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  • Contemporary Management in Bhp

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is a suggestion of which accounting technique should to be integrated into BHP Billiton’s contemporary management accounting system. Through in depth research this technique has been identified as the environmental management accounting technique. This result was achieved through the research of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis and the identification of the critical success factors. A balanced score card was then created using

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  • Good

    stay strong for more than another two years or so" ... Deloitte Access's report into the Australian state of the economy. The Sydney Morning Herald BHP Billiton has shelved two expansion plans in Australia worth at least $US40 billion, and miners have cut their spending on exploration for the first time since the global financial crisis. When BHP scrapped its $20 billion expansion plans for Olympic Dam it blamed soaring development costs, a high Australian dollar and falling commodity prices. Resources

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  • Economic Environment

    Summary The world's biggest miner BHP Billiton (BHP) is cutting jobs at its coal mines after closing a loss-making mine thoroughly in Queensland early this year (Stewart 2012). BHP's job cuts is accompanied by other global mining companies such as Rio Tinto to confront a retrogressive market with falling industrial commodity prices and increasing costs. The future of Australia's mining boom which is largely dependent on Chinese demand for commodities driven by its economic growth is of particular

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  • Vale Valuation Paper

    the mining business rather than small or mid-size companies operating in this segment. In terms of market capitalization, only Rio Tinto plc (NYSE:RIO), BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP), Anglo American plc (PINK: AAUKY), Xstrata PLC (PINK: XSRAY), with the last two competitors mentioned having market cap of only about 50% of Vale. BHP Billiton BHP Billiton is a globally diversified player in the mining industry that supplies the global market with coal, uranium, iron ore, copper, oil, gas, diamonds and silver

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  • Bhp Situation Analysis

    Situation Analysis Problem statement: How should BHP find itsorientationof social responsibilityand in the whole society what kind of social responsibility should it take? Frame of reference: This problem should be analysis onsocial responsibility levels. What kind of responsibility should undertake by the Mineraland resources enterprisein the society, and what kind of responsibilityshould be taken by stakeholders. Issues Internal BHP as a world's largest mineral enterprisehas 35,000 employees

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  • Bhp Case

    According to the UN Global Compact, companies should commit to the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption (UN Global Compact, Accessed 27/12/11). We, BHP Billiton, as a global company realise that we need to give back to the society. Hence, we have put our focus on to the first and the seventh principles from the ten principles of UN Global Compact. The first principle focuses on the humanity rights, it stated, “businesses should support and respect the

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  • Master Zou

    Australian government has been supportive of mining companies undertaking developing and mining resource areas  Labour Unions have moderate powers when bargaining with WHC due to labour shortages. This problem was highlighted in the recent struggles of BHP Rivalry Amongst Existing Competitors  The resource industry in Australia is operating like a cartel. This ensures a certain level of security for WHC.  WHC has been the a takeover target for a number of potential buyers, most notably

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  • Bhp Billiton

    BHP Billiton is known as the world's largest diversified natural resources company.As one of world’s largest producers of major commodities, including aluminium, copper, energy coal, iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, nickel, silver and titanium minerals, and uranium along with substantial interests in oil and gas. BHP Billiton's objective is to create long-term shareholder value through the discovery,acquisition,development and marketing of natural resources.As a global organization,it has

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  • Marketing

    Companies: BHP Billiton Limited (ABN 49 004 028 077) and BHP Billiton Plc (Registration No. 3196209) Report for the year ended 30 June 2012 This statement includes the consolidated results of the BHP Billiton Group, comprising BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc, for the year ended 30 June 2012 compared with the year ended 30 June 2011. The results are prepared in accordance with IFRS and are presented in US dollars. US$ Million 72,226 Revenue Profit attributable to the members of the BHP Billiton

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  • Business Plan

    1.0 Introduction 1.1 Aim This assessment will critical review the process of BHP Billiton changes and detail practice application as result use the managing change theory. 1.2 Structure Critical evaluation Alternative change intervention Maintain the change 1.3 Main point previewed Implementation process Institutionalization 1.4 General background Diagnosing the problem 2.0 Critical evaluation Interventions: Intervention is a tool using when organization planned change in

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  • Bhp Billiton

    corporaciones que sobre explotan recursos naturales, en este caso BHP Billiton estaba unida al pacto de CCLP y debía velar porque la corporación la cumpliera en todo momento. Stockholders o dueños de la empresa, (Australia y London Stock Exchange) estos son los acreedores y por lo tanto su principal preocupación es básicamente obtener ganancias y beneficios a partir del negocio, en este caso la minera de cobre en Tintaya de BHP Billiton.. Clientes (refinadoras, acerías, termoeléctricas, etc), son las

