Baosteel Group Governance With Chinese Characteristics

  • Personal Characteristics

    `It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. The latter part of this famous quote by the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu implicates an important concept that is not only applicable in war, but also in one’s professional career. Introspective awareness of your strengths as well as your weaknesses is instrumental in professional success. One asset I have found that has bolstered my professional success is my ability to step back, view

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  • Corporate Governance

    Bond Law Review Volume 15 Issue 1 Special Issue: Comparative Corporate Governance 7-1-2003 Article 13 Corporate Governance in Malaysia Kamini Singam Recommended Citation Singam, Kamini (2003) "Corporate Governance in Malaysia," Bond Law Review: Vol. 15: Iss. 1, Article 13. Available at: This Article is brought to you by the Faculty of Law at ePublications@bond. It has been accepted for inclusion in Bond Law Review by an authorized administrator

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  • Recently the Terms "Governance" and "Good Governance"

    Recently the terms "governance" and "good governance" are being increasingly used in development literature. Bad governance is being increasingly regarded as one of the root causes of all evil within our societies. Major donors and international financial institutions are increasingly basing their aid and loans on the condition that reforms that ensure "good governance" are undertaken. The concept of "governance" is not new. It is as old as human civilization. Simply put "governance" means: the process

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  • Baosteel Group - Governance with Chinese Characteristics

    1. DO YOU THINK THE BAOSTEEL GROUP SHOULD CONSOLIDATE ALL OF THE GROUP’S ASSETS INTO A SINGLE PUBLICLY-LISTED COMPANY OR REMAIN A TWO-TIERED STRUCTURE? To be able to argue whether the Baosteel Group should consolidate the entire Group’s assets into a single publicly-listed company or remain a two-tiered structure one first needs to review the underlying situation, Baosteel was faced with. In order to stay competitive on the increasingly fierce global steel market Baosteel was required to not

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  • Governance Structure

    Governance Structure Gregory Hladysh University of Phoenix Governance Structure The Sunrise Software Corporation (SSC) operates in 12 countries worldwide with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy that places a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) in central location in which all departments have access to manipulate. Although the existing design is working, evolving strategic demands forces the separation of domestic System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from

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  • Baosteel

    We assembly new data on dual-class firms in Latin America and analyze the relationship between the largest shareholder characteristics and its decision to leverage voting rights. First, we describe who are the largest shareholders in Latin American firms. Second, we find that both the type and origin of the largest shareholder, together with firm- and country-level characteristics, are important determinants to explain the decision to separate voting from cashflow rights. To tackle the determinants

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  • Overseas Listing and State-Owned-Enterprise Governance in China

    State-Owned-Enterprise Governance in China: the Role of the State LL.M. Long Paper Harvard Law School Supervised by Prof. Reinier Kraakman and Mark Roe April 2012 Oversea Listing and State-Owned-Enterprise Governance in China: the Role of the State Yinzhi Miao Abstract: There are both considerate horizontal and vertical governance problems in the Chinese state-owned-enterprises (SOEs). Due to their privileged positions in the political economy, traditional institutions of corporate governance are far

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  • Chinese History

    of Contents q q Historical Setting The Ancient Dynasties r r r Dawn of History Zhou Period Hundred Schools of Thought q The Imperial Era r r r r r r First Imperial Period Era of Disunity Restoration of Empire Mongolian Interlude Chinese Regain Power Rise of the Manchus q Emergence Of Modern China r r r r r r Western Powers Arrive First Modern Period Opium War, 1839-42 Era of Disunity Taiping Rebellion, 1851-64 Self-Strengthening Movement Hundred Days' Reform and Aftermath

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  • Chinese Worker Leadership

    JOCM 11,4 282 Foreign companies and Chinese workers: employee motivation in the People’s Republic of China Terence Jackson Centre for Cross Cultural Management Research, EAP European School of Management, Oxford, UK and Mette Bak BASF, Shanghai, China Introduction: the challenge of motivating Chinese employees At the end of 1978, during its “third plenum”, the Chinese Communist Part Central Committee gave economic reform top-level priority. Following the Second Session of the Fifth National

