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    APPROVAL (to be filled out by the OUR) ####################### UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES Diliman, Quezon City APPENDIX E18 Page 1/2 BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TEACHING IN THE EARLY GRADES College of Education 145 units FIRST YEAR 1st Semester GE (AH 1) Eng 10 GE (SSP 1) Anthro 10 GE (MST 1) Math 1/Math 2 18 units 3 3 3 3 3 3 (2) (3) Grade 2nd Semester GE (AH 2) Comm 3 GE (SSP 2) Philo 1 GE (MST 2) EEE 10 EDLR 101 EDTECH 101 EDUC 100 EDH 115 PE NSTP 21 units

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  • Curriculum

    Discuss the factors influencing the emergence of the curriculum, models of curriculum design and the implication of curriculum evaluation. 1.1 Concept of curriculum There is no single definition of the curriculum .The most common definition of curriculum that most teachers give is that it is a syllabus or a program of study but this is an erroneous definition. For Taba (1962), it is a ‘plan for learning’, while Lawton describes the curriculum as “a selection from the culture of a society” (Lawton

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  • Curriculum

    learning theories are especially relevant to curriculum development in nursing. Give an example of each of these types of theories and explain how the theory can be used for curriculum development in practice (i.e. staff development) or nursing education. Curriculum is not just an event but it is a development and deliberative process that takes time, effort, and faculty commitment (Billings & Halstead, 2009). Change is expected when there is a curriculum in place because of its effects on the

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  • Curriculum (Not Mine)

    THE CURRICULUM Cecilia Braslavsky 1 A. DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPT OF CURRICULUM According to the history of education, the term ‘curriculum’ was originally related to the concept of a course of studies followed by a pupil in a teaching institution. The concept of “curriculum” was used in the English-speaking tradition as equivalent to the French concept programme d’études. Nevertheless, in recent decades, the concept of curriculum has evolved and gained in importance. Increasingly, it

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Definitions of Curriculum   Definition 1: Curriculum is such “permanent” subjects as grammar, reading, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, and the greatest books of the Western world that best embody essential knowledge.   Definition 2: Curriculum is those subjects that are most useful for living in contemporary society.   Definition 3: Curriculum is all planned learnings for which the school is responsible.   Definition 4: Curriculum is all the experiences learners have under the guidance of the

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  • Curriculum

    A traditional curriculum is an educational curriculum which follows established guidelines and practices. This term can refer both to a curriculum as a whole, as in the set of courses which students must take to graduate and the order in which they are presented, and to the curriculum in the form of the content taught in an individual class. The traditional curriculum is sometimes criticized for being too narrow, and a number of education professionals have developed alternative educational methods

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  • Core Curriculum

    WHAT IS CORE CURRICULUM A core curriculum is a curriculum, or course of study, which is deemed central and usually made mandatory for all students of a school or school system. A core curriculum, a predetermined body of skills, knowledge, and abilities is taught to all students. Curriculum has numerous definitions, which can be slightly confusing. In its broadest sense a curriculum may refer to all courses offered at a school.  Curriculum means two things: (i) the range of courses from which students

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  • Educational Curriculum

    Introduction Curriculum as a field of study is relatively young. Most place its birth during the second or third decade of this century, often with the publication of Franklin Bobbitt's. In 1918, Denver superintendent Jesse Newlon's suggested use of teachers in curriculum development . It is important to note that the study of curriculum did not begin as an addition to an extant field, say as a subfield of psychology or philosophy. Rather, it began in administrative convenience: professional

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  • Curriculum Reform

    Elaine P. Sode Curriculum Reform is basically means a change, something new. Why? Because from what I learned from this subject is a curriculum change is needed if the students who graduated from the school have not met the objectives of the curriculum. There must be something wrong in the administrators, teachers, student and the curriculum itself. What is this Curriculum Reform? Why is it needed? Is this going to effective? The objective of the curriculum reform is to increase the participation

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  • National Curriculum

    Diagnostic Written Task: The National Curriculum According to Directgov (2012), “the National Curriculum is a framework used by all the maintained schools to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent.” The National Curriculum is thought by many to be complex and unclear. However, it is at the heart of the education system in England. This is noted by Baumann et al (1997) and Kyriacou (2009) who document that the basis for the National Curriculum was established in the Education

