Banking Sector In Bangladesh

  • Human Resource Management Practices and Employees’ Satisfaction Towards Private Banking Sector in Bangladesh

    Management and Marketing Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012, pp.52-58 ISSN: 2146-4405 Human Resource Management Practices and Employees’ Satisfaction Towards Private Banking Sector in Bangladesh Md. Tofael Hossain Majumder Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Comilla University, Comilla, Bangladesh. Phone: +8801816436176. Email: ABSTRACT: Dramatic advances of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), changing mix and personal values of the workforce

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  • Genaral Banking in Bangladesh

    Bangladeshi owned bank in Private sector. The then President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Justice Ahsanuddin Chowdhury inaugurated the bank formally on March 28, 1983. NBL was first domestic bank to establish agency arrangement with the world famous Western Union in order to facilitate quick and safe remittance of the valuable foreign exchanges earned by the expatriate Bangladeshi nationals. NBL was also the first among domestic banks to introduce Master Card in Bangladesh. Since the very beginning

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  • An Overview of Malaysian Banking Sector

    An Overview of the Malaysian Banking Sector FINA0501 ASIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TERM PAPER LEE JUNHONG, JEREMY 2010540826 I. Introduction Malaysia has been an important player in the Asian economy since the early days of independence, and even before that, as a British protectorate. It is currently the third largest economy in Southeast Asia, and is the 28th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity according to the World Bank. Malaysia has also successfully diversified

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  • Green Banking in Bangladesh

    Graduate Program : Standard Chartered Bank HOME | POST RESUME COUNSELLING | MY BDJOBS | JOB MAIL SERVICE | CAREER Category : Banking/Insurance /Leasing Standard Chartered Bank Graduate Program No. of Vacancies : N/A [Job Online job posting, Posting Date: November 11, 2012 ] Store this Job to My BdJobs Cart Share this job Job Description / Responsibility Now, more than ever the world needs

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  • Technology and Indian Banking Sector

    ISSN No-2230-7850 Vol.1,Issue.IX/Sept;11pp.1-4 Research Paper Technological Developments in Indian Banking Sector Dr. B.S. Sawant, Director, K.B.P. Institute of Management Studies and Research, Satara, Research Guide Abstract: Banking sector plays a significant role in development of Indian economy. So banks need to optionally leverage technology to increase penetration, improve their productivity and efficiency, deliver cost-effective products and services, provide faster, efficient

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  • E Banking Products in Bangladesh

    E-banking product available in Bangladesh E-banking product and services can include wholesale products for corporate customers as well as retail and fiduciary products for individual customers. Ultimately the product and services obtained through internet banking may mirror product and services offered through other bank delivery channels. A brief description of e-banking products are described below Automated teller machine: An automated teller machine (ATM) is a computerized telecommunication

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  • Telecommunication Sector in Bangladesh

    Customer Satisfaction level of telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Report On Customer Satisfaction level of telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Prepared for: Ferdouse Ara Tuli Senior lecturer, Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh Prepared by: Name ID Simanto kumar ghosh 092-12-0034 Shimanta saha 092-12-0001 Md Atikur Rahman 092-12-0026

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  • Indian Banking Sector

    Introduction | | ICICI Bank | | Yes Bank | | HSBC | | SBI Bank | | HRIS | | ICT | | Role of Banks in India | | Recommendations | | Conclusion | | Bibliography | | Objective: The objective of this report is to study the banking sector in the Indian Economy on a global perspective. In this we have tried to study the different aspects of the banks. Here in we have considered 4 banks, namely SBI, ICICI, HSBC, Yes Bank. Research Methodology: The research methodology that we

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  • Rmg Sector in Bangladesh

    analysis the readymade garment (RMG) sector of Bangladesh and find out the problems and remedies of this sector. Objectives of the study: The main objectives of this report are * To gain knowledge about the industrial unrest in the readymade garments industry of Bangladesh. * To identify the problems of RMG sector of Bangladesh. * To analysis the problems of this sector. * To fine out the remedies that could solve the problems of RMG sector. * To gain in-depth knowledge about

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  • Bangladesh Rmg Sector

    Secondary School Madrasas in Bangladesh: Incidence, Quality, and Implications for Reform Mohammad Niaz Asadullah Department of Economics, University of Reading & Department of Education, University of Oxford Nazmul Chaudhury The World Bank Syed Rashed Al-Zayed Josh The World Bank Draft: March 15, 2009 Human Development Sector South Asia Region Acknowledgements This study was made possible by generous funding from the EPDF Trust Fund. We also express our appreciation for additional

