank, Bangladesh Introduction: In Bangladesh, multinational banks are operating for long besides our nationalized, private and specialized banks. However, much of the resulting research has concentrated on

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  • Green

    Martinez Ms. Hawkins English 976 November 24, 2014 “You Must Vote” On September 21, 2012 Hank Green discusses in his Vlog “You Must Vote” how important it is as an American to vote. Green examines all the horrible reasons why people say that they don’t want to, or why they can’t vote. One example Green gives is “one single vote might not count towards who wins the election but every vote does count” (Green). What he is saying is to those of you who think that your one vote won’t change anything, but

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  • Green Mtnresort

    Green Mountain Resort Green Mountain Resort Organizational crisis is a common occurrence in today’s society. Change is always needed, and it is never a straight forward process. If it was, businesses would always be able to meet their goals. If each and every corporation does not keep up with the changes they will not survive. Change, whether big or small can be extremely challenging and requires a well thought out plan, clever ideas, patience and good leadership. No single method of

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  • Green It

    Sattar - S1409012172 Telephone: 7965141 Email addresses: Lecturer Name: Ahmed Shareef Learning centre: Villa College Eydhafushi Campus Trimester: January 2014 VILLA COLLEGE EYDHAFUSHI CAMPUS MBA B11 GREEN IT Abdul matheen abdul sattar s1409012172 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation to my lecturer who has given guidelines, advice and support during his hectic schedule which will not be forgotten. Without

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  • Green Paper

            Easy Green Home Services    Submitted to Professor Conrad L. Boyle Submitted by: Team 1 Lauren Dwyer Manual Roman Bernardo Roschke Eric Schmutz Gregory Slate University of Maryland/University College  AMBA 603 Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Market Needs 5 Market Demographics 5 Market Trends 5 Market Growth 7 Macroenvironment 7 Mission 8 Product Offering 8 Positioning 8 SWOT Summary 9 Strengths 9 Weaknesses 9 Opportunities

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    Executive Summary Service quality is a good measure for knowing about the performance of a bank.. Nowadays Banking companies are in a competitive market. They are choosing the differentiation strategy to be a market leader because cost leadership is not a good tool for competition due to oligopolistic market. By analyzing bank information system, this paper investigates the service quality perceptions of bank account holders. This paper also examine the relationship between relative importance allocated

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  • Bank

    an internship program of 3 months duration. As practical orientation is an integral part of BBA degree requirement, I was sent to IFIC bank, Lalmatia Brunch to take real life exposure of the activities of financial institution from 01, June 2014. 1.2 Background of the Study: Modern banks play an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Banks provide necessary funds for executing various programs underway in the process of economic development. Economy of Bangladesh is in the

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  • Green Marketing

    There are seven key green marketing principles that will help green companies sustain. Why are green marketing principles so important? There are several reasons. One of them being that businesses can avoid accusations of greenwashing which is a term meaning to promote a company's products deceptively. Another reason is that ethically it is the right thing to do. Businesses should be promoting green and protecting and preserving the environments resources because we all use them. Finally, companies

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  • Green Banking Circular from Bangladesh Bank

    Website: Banking Regulation & Policy Department Bangladesh Bank Head Office Dhaka February 27, 2011 BRPD Circular No.02 Date: ---------------------- Falgun 15, 1417 Chief Executives All Scheduled Banks in Bangladesh Policy Guidelines for Green Banking Introduction: We are aware that global warming is an issue that calls for a global response. The rapid change in climate will be too great to allow many eco-systems to suitably

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  • Banks

    COOPERATIVE BANK * Agusan del Norte Cooperative Bank * Bataan Cooperative Bank * Camiguin Cooperative Bank * Capiz Settlers Cooperative Bank * Cooperative Bank of Agusan del Sur * Cooperative Bank of Aklan * Cooperative Bank of Aurora * Cooperative Bank of Benguet * Cooperative Bank of Bohol * Cooperative Bank of Bukidnon * Cooperative Bank of Bulacan * Cooperative Bank of Cagayan * Cooperative Bank of Camarines Norte * Cooperative Bank of Camarines Sur * Cooperative Bank of Cavite

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  • Green

    In this paper we will discuss the case study of Thomas Green, we will discuss how Thomas made got to the position he is in and what power bases were used to try and influence him. We will further discuss how these power bases could have been used better to gain compliance from Thomas. The use of power in the case study is apparent through the actions of Thomas’ boss, Davis and the division Vice President McDonald. Thomas Green holds the position of Senior Market Specialist with Dynamic Displays

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  • Green

    The influx of eco-friendly innovation is where we say: ’Green is the new black!’ Dell is undertaking an aggressive strategy in order for it to improve and polish it’s products, processes and the environment. Through statistics, Dell is one of the world’s largest technology recyclers, collected approximately1.4 billion pounds of e-waste since the year 2007. Telecommuting: A good day working right out of the bed, in the comforts of a couch can help lower the environmental impact placed on the business