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  • Beo3432

    Tong Lu Qinghiu Li Shangde Chang There are three members in our group, and each person will be allocated different task to finish our assignment. In first stage, the collector will do research about BHP Billiton, relevant Australia export policy and the South Africa. Secondly, the group leader will select the useful information to decide export production, location and form of the expansion. Finally, all group members start to analyse and discuss some special strategies of expansion. Stage

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  • Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia

    discussed later. Two cases of Chinese investment in the Australian resource sector, identified in Table 5, have attracted particular policy attention. They are Chinalco‘s acquisition of an initial 9 per cent stake in Rio Tinto in the context of BHP Billiton‘s takeover bid for Rio Tinto and Sinosteel‘s takeover bid for Midwest and Murchison, iron ore producers in the Mid West iron ore province near Geraldton in Western Australia. The issues surrounding these two investments are set out in Box 1

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  • Bhp Billiton & Potashcorp: Chinese Distribution

    Performance Measurement & Control | BHP Billiton & PotashCorp: Chinese distribution | Transfer Pricing | | Your Name | 1/17/2011 | | Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Transfer Pricing 4 Transfer Pricing: Cost rates, dual rates & market prices 7 PotashCorp Transfer Pricing policy 9 Performance Management issues 12 Conclusions 14 References 15 Appendix 16 Executive Summary In the constantly improving transfer pricing laws of China and

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  • India's Iron Ore

    period, according to the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI). The structural shift in India's iron ore industry could be a blessing for other suppliers, as demand growth from top market China slows and Australian miners Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton ramp up output. It will also make it harder for India to regain its spot as the world's No.3 exporter of the steelmaking raw material. "It's pretty evident that there's lasting damage to the industry," said R. K. Bansal, a secretary general

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  • Financial Statement Analysis

    Financial Statement Analysis: WOW, BHP and TSE compared Introduction Financial statements are often called “the language of business.” Thus, any leader in every area of business and non-profit management will need to know and understand how to read, analyse, and interpret the meaning and decision making implications of financial statements. Every accountant and financial analyst will need to be able to calculate financial ratios and analyse related non-financial data in order to see whether

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  • Companies and Business Risk Auditing

    Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 Factors in understanding company and business risk before accepting as New Client 4 Comparison of the Overall Financial Conditions of BHP Billiton Ltd and Rio Tinto Limited during the GFC 6 Explanation of risks associated with BHP and Rio Tinto Ltd during GFC 8 Managing Business Risk: BHP Billiton Ltd Vs Rio Tinto Limited 10 CONCLUSION 11 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There are four purposes for this report. It attempts to provide description of what factors that the

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  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

    mission of the organisations founders (Chatman, Jehn 1994). The case study on “BHP Billiton” is an example of how contemporary companies overcome challenges (Robbins, DeCenzo, Coulter and Woods 2012). BHP Billiton functions within the mining, metal, gas, steel and oil area. The current chief executive office is Marius Kloppers. The company employs approximately 100 000 people internationally. The BHP Billiton charter establishes the vision for the company, the following statement is online on

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  • Bhp Case

    Background and context of the company:BHP billition is a multinational company one of the biggest producer os natural recourses which operates in mining, gas, metal, steel, and oil sectors. The company was formed in 2001 by merging BHP Limited and BHP Billiton PLC,which is still in existence as separate companies but operated my single management team.The company operates is activities in 100 location within 25 countries and among them 40% of them are established in Australian region.The company

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  • Gfghfghfghfghf

    Fernwood Women's Health Clubs: Our purpose is simple: We exist to empower women to shine! McKinsey & Company: To help leading corporations and governments be more successful. 11 Mission: Some more (elaborate) examples BHP Billiton: “We are BHP Billiton, a leading global resources company. Our purpose is to create long-term value through the discovery, development and conversion of natural resources, and the provision of innovative customer- and market-focused solutions.” Pfizer:

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  • Bhp and Rio Merger

    .......................................................................................3 2. Industry Analysis .................................................................................................................................3 3. BHP Billiton ........................................................................................................................................4 3.1 Background ..........................................................................................