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  • Curriculum

    Curriculum can be defined as the set of courses, and their content, that are obtainable in education. It can also be defined as the set of courses and information that are offered in a particular part of education. Curriculum philosophy can therefore be described as the critical study of basic principles and concepts of a learning system in certain are of influence, with a view of cultivating or re-forming the curriculum. The definition of instruction is the act of instructing; education knowledge

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  • Curriculum

    re-pattern/restructure health-care delivery methods • ability to apply ethical and legal principles to health care The Associate of Science in Nursing Program (ASN) is a two-year program of study combining didactic and clinical nursing courses as well as general education courses.  The Program prepares beginning nurses who function as providers and leaders of direct and indirect nursing care for diverse individuals, families, and groups.  The ASN graduates function as collaborative members within the discipline

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  • Curriculum Development

    CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT:DYNAMIC PROCESS Curriculum development is not an exact science. In most cases, it is a dynamic process that involves many people, often with different priorities, vested interest and needs. Priorities of politicians and parents can be very different, as can the priorities of teachers and employers. But it can be argued that each of these groups has a legitimate interest in what is included in the curriculum, and most significantly, in its outputs. Curriculum has been a

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  • Quality Curriculum

    Managing a Quality Curriculum Outcome 2 & 3 Yvonne Norval Contents Page 1 - Title Page 2 - Contents Page 3 - Introduction/Develop and plan Page 4 - Cont.… Page 5 – Evaluate effectiveness of adult contribution Page 6 – Cont.… Page 7 - References Introduction Throughout this project I am going to demonstrate my ability to take a lead role in the development and planning of a quality curriculum. My project will include evidence of the planning process, equality issues, Samples

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    CURRICULUM VITAE Graeme Anthony CROOK June 2013 PERSONAL DETAILS NAME CROOK Graeme Anthony PRIVATE 12 Wood Cres, One Tree Hill ADDRESS South Australia, 5114 TELEPHONE Home (08) 8280 7670 Mobile 0417 805 422 EMAIL DATE OF BIRTH October 1, 1955 BIRTH PLACE Hampton Court, Middlesex, England Australian Resident since August 1964 MARITAL STATUS Married

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  • Curriculum Support

    Part I. The curriculum approach that closely adheres to my current school district lies within the Systematic model. Although my school district contains similarities from some of the other models, the idea of "systems" is the most suitable term for my curriculum's foundation. The education model in this entire state has been in reform for quite some time and we can only anticipate more change in the upcoming months. Our great nation still thrives as a powerful country today because of its

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  • Curriculum Development

    CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AS A POLITICAL AND TECHNICAL ACTIVITY BY ALFRED FAYOSE Introduction In the views of Marsh and Willis (2007) curriculum development is “a collective and intentional process or activity directed at beneficial curriculum change”. Curriculum development involves making basic decisions as to who will partake in the curriculum decision-making process and how it will proceed (Adentwi and Sarfo, 2009). The decisions made, however, are both political and technical depending on the

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL INFORMATION Betty Smith 32 Reading rd,Birmingham B26 3QJ United Kingdom +44 2012345679 AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) betty.smith Sex Female | Date of birth 01 March 1975 +44 7123456789 JOB APPLIED FOR WORK EXPERIENCE August 2002 – Present European project manager Independent consultant British Council 123, Bd Ney, 75023 Paris (France) Evaluation of European Commission youth training support measures for youth national agencies and young people

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  • Curriculum Development

    DepEd issues Implementing rules of Kindergarten Act MANILA, Philippines - To ensure that the unique needs of diverse learners will be addressed; the Kindergarten Education General Curriculum will cater to the needs of pupils with special needs and disabilities and create a catch-up program for children under difficult circumstances. Kindergarten education was institutionalized as part of basic education and was implemented partially in school year 2011-2012. It was made mandatory and compulsory