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  • Green Computers

    Organization and Technology of Information Management (MCAP-303) Perform an Internet search on the phrase “green computing” and then answer the following questions. How would you define green computing? Green computing or green IT, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. It is also defined as "the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems—such as monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and

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  • Green

    Green There has been big talk about saving earth or going green, over the past few years. The main purpose is to preserve earth’s natural raw resources because we are running out of natural resources including gas, oil, and coal. There are energy efficient products being promoted such as battery operated cars, appliances, light bulbs and even homes. The problem is many energy efficient items are so expensive, that not everyone can afford to pay for an energy efficient car or an energy efficient

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  • Green

    Student’s name Tutor Unit Date Impacts of going Green Assets refer to economic resource whereas liability refers to legal debt that a company incurs in the course of doing business. Current assets include ready money, investments, accounts receivable and register. Current liabilities include accounts owed, accrued salaries, accrued taxes and bank loans. Companies such must Method strive to maximize return on the assets while reducing their liabilities. One way of achieving this goal is by adopting

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  • Green Banking Practices of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

    1.1 Introduction: A bank is a financial institution, where people secure their money and use this institution as a source of possible finance. Banking in the form in which it exists nowadays is comparatively of recent origin. Before the advent of modern banking, direct finance, where the owner of capital deals directly with the user of capital, was the customary mode of transference of funds from savers to investors. Now, banks are engaged in various functions i.e., receiving

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  • Bank

    Islamic Banking: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions 9 ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK ISLAMIC RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE ISLAMIC BANKING: ANSWERS TO SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Mabid Ali Al-Jarhi and Munawar Iqbal Occasional Paper No.4 1422H 2001 Mabid Al-Jarhi and Munawar Iqbal 10 Islamic Banking: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions 11Mabid Al-Jarhi and Munawar Iqbal 12 Islamic Banking: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions 13 FOREWORD In the last quarter of a

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  • Green Banking

    the post. Green Banking For Small Businesses Tim Chen, NerdWallet | Sep. 6, 2011, 9:07 PM | 635 | In an increasingly eco-conscious market, many small businesses are finding creative ways to go green. Whether it’s improving their energy efficiency, buying organic products, composting or just turning off electronics at night, being green means all sorts of things to different people. One small thing you may not have considered is green banking. Most banks have at least one green initiative

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  • Green It

    Reference Green Information Technology (Green IT) refers to environmentally sustainable computing that addresses both IT and related sustainability problems. Over recent years, Green IT has become one of the world`s top important issues as both organizations and governments came under pressure to address the environmental sustainability concerns about Green IT. According to Elliot, 2008, despite the increasing concerns from governments, businesses and organizations to Green their IT, their

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  • Thomas Green

      Introduction This is a case about Thomas Green, a 28 year guy, who was recruited in Dynamic Displays as an account executive got promoted to senior marketing specialist within few months was finding difficulty in adjusting with immediate boss Frank Davis. The conflict between the two now had reached its limit affecting the enthusiasm of Thomas Green and can result in termination of Green. This case throws light on role of politics, dynamics of the power and importance of communication within

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  • Green Marketing

    concerned about green marketing activities and have attempted in many ways to educate organizations to flourish green activities. In our term paper there has been little attempt to academically examine environmental or green marketing. It introduces the terms and concepts of green marketing, briefly discusses why going green is important and also examines some of the reasons that organizations are adopting a green marketing philosophy. It also focuses on some of the problems with green marketing.

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  • Green Banking

    TERM PAPER ON GREEN BANKING AND ITS PRACTICES IN BANGLADESH Submitted to: Mrs.Dipannita Battacharjee Assistant Professor Department of Marketing Studies University of Chittagong Submitted By: M.Ariful Aziz Kanon 4th Year, BBA (Hons.) ID-07304020 Session: 2006-2007 Department of Marketing Studies University of Chittagong. Date of Submission: …… July 2012 Introduction: Green Banking is no more new concept in today`s world.The concept

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  • Green Banking

    Green banking: Future important issue for banking industry Md. Aminul Islam The scientific name of environmental study is Ecology. More specifically if we define Environmental study or Ecology it means "the scientific study of relation of plants and living organisms to each other and their surroundings." We know this planet "Earth" is the only green planet created by Allah Subhanu Taala. Now, this planet is in danger due to over exploitation and greediness of the humanity. All other fauna and

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  • Green Banking

    Questionnaire for Green Banking 1. Name: 2. Age: 3. Family Income: 4. Do you have an account in any of the below private or public sector bank? * Yes Bank * ICICI Bank * SBI * IndusInd Bank 5. Have you heard of Green Banking? * Yes * No If yes, from what sources have you heard of it? * T.V Programs * Newspaper * Online * Others 6. Are any of the following banks, are you aware that follow Green Banking?

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  • Bank of Green

    Introduction Most people say that looking in the past you can see the future, with economics this is true. With the economy in the state that it is in, people will be wondering what they should do and more importantly not do. At the Bank of Green we strive to be the best at what we do and many have voiced their uncertainty about the economy and where it is headed. This report will show you what is happening in the economy and what will most likely happen this coming year. The Federal Reserve

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