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  • Thesis

    second most critical risk in the mining and metals sector. The risks associated with skills shortages are significant: 1. Impact to production output — there is a risk that insufficient skills may limit current and/or planned output. According to BHP Billiton, Australia’s resources industry needs an extra 170,000 workers in the next five years.2 In Canada, the Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s 2010 National Employer Survey reported that 40% of the Canadian mining workforce will be eligible for

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  • Sustainability

    | Revenue | Stock price | Website | 1 | Glencore Xtrata, 1974 | Ivan Glasenberg | headquartered in Switzerland | $200bn in 2013 | GLEN (LON) 325.75 GBX | | 2 | BHP Billiton | Andrew Mackenzie | headquartered in Melbourne, Australia | $67.83bn, Dec 2013 | BHP Billiton Limited (ADR)NYSE: BHP | | 3 | Rio Tinto, 1873 | Sam Walsh, Tom Albanese | headquarters in London | $54.6bn, Dec 2013 | RIO (LON) 3,082.42 GBX | | 4 | Vale, 1942 | Murilo

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  • Dual Listing Company

    Examined: UK - Netherlands Reed Elsevier NV (REN NA) vs Reed Elsevier Plc (REL LN) Royal Dutch Petroleum (RDA NA) vs Shell Transport & Trading Co Plc (SHEL LN) Unilever NV (UNA NA) vs Unilever Plc (ULVR LN) UK - Australia BHP Billiton Ltd (BHP AU) vs BHP Billiton Plc (BLT LN) Brambles Industries Ltd (BIL AU) vs Brambles Industries Plc (BI/ LN) Rio Tinto Ltd (RIO AU) vs Rio Tinto Plc (RIO LN) Introduction: The purpose of this report is to provide a basic overview of the dual-listing environment

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  • Trading Floor

    Improvements 32 5.0 Investment Strategy Two 34 5.1 Additional Technical Indicators 35 5.1.1 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) 35 5.1.2 Relative Strength Index (RSI) 35 5.1.3 Volume 35 5.2 Selection of Stocks 35 5.3 Trade Example: BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP) 36 5.3.1 Weekly Chart 36 5.3.2 Daily Chart 37 5.4 Trade Summary 39 5.5 Portfolio Expected Return 39 5.6 Risk Analysis: Stop Loss Order 40 5.7 Performance of Trade Example 40 5.8 Returns Calculations 42 5.9 Investment

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  • Fhjsfdhjsakhf

    ONE of these topics. Choice 1 Topic: Accounting for intragroup transactions. During a financial year it is common for companies within the economic entity (group) to transact with each other. The following is an extract from Note 32 of the BHP Billiton Annual Report 2013. Transactions between each parent company and its subsidiaries … are eliminated on consolidation and are not disclosed in this note. Terms and conditions Sales to and purchases from related parties of goods and services are made

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  • Bhp Biliton Mid Term Case

            BHP  Billiton  Sustainability  Report  Case   Executive summary This short paper discusses relevant stakeholders that the multinational conglomerate company BHP Billiton encloses in their 2013 Sustainability Report. The components that are briefly touched upon is related to the various stakeholder influences, report and not reported costs (referring to the triple bottom line), but the majority of the paper primarily focuses on the environmental and

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  • Marketing, Entering Into a New Market Brochure

    RESOURCING THE FUTURE WHO WE ARE About Us BHP Billiton is the world’ largest diversified natural resources company, with a network of 100,000 emploees and contractors in over 25 countries, and is involved in over 100 operations. Our organization is an Australian based company created through the dual listed companies merger of BHP Limited and Billiton Plc in 2001. We pursue a strategy of developing a diversified portfolio of quality ‘tier one assets’ including Steelmaking products, Nonferrous

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  • Leadership

    transactional leadership and team leadership. The study discusses about the theories of leadership in terms of behavioral and situational theories. The current study has been explained with the real time examples of corporate like Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. Introduction The characteristics and progress chart of the have been much desired and focal point of study for all the scholars and researchers. The policy decision making and purposeful action in the area of economic development and

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  • Critically Evaluate the Arguments for and Against Mining and Export of Uranium

    the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).      Note: Further areas of unresolved operational and regulatory concern that need explicit public debate and scrutiny are detailed later in this report. Below: Tailings dam at BHP Olympic Dam uranium mine, South Australia High Risk – Low Return: The case against uranium mining in Queensland “Barring major technological developments, nuclear power will continue to be a creature of politics not economics.”3 The following

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  • Bhp Billiton and the Financial Crisis

    BHP BILLITON Petroleum Sector BHP Billiton is one of Australia’s greatest corporate success stories; having grown from humble beginnings in Melbourne, BHP is now a multinational commodities powerhouse and claims to be the world’s largest national resources company. (Annual Report, 2009 pp. B) The BHP Billiton Petroleum sector has been the focus of big BHP investment dollars of late as the company looks to expand their operations. BHP-B Petroleum produced over 376,000 barrels of oil per day