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  • Islamic Banking System in Bangladesh

    AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH A Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) REPORT TOPIC: Islamic Banking System in Bangladesh Course name: INTRO. TO BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE Section: F (BBA) Course Instructor: MOHAMMAD MOSTOFA JAMAN Faculty of Business Administration Department of BBA American International University-Bangladesh Group Members Name and ID: 1. Nahar Tanjin

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Banking Sector

    ABSTRACT Recent reports on banking sector often indicate that India is slowly but surely moving from a regime of `large number of small banks' to `small number of large banks'. The aim of this paper is to probe into the various motivations for mergers and acquisitions in the Indian Banking sector. Thus, literature is reviewed to look into the various motivations behind a banks’ merger/ acquisition event. The paper also takes us through the international mergers & acquisitions scenario comparing

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  • Risk Mangement in Banking Sector

    Term Paper On RISK MANAGEMENT IN BANKING SECTOR BY Sushant Patil 1PB11MBA45 Submitted to Dr. Anitha Yadav Professor Dept. of MBA Department of MBA PES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE-560085 ABSTRACT Risk Management is the application of proactive strategy to plan, lead, organize, and control the wide variety of risks that are rushed into the fabric of an organizations daily and long-term functioning. Like it or not, risk has a say in the achievement of our goals and in

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  • Customer Satisfaction in the Banking Sector

    A SURVEY OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN ORGANIZATIONS WITHIN THE BANKING SECTOR IN KENYA ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study Customer satisfaction within the banking institution is measured by many factors, which may or may not be quality related and is the key determinant as to whether a customer will be loyal to the baking service provider (Taylor and Baker, 1994). Satisfied customer will refer other to the same services by word of mouth. In the contrary

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  • Health Sector in Bangladesh

    Present status of the Health Sector in Bangladesh 1.Introduction Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world with a population of 139 million people, 40 percent of whom are living in poverty (HIES 2005). The Bangladesh National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction (NSAPR 2005) considers in particular the human dimensions of poverty (deprivation of health, education, nutrition, gender gaps) and commits the MoHFW to reach the poor and vulnerable, especially women and children

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  • Employees Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector of Bangladesh: - a Case Study of “Jamuna Bank Limited”

    EMPLOYEES JOB SATISFACTION IN BANKING SECTOR OF BANGLADESH: - A CASE STUDY OF “JAMUNA BANK LIMITED” By Oishee Manee ID: 0820544 An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Business Administration INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY, BANGLADESH April 29, 2012 EMPLOYEES JOB SATISFACTION IN BANKING SECTOR OF BANGLADESH: - A CASE STUDY OF “JAMUNA BANK LIMITED” By Oishee Manee ID: 0820544 Has been approved April 29, 2012 ____________________

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  • Indian Banking Sector Update

    8000 5000 Aug-10 Oct-10 Dec-09 Mar-10 May-10 Dec-10 Feb-10 Jul-10 8000 6000 4000 2000 Banking Industry Update Dec ‘10 Taking a breather, negatives surround… Banking stocks corrected across the board on the PSU banks ‘bribery for loans’ scam, 2G and MFI loans, liquidity concerns and rising G-Sec yields. However, one has to take a call on whether the sector will keep correcting further. We believe the sector will continue to remain under pressure in the near term where stocks may not give a sharp

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  • Executive Development Programs in the Banking Sector in Bangladesh – a Study of Cases

    Synopsis of Research Proposal for M. Phil Degree Topic Executive Development Programs in the Banking Sector in Bangladesh – A Study of Cases Submitted to: Dr. Faruq Ahmed Department of Management Studies University of Dhaka Submitted by: Hazera Khatun February 12, 2013 Dhaka, Bangladesh Introduction: Employees are the most important asset of any organization. Now-a-days, the main focus of all companies is to attract, develop and maintain an

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  • Assignment on Structure of Finanacial Sector in Bangladesh

    1. Name & Number of banking & other financial institutions. (Category wise updated data) Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh Bank has been working as the central bank since the country’s independence. Its prime jobs include issuing of currency, maintaining foreign exchange reserve and providing transaction facilities of all public monetary matters. Bangladesh Bank regulates and supervises the activities of all banks. Bangladesh Bank is also responsible for planning the government’s monetary policy and

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  • Banking Sector in Bangladesh