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  • Curriculum

    #5 Null Curriculum When I began my teaching career thirteen years ago, I had 3 preps (different courses to prepare for); Physical Education, Health, and Physical Science. Shortly after being hired, the Principal called and told me that I would be teaching a 7th grade physical science class. Several thoughts ran through my head, I started panicking after all my degree was in Physical Education, not Science. The Principal explained that my degree contained enough science courses which allowed me

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    Curriculum vitae MD. FAZLA RABBI CHOWDHURY 9335 Lee Highway, Circle tower,Apt-405 Fairfax. VA-22031 Mobile: 7038442134 E-mail: Career Objective • Achieve high degree of professional excellence by putting continuous efforts to enhance my knowledge and skills, which will eventually contribute to personal and organizational goals. Work experience • Worked as Merchandiser in the Merchandising department of a sister concern of Unifill Group, Aman

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    effectively inside the classroom. K+12 This is implemented by the government to produce globally competitive professional graduates in case of finding job abroad. This maybe an additional problem for parents whose child has been subjected into this curriculum. In the other hand it is a great help to our students they will be more literate and successful someday. They will also skillful because k+12 cover the general scope or fields of education. These students are also considered as the pride of the

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  • Curriculum Development

    Components of Curriculum Components of Curriculum I. Objectives and Goals: English is the world's second largest native language, the official language in 70 countries. English can be at least understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated people, as it is the world media language, and the language of cinema, TV, pop music and the computer world. Goals: To improve the learning experiences that is more meaningful and appreciable for student’s wisdom and knowledge by providing

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  • Defining Curriculum

    DEFINING CURRICULUM AND THE APPROACHES QUESTION 1 The word "curriculum" has been and still is used to convey many different ideas and to signify many different things. The word's intended meaning actually differs depending on the speakers and writers and across place and time. The society, political situations, technological advancements, and philosophy not only influence today's curriculum, but they influence each other as well. Each affects and is also effected by one or more of the other therefore

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  • Curriculum Innovations

    Addressing the Future: CURRICULUM INNOVATIONS 1.) LOCAL AND NATIONAL CURRICULAR INNOVATIONS 2.) GLOBAL CURRICULAR INNOVATIONS As man seeks for development, innovations are inevitable. In curriculum, changes and modifications are being introduced to keep with the changing world. • With the emerging theories of learning, instructional delivery and management, learning and teaching styles, modes of living and other societal changes in science and technology led educators to introduce innovations

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  • Curriculum

    Curriculum design is an aspect of the education profession which focuses on developing curricula for students. The term “design” is used as a verb to designate a process (as in “designing a curriculum”), or as a noun to denote a particular plan resulting from a design process. Some education professionals specialize in curriculum design, and may spend all of their time working on curricula, rather than teaching in the classroom, while in other cases working teachers develop their own curricula. Curriculum

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  • Curriculum Development

    A. Tudy Dean of Graduate School Acting Director, Center for Social Development Research Cor Jesu College Philippines CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT UNDERSTANDING CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Every institution has a primary task of preparing students to reach their highest potential. Essentially, the issue could be addressed through its curriculum. Curriculum is defined as everything learners experienced at school. Bandi & Wales (2005) defined it as a race to be run, a series

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  • Curriculum

    CURRICULUM VITAE ANKAMAH GEORGE Post Office Box 873 Sunyani - B/A Tel: +233 543389782 Email: Date of Birth: 22nd September, 1986 Education Nationality: Ghanaian Navrongo Sept. 2006 – July,2010 University For Development Studies B.Sc. Mathematics-with-Economics Sep. 2002-Aug. 2005 S.S.S.C.E. St. James Sec. /Sem. Sch. Sunyani Nkoranza North Work experience Sep. 2011 to Present Busunya Senior High School Mathematics Teacher Duties Directly responsible for teaching Students

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  • The Gap Between the Official Curriculum and Actual Curriculum

    QUESTION The gap between the official curriculum and actual curriculum is often as the result of the misuse of available instructional time. Discuss. The term ‘curriculum’, was derived from the Greek word ‘curere’ which literarily means ‘racecourse. As a broad concept, the term ‘curriculum’ does not have a concise or precise definition. However, it can be explained in terms of academic content as the planned interaction of learners and instructors with instructional content, materials, resources