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  • 'Chinese Government

    upon.  Doesn’t matter that the “truth” needs to be spoken, respect and honor to each person supersedes that.  To prove a point and show yourself in the right even over business issues is considered shameful and should be avoided.  The Chinese looks more at the group collective than at individualism.  America has become known for its push of individualism which has been a source of conflict with other cultures that look collectively.  A person from China is more prone to look at how their acts affect

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  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance refers to the system by which corporations are directed and controlled. The governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation (such as the board of directors, managers, shareholders, creditors, auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders) and specifies the rules and procedures for making decisions in corporate affairs. Governance provides the structure through which corporations set and pursue their

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  • Good Governance

    Good Governance 1. INTRODUCTION: Governance implies control, direction, and rule with authority or administers laws to govern a system to achieve certain objectives. Good Governance implies running administration according to the defined laws to achieve the objective of promoting the welfare of the people in a democratic oriented order. Bad governance means departing from the norms of laws and subjecting system of administration to whims, idiosyncrasies of the rulers to achieve certain ulterior

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  • Corporate Governance

    October  17,  2012   CORPORATE  GOVERNANCE  ASSIGNMENT       Question  1     a).  The  Australian  Investments  function  is  to  make  sure  the  Australian  financial   markets  are  fairness  and  transparent.  The  Australian  Securities  and  Investments   Act  2001  (ASIC  Act)  has  provided  ASIC  a  number  of  enforcement  powers  to  carry  

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  • Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia

    DRAFT Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia: Policy Issues for the Resource Sector Peter Drysdale Crawford School of Economics and Government The Australian National University and Christopher Findlay School of Economics University of Adelaide Abstract The last nine months has seen Chinese foreign direct investment in the Australian resource sector become an issue of policy interest. There are two big questions that the prospects of a significant rise in foreign direct investment

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  • Sinosteel and Its Governance the Significant Influence of the Government

    Corporate Governance of China's State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and how, during the years the role of the Chinese government is changed. In particular it will discusses Chinese corporate governance in this narrow sense and attempts to explain the political core function of Party Organization. Moreover it will analyze a real case: “Sinosteel Corporation”. This company was created and projected by the Chinese government with the aim to be the leader in its sector. Its corporate governance is deeply

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  • Governance in Singapore

    | | | |Principles of Governance | |Traffic | |Population

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  • Overseas Chinese

    OVERSEAS CHINESE TABLE INTRODUCTION: Defining overseas Chinese 4 UNDERSTANDING OVERSEAS CHINESE A. History and cultural background 1. Southeast Asia 2. North America 3. Europe 4. Chinatowns B. The reasons for immigrating abroad 1. Political reasons 2. Economic and social reasons C. Current status 1. Population distribution 2. Southeast Asia a. The overseas Chinese’s paradox b. The Indonesian case 3. The United States 4. Europe BUSINESS WORLD OF CHINESE A. Rise of Global Chinese Companies

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  • Trading Favors Within Chinese Groups

    Paper Title: Trading favors within Chinese groups Discussant: Federica Capriglione Abstract Pyramidal structures is a dominant aspect of ownership in the developing world, which allow shareholders to control corporations with relatively low investments. On the one hand, the mismatch of cash flow and control rights leads to a range of agency problems and resultant resource misallocations, potentially impacting the macro economy. On the other, pyramids are one important mechanism that enables the formation

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  • Chinese Fdi in Latam 2010

    and the Caribbean A. Introduction Since 2008, China has become one of the world’s largest sources of direct investment. These flows first reached significant levels in Latin America in 2010, when it is estimated they surpassed US$ 15 billion. Chinese companies have in fact burst on the scene in the region so recently that several of the biggest projects were still being finalized in early 2011, or had only just been put into operation. Most investments have been made in natural resource extraction