    Banking Sector in Bangladesh * By Super Admin * Published 26 September 2006 * Bangladesh Study * Rating: Unrated BANKING SECTOR IN BANGLADESH INTRODUCTION The Jews in Jerusalem introduced a kind of banking in the form of money lending before the birth of Christ. The word 'bank' was probably derived from the word 'bench' as during ancient time Jews used to do money -lending business sitting on long benches. First modern banking was introduced in 1668 in Stockholm as 'Svingss

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  • Performance Evaluation of the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

    A Thesis On Performance Evaluation of the Banking Sector in Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis Supervised by: Mr. Protap Kumar Ghosh Assistant Professor Business Administration Discipline Khulna University Submitted by: Golam Moktadir Student ID: EMBA-100312 Business Administration Discipline Khulna University BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DISCIPLINE KHULNA UNIVERSITY KHULNA MAY, 2013 TO Mr. Protap Kumar Ghosh Assistant Professor Business Administration Discipline Khulna University Subject: Submission

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  • Problem, of, Islamic, Banking, in Bangladesh Pdf

    International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance Prospects and Problems of Islamic Banking from Bank’s Perspective: A Study of Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Z Mamun 1 This paper focuses on the prospect and growth potentials of Islamic banks in Bangladesh as perceived by Islamic and conventional bankers. The study noted that there is a high demand for interest-free banking services from a segment of people in Bangladesh who have a strong desire to abide by the rules and principals set by Shariah. Along

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  • Hrm Practice of Banking Sector

    ------------------------------------------------- INTERNSHIP REPORT ON HRM PRACTICES OF BANKING SECTOR – A CASE STUDY ON UTTARA BANK. June 2, 2013 | Author: Jannatul Ferdous | Posted in Banking Table of Contents * ------------------------------------------------- 1 Chapter 1 * ------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Human resource management: * ------------------------------------------------- 1.2 Functions of HRM: * -------------------------------------------------

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  • Imapact of It in Banking Sector

    IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN BANKING INDUSTRIES TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page - - - - - - i Approval page - - - - - ii Dedication - - - - - - iii Acknowledgement - - - - iv Abstract - - - - - - v Table of contents - - - - - vi CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the study 2. Statement of problem 3. Objective of the study 4. Research question 5. Significance of the study 6. Scope of the study 7. Limitations of the study

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  • Banking Sector Reforms in India

    BANKING SECTOR REFORMS IN INDIA . Introduction: Financial sector reforms introduced in the early 1990s as a part of the structural reforms have touched upon almost all aspects of banking operation. For a few decades preceding the onset of banking and financial sector reforms in India, banks operated in an environment that was heavily regulated and characterized by sufficient barriers to entry which protected them against too much competition. The banking reform package was based on the recommendation

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  • Merchant Banking in Bangladesh

    An article on Merchant Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Prime Finance & Investment Ltd Abstract Prime Finance & Investment Limited has been running its merchant banking operations for about fourteen years. In this short period of time it has gained great momentum and expanding at a fascinating rate. However, the growth can be best evaluated by considering the financial factors as well as its operations. Capital market of Bangladesh is yet to play its potential role as a vehicle

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  • Banking Sector

    between a firm’s debt level and that of its industry does not appear to be of concern to the market (Hatfield et al., 1994). Debt ratios are found to be decreasing in cash flow or profitability and increasing in the investment of the firm in both sectors of countries. underinvestment problem. Stulz (1990) assumes that managers have no equity ownership in the firm and receive utility by managing a larger firm. The “power of manger” may motivate the self-interested managers to undertake negative present

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  • Study of Gaming Sector in Bangladesh

    summary Bangladesh has begun to develop its IT and software industry only recently, and has seen double-digit figures in growth on most IT sectors, the gaming sector not among them. Bangladesh is far behind most of its neighbors in the gaming industry. There are several reasons to this, as well as probable causes. Based on interviews and focus group discussion, we have come up with several problems and prospects, as well as reasonable solutions to the problems, of the game development sector. In the

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  • Effective Hrm Practise in Banking Sector of Bangladesh

    Evaluation Practices and Perceived Employee Performance and so on. To complete this term paper we use primary data. Literature Review: Human resources management includes a variety of activities , and among them is deciding what staffing needs in banking sector and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs , recruiting and training the best employees , ensuring they are high performers , dealing with performance issues and ensuring the personnel and management practices

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  • Medicine Sector in Bangladesh