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  • Curriculum Design

    Understanding how students learn and incorporating theories that best accommodate that learning is an important part of successful curriculum design and instruction. As teachers, we want to ensure our instruction is designed so that every student we teach is equally capable of learning the material presented. As educators, it is vital that we follow the advice of Grant Wiggins, who states in What’s My Job? Defining the Role of the Classroom Teacher (2010) that teachers should practice “the core

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  • Curriculum Development

    at pagsusuri (ibig sabihin kurikulum pagsusuri komite). 1. Pagsusuri 2. Disenyo 3. Tugma 4. Bituin 5. Repasuhin Sa pormal na edukasyon , ang isang kurikulum ( / k ə r ɪ k jʉ l əm / ; pangmaramihang: curricula / k ə r ɪ k jʉ l ə / o curriculums ) ay ang binalak pakikipag-ugnayan ng mag-aaral sa pagtuturo ng nilalaman, mga materyales, mga mapagkukunan, at mga proseso para sa pagsusuri ng attainment ng pang-edukasyon mga layunin. Iba pang mga kahulugan pagsamahin ang iba't ibang mga elemento

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  • Extra Curriculum

    about the lesson that the teacher discusses. As the child reflects he also engages in creative and critical thinking as well as metacognition which are needed in the development of higher Order thinking Skills (HOTS) All subjects in the present curriculum must be understand fully by the learners and apply these on real life situations. However, some subjects require more efforts from the student. The nature of the subject is sometimes difficult in the learner’s view that adds to the difficulties

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  • Curriculum Viatae

    DEVELOPING AN INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM: “EVERY TEACHER MATTERS” Keith A. Humphreys Centre for Advancement in Special Education University of Hong Kong The development of inclusive education practices have led to worldwide discussion of how best to deliver a more equal education opportunity for all. In Hong Kong this has led to the development of the concept of an inclusive curriculum for special schools. This paper looks at the implications of writing an inclusive curriculum that has common

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  • Curriculum

    CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT 1. Curriculum * “The planned and guided learning experiences and intended learning outcomes, formulated through the systematic reconstruction of knowledge and experiences, under the auspices of the school, for the learners’ continuous and willful growth in personal social competence.” (Daniel Tanner, 1980) * Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational outcomes. * The concept

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  • Curriculum

    I have read the Wilson Preparatory Academy’s curriculum, I believe that the goals they have for the students are the same as the goals that I have for my students. Wilson Preparatory Academy want to make sure that the children that attend their school will be in the best learning environment that is available to them. In order for Wilson Preparatory Academy to give the students the best education they have to hire the best teachers. Wilson Preparatory Academy will be utilizing eight different

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  • Curriculum Studies

    CURRICULUM Introduction As part of transforming South Africa, the educational landscape has undergone dramatic changes where ultimately teachers have to decide to either implement a curriculum as mandated or to adapt the curriculum to take into account their particular context. Teacher’s in South Africa battle on a daily basis with the effects of teaching large number of learners in an under-resourced context. Teachers are expected to adapt to those changes and such changes impact heavily

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  • Curriculum Development

    Curriculum Development Curriculum development is an evolving process. Societal expectations, new technologies and growing understanding of the learning process all drive the educational community to adapt and develop new strategies for developing and presenting needed curriculum. Curriculum can be defined in many ways. At its most fundamental roots, curriculum is a roadmap of planned ideas that are aimed at assisting the learner to acquire knowledge. In a more constructive sense, curriculum is an

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    CURRICULUM VITAE –DARAMOLA, PETER TUNJI 9C IMMAM TANNI STREET, OFF FADAHUNSI, IJESHATEDO, SURULERE LAGOS STATE. Phone: 08183024374   E-mail: EDUCATION Valley View University, Accra – Ghana 2009 – 2013 in Information Technology (IT) Relevant Course Modules: Database Systems Design, Operating Systems, Programming, Network Project Management, Software Development Life Cycle, Information Technology Systems, Expert Systems & Artificial Intelligence, Computer And Cyber

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  • Curriculum Sheet

    |CURRICULUM |DATE |LEGAL BASIS |RATIONALE |FEATURES |FEEDBACK |MAJOR CRITICISM | |Secondary Education Development |1987 |The 1987 Constitution |“basic intellectual skills and |SSEDP is a response to the following |The programs RSEP, PROPED, NSEC, |The first issue is the role of | |Program (SEDP) |