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  • Internet Governance

    | January 30 2014 | Critically analyse the main global governance issues relating to the internet and discuss how well these issues are being addresses at a global level. Word count: 1,986 | Global Governance | The internet has massively changed the business world. The internet has given companies the opportunity to increase their output and improve their competitiveness. The internet has allowed a company to work outside its base. E.g. a company’s headquarters is based in the UK

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  • Characteristic

    Characteristics The characteristic that Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary has is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. I think he has this character because we can see their close relationship with his parents’. He knows that he not come from rich family and this caused him difficult to study up to the University level. This does not mean he is uneducated. However, this situation was teaching him to know work hard and engaged in the family business. Since

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  • Information Governance

    Information governance is defined as the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to ensure appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. It includes the processes, roles and policies, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. While many organizations have the ingredients to make information governance work, the recipe for success

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  • Corporate Governance

    IMPACT OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ON FIRMS PERFORMANCE: CASE OF FAMILY FIRMS IN MALAYSIA CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of Study For many years and in many economies, most of business activity was accompanied by proprietorships, partnerships, or closed corporations. In these forms of organizations, a small and closely related group of individuals belongings the same family or co-operating in business for lightly periods runs the firm and share the profit. A lot of attention, has

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  • Corporate Governance

    [pic][pic] Corporate Governance and Performance An Exploration of the Connection in a Public Sector Context By Meredith Edwards & Robyn Clough Issues Series Paper No. 1 January 2005 Preface This paper is part of a major project - Corporate Governance in the Public Sector: An evaluation of its Tensions, Gaps and Potential. The project will provide the first comprehensive theoretical and empirical work on corporate governance in the Commonwealth public sector. It has

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  • Corporate Governance

    BUS 341W Writing Assignment 11/14/13 Corporate Governance Introduction An increasing research shows that to maximize shareholder’s wealth has become the core of corporations; their attitudes and the way they adopt for how to return to the investors become another core question to protect their own interests. As a result, the key to make a corporation and even the entire market to prosperous is to protect the investors’ interest. Let’s imagine if the internal of a company only seeks

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  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance Two definitions: 1. ASX CGC: rules, relationship, systems and processes help a company to monitor and assess risk, optimize performance, create value and provide accountability. a) A narrow definition which consistent with agency theory focuses on relationship between company and shareholders. 2. OECD: a system a company can be directed and controlled, specify rights, responsibilities and rules; set and achieve objectives and monitor performance. b) A

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  • Chinese

    The varieties of Chinese are usually described by native speakers as dialects of a single Chinese language, but linguists note that they are as diverse as a language family.[a] The internal diversity of Chinese has been likened to that of the Romance languages, but may be even more varied. There are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of Chinese (depending on classification scheme), of which the most spoken, by far, is Mandarin (about 960 million), followed by Wu (80 million), Yue (70 million)

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  • Audit Governance

    THE AUDIT FIRM GOVERNANCE CODE A PROJECT FOR THE FINANCIAL REPORTING COUNCIL Audit Firm Governance Working Group Chairman: Norman Murray January 2010 The ICAEW operates under a Royal Charter, working in the public interest. Its regulation of members, in particular in respect of auditors, is overseen by the Financial Reporting Council. As a world leading professional accountancy body, the ICAEW provides leadership and practical support to over 132,000 members in more than 165 countries, working

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  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance Issues and Responsibility On the basis of the principles and rules outlined by the New Zealand Security Commission and code of ethics adopted by NZFSU and PGGW Wrightson in their company’s prospectus, they have failed to follow good corporate governance in their companies. In this case study, there were many corporate governance issues and some of them are highlighted below Board Composition and review: There was imbalance of independent and non independent directors in

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  • Chinese Nationalism

    ethnic groups, some of which can even be seen as nations. China have 56 recognizedethnic groups, and Han is the biggest group, more than 90 percent are Han, and the main minorities are Mongol, zang, dai, zhuang. In the early year of china, minorities and Han have very big conflict in nation-state, at that time Han intolerance every minority groups, because they are weak and small. Now, china has some policy to protect minority groups, and opposed to Han chauvinism, that makes minority groups’ power

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  • Corporate Governance

    British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences ISSN: 2046-9578, Vol.9 No.I (2012) ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012 Corporate Governance and Performance of Saudi Arabia Listed Companies Yahya Ali Al-Matari Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti Utara Malaysia Dr. Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi College of Arts & Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faudziah Hanim Bt Fadzil Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti

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  • It Governance

    Guide Auditing IT Governance Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG®) 17 Auditing IT Governance July 2012 GTAG — Table of Contents Executive Summary......................................................................................................................................... 1 1. Introduction................................................................................................................................................ 2 2. IT Governance Risks..............