    Pharmaceutical Sector of Bangladesh The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is one of the most developed technology sectors within Bangladesh. Manufacturers produce insulin, hormones, and cancer drugs. This sector provides 97% of the total medicinal requirement of the local market. The industry also exports medicines to global markets, including Europe. Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their business with the aim to expand the export market. History Right after liberation war three

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  • Article on Merchant Banking in Bangladesh

    are the creatures of almighty Allah in this world. Every day we are experiencing new world. Now this is my personal statement which I am going to share. Here, this is Musrat Binta Kamal hailed from Rangunia, District of Chittagong, and citizen of Bangladesh. Education and Past From my childhood I was ambitious to hold a unique personality. Education has always been an important aspect of my life. While in high school I took challenging courses, such as advanced placement English and calculus

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  • Banking System of Bangladesh

    Banking system of Bangladesh Central bank: * Bangladesh bank Schedule bank: State-owned commercial banks: State-owned are functioning as nationalist. Here is the list - 1. Sonali Bank Limited 2. Janata Bank Limited 3. Agrani Bank Limited 4. Rupali Bank Limited Private commercial banks(PCB): * Conventional private bank 1. AB Bank Limited 2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited 3. Bank Asia Limited 4. BRAC Bank Limited 5. Dhaka Bank Limited 6. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

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  • Financial Sector Banking

    financial system of Iraq with a forward looking approach. At the outset it was agreed with Iraqi authorities that the focus of this review should be forward looking and constructive. Overall the financial sector in Iraq is underdeveloped, and is playing a limited role in financial intermediation. The banking system is still by far the most important part of the Iraqi financial system, accounting for more than 75 percent of the assets and dominated by state ownership. Non-bank financial institutions and

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  • Analysis of Lucrative Sector in Bangladesh

    Tamanna Badhan | 1020716020 | Sabreen Sayeed Haider | 1130637030 | Omar Farukh | 1210010030 | Date of Submission : 05.05.2015 Overview of Singer Bangladesh Singer Asia is a holding company with operating subsidiaries in the South Asian countries of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.  The subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan are retail businesses engaged in the distribution of a wide variety of household consumer durable products (HCDs), with consumer credit and other

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  • Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

    Mobile Banking in Bangladesh g GOVT. TOLARAM COLLEGE 2015 A Study On “Mobile Banking System in Bangladesh” Prepared By Sheikh Shamcur Rahman (Tusher) Bachelor of Business Administration Faculty of Business & Economics Daffodil International University E-Mail: Web: Acknowledgemt Acknowledgement First of all

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  • The Emerging Business Sector of Bangladesh

    The recent monetary policy of Bangladesh BANK The central bank declared its half-yearly monetary policy aiming to contain inflationary pressures through discouraging credit flow to unproductive sectors and for speculative purposes including real estates and investments in stock market beyond affordable limits. While releasing the monetary policy statement (MPS) for July-December period of the current fiscal year, The governor of the central bank said that the monetary policies in fiscal year

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  • Banking Industry in Bangladesh

    Banking Industry in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a third world country with an under developed banking system, particularly in terms of the services and customer care provided by the government run banks. Recently the private banks are trying to imitate the banking structure of the more developed countries, but this attempt is often foiled by inexpert or politically motivated government policies executed by the central bank of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank. The outcome is a banking system fostering corruption

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  • Pharmaceutical Sector in Bangladesh

    Pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh In Bangladesh Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi tech sector which is contributing in the country’s economy. After the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance – 1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. This sector is also providing 95% of the total medicine requirement of the local market. In 2000, there were 210 licensed allopathic drug-manufacturing units in the country, out of which only 173 were on active production; others were

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  • Online Banking in Bangladesh

    Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction Internet Banking is growing popular day by day in Bangladesh. A number of private as well as local banks are going online now considering the demand and necessity of fast banking. Internet banking not only provides banking facility round the clock but also helps a country to get attached to the international economy as well as business. People throughout the world are now getting engaged with more activity and business and hence need the fast and anytime access to his/her

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  • Contribution of Banks on Sme Sector in Bangladesh

    Report On Contribution of Banks on SME Sector in Bangladesh 1 LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3 Table of contents No: Page: Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Background of the study 2 1.3 Problem statement 3 1.4 Objectives of the study 3 1.5 Scope of the study 4 Chapter Two Methodology 2.1 Data requirement 5 2.2 Study area 6 2.3 Sample size selection 6 2.4 Questionnaire

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  • Risk Management in Banking Sector