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  • Curriculum

    some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of Extracurricular activities. Meaning of Co-curricular Activities Co-curricular activities (CCAs) earlier known as Extracurricular Activities (ECA) are the components of non-academic curriculum helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the child and students. For all-round development of the child, there is a need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by

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  • Curriculum Mappig

    Benefits of curriculum mapping Throughout the curriculum mapping process, teachers engage in practices that reveal the benefits of it (Corwin Press, 2008). Teachers regularly collaborate to discuss what the key indicators are, how they are being taught, and how will they know if the students are meeting the goals set. The conversations may uncover gaps in the curriculum or what indicators are repeatedly being taught and the depth at which they are being taught. If a consistent curriculum is being

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  • National Curriculum

    is a place which have vocational courses or undergraduate or graduate programs. In US "college" is interchangably used with Universities and High Schools thus this definition. For this discussion, I will consider College as a place which offers professional degrees and build over it. I believe that till junior high or upto 10th grade the students should follow the same national curriculum. This will help them learn about all the aspects of different courses and choices available to them. After

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  • Curriculum

    (b) The curriculum in the new South African (post 1994) has changed greatly. They were several reasons for curriculum changes in South Africa after 1994, firstly it was globalisation and the post 1994 government wanted to get rid of apartheid legacy on our educational system. This essay will analyse curriculum development with the focus on three influential educationists namely, Tyler, Stenhouse and Freire. Many teachers interpret curriculum differently, but the views they hold on curriculum development

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  • Curriculum Philosophy

    Curriculum Philosophy Mandy Mohr Grand Canyon University- EDA 561 March 23, 2016 Curriculum Philosophy Introduction Personal philosophies of education are at the core of what makes up a good educator. Strong personal beliefs are the core reasoning for why people choose their professions. In education, personal philosophies are essential, meaningful, and so important because those beliefs will affect thousands of other stakeholder throughout ones career. For schools, understandings and

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  • Curriculum

    QUESTION The gap between the official curriculum and actual curriculum is often as the result of the misuse of available instructional time. Discuss. The term ‘curriculum’, was derived from the Greek word ‘curere’ which literarily means ‘racecourse. As a broad concept, the term ‘curriculum’ does not have a concise or precise definition. However, it can be explained in terms of academic content as the planned interaction of learners and instructors with instructional content, materials, resources

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  • Curriculum Design

    Curriculum Design Word Count: 3300 Introduction: This essay serves as a guide to my Enterprise Market Stall Short Course. This is a Six-week course with the purpose of providing learners with the experience of forming, planning and then running their own business. This guide will begin with an overview of the course, its structure, aims and objectives. Next, the need for the course will be examined alongside the significance of the environment that has created the need for such a course

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  • Effective Curriculum

    Effective Program and Curriculum Planning Sierra Holmes ECE 312 Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs Prof. Nichole Rich February 22, 2016 Teachers and Administrators roles An administrator and a teacher both have important roles in making sure the schools program is reflected daily in the classroom. An administrator determines what the school programs offers children and their families. Some school programs may offer a theme based curricula that relies on the administrator to assist

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  • Curriculum Innovations

    PASIG CATHOLIC COLLEGE College Department Course Syllabus Course No: History 1 Course Title: Philippine History Credit Units: 3 I. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course deals with the history of the Philippines from the ancient past to the present scene to the pro-Filipino point of view. It aims to enrich the students’ knowledge of our history and character as a people thus, instilling in them the spirit of Filipinism. The students’ learning of the history of our

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  • Curriculum Proposal

    THE THESIS PROPOSAL: DESIGNING CURRICULUM Objectives of these Guidelines: These guidelines will prepare the student to be able to: 1. List and describe the chapters and subsections of a thesis proposal and a research report and their proper order. 2. Describe the characteristics of an appropriate proposal title. 3. Compare and contrast the styles appropriate for (1) a dissertation or thesis, (2) a research proposal, (3) a research report, (4) a professional paper, and (5) a journal

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