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  • Auditing It Governance

    Audit Guide Auditing IT Governance Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG®) 17 Auditing IT Governance July 2012 GTAG — Table of Contents Executive Summary......................................................................................................................................... 1 1. Introduction................................................................................................................................................ 2 2. IT Governance Risks...................

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  • The Future of Chinese Management Research

    5:1 75–89 doi: 10.1111/j.1740-8784.2008.00137.x The Future of Chinese Management Research: Rigour and Relevance Redux Mary Ann Von Glinow1 and Mary B. Teagarden2 1 Florida International University, USA, and 2Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA ABSTRACT We use the parable of the blind men and the elephant to suggest that Barney and Zhang (2009) and Whetten (2009) analogously touch on only a part of the Chinese management research puzzle. Their analyses remind us of many attempts

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  • Corporate Governance

    THE INDONESIA CORPORATE GOVERNANCE MANUAL First Edition IFC Advisory Services in Indonesia In Partnership with: THE INDONESIA CORPORATE GOVERNANCE MANUAL First Edition Jakarta, January 2014 i Disclaimer IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, creates opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives. We foster sustainable economic growth in developing countries by supporting private sector development, mobilizing private capital and providing advisory

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  • Corporate Governance

    Commons @ Laurier Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive) 2010 Three Essays in Corporate Governance Vishaal Rabindranauth Anand Baulkaran Wilfrid Laurier University Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods Commons Recommended Citation Baulkaran, Vishaal Rabindranauth Anand, "Three Essays in Corporate Governance" (2010). Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive). Paper 1121. This Dissertation is brought

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  • Governance

    Best Practices: Nonprofit Corporate Governance One of the most significant and valuable developments of the post-Sarbanes-Oxley Act environment has been the emergence of governance “Best Practices” proposals designed to enhance and improve corporate responsibility and governance. These proposals have come from a wide variety of sources, ranging from self-regulatory agencies (e.g., NYSE, NASDAQ) and business groups (e.g., The Business Roundtable, The Conference Board, National Association of Corporate

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  • The Impact of Chinese Investments in Africa

    China’s ODI is uncorrelated with a measure of property rights and rule of law, whereas Western investment favors the better governance environments. As a result, Chinese investment in strong and weak governance environments is about the same, but its share of foreign investment is higher in the weak governance states. The micro data that we use is MOFCOM’s database on all Chinese firms investing in Africa between 1998 and 2012. We use key words in project descriptions to code the investments into 25

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  • It Governance

    Information & Management 45 (2008) 257–269 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Information & Management journal homepage: IT governance for enterprise resource planning supported by the DeLone–McLean model of information systems success Edward W.N. Bernroider * Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Department for Information Business, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, Austria A R T I C L E I N F O A B S T R A C T Article history:

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  • Chinese Culture

    Chinese Culture(中国传统文化) Ghulam Abbas Kan (3115999115) Email School of Electronic and information Xi’an Jiaotong University. INTRODUCTION: Culture itself is a relatively large concept. Generally speaking, culture is a kind of social phenomenon, and it is the product of people's long-term creation. At the same time, it is a historical accumulation of social history. The general culture is the sum of all the material and spiritual wealth created by human beings. Exactly