    II ← Research method ← Findings and suggestions ← Conclusion CHAPTER II: LITRETURE REVIEW 2.1 INTRODUCTION Basel I Accord: The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which came into existence in 1974, volunteered to develop a framework for sound banking practices internationally. In 1988 the full set of recommendations was documented and given to the Central banks of the countries for implementation to suit their national systems. This is called

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  • Banking in Bangladesh

    services in Bangladesh for Visa International in1988 and then Master Card in 1991. At that point of time, ANZ Grindlays Bank had only a few premium Merchants (e.g., Pac pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka Sheraton Hotel & Aarong) to facilitate the card acceptance for the tourist and expertise in Bangladesh. Now after years together of technological expansion, the prosperity of business lies in the adherence of more technological facilities. Business man slowly grabbed this idea in Bangladesh. More young

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  • Indian Banking Sector

    ON INDIAN BANKING SECTOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is not different. We would like to express our gratitude to the faculty for his invaluable insights, without which this project would not have been completed. We would also like to thank everyone including our friends who directly or indirectly helped us in the completion of this project. DECLARATION We hereby declare that the project titled “Indian Banking Sector” is an original

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  • Islamic Banking System in Bangladesh

    Institutions ULAB 12/28/2011 Department: USB Section: 01 Islamic banking system Letter of Transmittal December 28, 2011 Shahriar Kabir Lecturer Financial Markets and Institutions ULAB Subject: Request to Accept Term Paper regarding “Islamic Banking System” Dear Sir, We are very pleased to submit the term paper on “Islamic Banking System”. We were assigned to prepare and submit this term paper as the partial fulfillment of the course

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  • Cost Accounting in the Banking Sector

    Abstract The present study aims to outline the characteristics of the cost systems used in banking Institutions. It does so by describing the partial costs and full cost systems in banking institutions. It then looks at the limitations of these approaches to the current competitive conditions and goes on to consider the applicability of the activity based costing system in the allocation of indirect transformation costs to branches, products and customers. Finally, we will look at the findings of

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  • Information Technology Risk in the Banking Sector in Bangladesh

    ASIAN UNIVERSITY Of BANGLADESH ASSIGNMENT ON Information Technology Risk In The Banking Sector IN Bangladesh Course Title: Working Capital Management Course Code: BBA-4122 Submitted To: Md. Munsur Ahamed Lecturer, Department of Finance,AUB Submitted By Group-E Name | ID NO: | BATCH | SECTION | Nargis Akter | 200820324 | 33rd | Finance(A) | Shamima Ferdaus | 200820558 | 33rd | “ | Syeada Kohenur Begum | 200820786 | 33rd | “ | Umma kulsum | 200820367

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  • Challenges of Banking Sector

     Article on Indian Banking Sector: “The challenges that the banking sector in India faces” It is by now well recognized that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Evidence from across the world suggests that a sound and evolved banking system is required for sustained economic development. India has a better banking system in place vis a vis other developing countries, but there are several issues that need to be ironed out. In this article, we try and look into the challenges

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  • Pakistan’s Banking Sector

    Pakistan’s Banking Sector Current Situation and Critical Issues ISHRAT HUSAIN Pakistan’s banking sector reforms which were initiated in the early 1990s have transformed the sector into an efficient, sound and strong banking system. The most recent comprehensive assessment carried out jointly by the World Bank and the IMF in 2004 came to the following conclusion: “ for reaching reforms have resulted in a more efficient and competitive financial system In particular, the predominantly

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  • Banking Sector

    BANKING CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY Dr. Muhammad Anwar Hassan, Vice Chancellor, Preston University, Mr. Muhammad Humayun Khan, Chief Manager, State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank) Peshawar, Mr. Rashid Qazi, Vice President, PICIC Commercial Bank Ltd. Peshawar, Mr. Badar Hussain, Area Head North, MCB Peshawar, Mr. Tabraiz Hassan Butt, Regional Business/Operational Chief Peshawar, Fellow Bankers, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all I would like to congratulate the administration of

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  • Banking Sector

    Pakistan’s Banking Sector Current Situation and Critical Issues ISHRAT HUSAIN Pakistan’s banking sector reforms which were initiated in the early 1990s have transformed the sector into an efficient, sound and strong banking system. The most recent comprehensive assessment carried out jointly by the World Bank and the IMF in 2004 came to the following conclusion: “ for reaching reforms have resulted in a more efficient and competitive financial system In particular, the predominantly

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