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  • Chinese Economy

    190 of 2005-06] The Fraud Bill [Bill 166 of 2005 – 06] European Security and Defence Policy: Developments Since 2003 Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill [Bill 132 of 2005-06] Unemployment by Constituency, May 2006 The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill [HL] [Bill 194 of 2005-06] 10.05.06 17.05.06 19.05.06 23.05.06 02.06.06 06.06.06 08.06.06 12.06.06 14.06.06 15.06.06 02.05.06 12.04.06 20.04.06 21.04.06 28.04.06 Research Papers are available as PDF files: • to members of the general public

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  • Governance

    | Pages: 32 Views: 160 Report this Essay 1. The Japanese corporate governance system differs vastly from the US system. Discuss corporate governance issues that may arise under the Japanese keiretsu system from the perspective of a) financiers b) owners c) suppliers and d) employees. A Japanese keiretsu is effectively a system of cooperation among various stakeholders. From the Japanese point of view, corporate governance includes maximization of long-term corporate value for shareholders and

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  • Governance

    te Corporate governance statement The Board of Directors is accountable to the Shareholder for the overall performance of the Group. In doing so, it is responsible for: • • • The effective, prudent and ethical oversight of the Bank; Setting the business strategy for the Bank, following consultation with the Shareholder; and Ensuring that risk and compliance are properly managed in the Bank. Board of Directors and Membership The Board of Directors recognises its responsibility for the leadership

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  • Group

    different types of languages spoken in the classroom. For example, in our power point when we were talking about how different languages are written – the Chinese and Vietnamese language, we had to do extra research on it in order to explain to the audience the reasons why some languages differ from the English alphabet and why some are so similar. The Chinese and Arabic language is combined with different symbols and is completely different to the English alphabet. In contrast, the Vietnamese language is

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  • It Governance

    IT Governance A summary of “Ten Principles of IT Governance” (2004, Peter Weill, Jeanne W. Ross) and “IT Governance Framework” (2005, Craig Symons)  Coming up with new governance mechanisms and policies should not be reactive (patching up problems), but proactive – using the enterprise’s objectives and performance goals as a basis Mature business governance processes can be used for IT governance Governance redesigns should be undertaken only when strategy is being revised, in such cases IT governance

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  • Characteristic

    There are many differences between Muslims and Arabs. The biggest difference between the two is there religious. According to Schaefer, “Arabs are an ethnic group and Muslims are a religious group.” Other differences’ between the two are that they hail from different geographical and ancestral backgrounds, and they arrived to the United States at different times.” One policy change that has occurred in the past few years (post 9/11) is that there is a close surveillance of Muslims charity organizations

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  • Corporate Governance

    structure and composition brings increased value to the organisation. Board Composition: To understand the significance of board composition is it useful to first briefly look at the board, its members and the roles they play. The corporate governance system in most countries can be described to be shareholder oriented. The board acts on behalf of the owners and controllers of a corporation and plays a vital role in monitoring management on behalf of the shareholders. In addition to the Chairman

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  • Corporate Governance and Ipo Pricing

    This paper examines the association of corporate governance variables and IPO pricing. Results show that managerial ownership is positively related to both offer price and market price premium, which is consistent with a high level of managerial ownership reducing agency costs leading to a closer alignment of interests between managers and shareholders. High blockholder ownership is positively related to offer price premium but not market price premium which implies that underwriters, but not investors

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  • Chinese Jv

    competitors in production efficiency and marketing capabilities. The company was operating below its RWA (risk weighted assets) cost of capital. It also had an obscure governance structure, which was a huge barrier in letting the joint venture to flourish. There were also clashes of interest between Jiao’ao Group and Global Beverage. Jiao’ao Group had clearly Global Beverage that even if they find any division isn’t efficient enough, there is no way they are going to shut it down in the next 24 months as

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  • Chinese Poetry

    Structure of Chinese poetry The structure of Chinese poetry is very complicated. It is hard to learn but so beautiful to read. Chinese poetry includes various versions of Chinese language, including Classical Chinese, Standard Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Yue Chinese. Some kind of Chinese language is so rare and old that I have not even learnt. And Chinese poetry has a long history which started from Western Zhou till now. So Chinese poetry can provides an exceptional platform for both

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