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  • Bhp Billiton - Rio Tinto

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report aim’s to examine the annual reports of Australia’s two largest mining companies BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and analyse their cash flow statements. The analysis requires evaluating the cash flow performance of these companies during the global financial crisis 2007- 2009.The global financial crises were originated in US because of the bloom/bubble in the housing prices. During global financial crisis many financial institutions failed to recoup their money from lenders

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  • Enviroment Analysis of Bhp Billiton

    technical advantage ● Perfect ethical role models and maintain high ethical standards for natural environment ● Take proactive strategy to fulfil social responsibility Reference Fiscor, Steve. (2012). BHP adjusts outlook with transitions in demand. Engineering and Mining Journal, 213(6), pp 100-105. Mishra, P., Bolic, M., Yagoub, M and Stewart, R. (2012). RFID technology for tracking and tracing explosives and detonators in mining services applications

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  • Yo Man

    richest uranium deposits allows Cameco to provide the highest quality uranium rich product to its customers, adding significant value and benefit to the customer’s output product. Cameco’s key competitors are large mining industry leaders such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Areva Resources Inc. Although these are competitors, they have also been great allies and have collaborated and partnered with Cameco on industry projects in the past years. According to Margaret Harding (2013), the increased costs

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  • Bhp Billiton

    Riaz(13164009) Date of Submission: April 2, 2015 BHP Billiton Limited Introduction: BHP Billiton is world’s largest diversified natural resources company. The company was created by the merger of two companies, BHP Ltd (An Australian mining company) and Billiton PLC (An UK based Company). BHP Billiton has created long time share holder value through the discovery, acquisition and development of natural resources. In the last few years, BHP Billiton has faced some governance challenges in conducting

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  • Asasas

    ACFI1001 – Individual Project Financial Statement Analysis and Report Base company – BHP Billiton Ltd. Comparison company – Orica Ltd. The 2012 annual reports for BHP Billiton Ltd and Orica Ltd were sourced and analysed with the relevant sections presented in Appendix A. The main featuresof the statement of financial performance for BHP Billiton that were focused on are profit after taxation, revenue from production and the dividends per ordinary share. The profit after taxation is an

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  • Fin10708 Finance and Investment for Business Topic 7 Tutorial Questions

    384 of the textbook. 5. A market analyst predicts that the expected return on the All Ordinaries Share Price Index will fall by 10% this year. Telstra has a beta of 0.51 and BHP Billiton has a beta of 1.17. (a) What would you expect to happen this year to the return on an investment in (i) Telstra and (ii) BHP Billiton? (b) If you accept the analyst’s prediction, should your investment portfolio contain shares with mainly high value or low value betas? 6. Problem 21, p. 385 of the textbook

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  • Measuring and Reporting Sustainability [Bhp]

    sustainable products or services in order to keep their company running long into the future. BHP Billiton has taken one such initiative, as one of the largest mining companies, it understands the importance of the environment to big business, both social, environmental and economical, therefore has been producing readied sustainability reports for the past 3 years. Sustainability strategy BHPs sustainability strategy is incorporative of how they can match their capabilities to accomplish its

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  • Asian Markets

    Motor dropped 0.7% and Canon gave up 1.3%. In Sydney, the S&P/ASX 200 also declined 1.1%, to 4547.99. Lingering worries over the government's proposed 'super tax' on the resources sector dragged down mining stocks. Among key resources stocks, BHP Billiton slid 2.2% and Rio Tinto fell 2.5%, while Fortescue Metals Group sank 5%. South Korea's Kospi dropped 0.4% to 1670.24. Taiwan's Taiex declined 0.7% to 7608.44. India's Sensitive Index fell 1.1% to 17141.53 and Singapore's Straits Times Index

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  • Abakada

    major criteria for this reorganization were geography and asset status. Then in June 2009, the Swiss-British mining company Xatrata proposed a merger with Anglo- a move that would create a $68 billion frim to compete with industry giants like BHP Billiton, Vale and Rio Trinto. But in October, Xatrata withdrew its offer in the face of resistance from the Anglo board Carroll announces her “simplification and delayering strategy”. In making the announcement she asked shareholders for more time to

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  • Fortescue Metals Group: the New Force in Iron Ore |

    Mining industry is really a big industry as iron ore has multiple uses in different industry especially steel production. FMG is operating in the environment where two dominant local players - BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have strong stake in the industry. Furthermore joint venture of $116 billion between BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto could be a great barrier for FMG (Thompson, 2009). However FMG new vision, lowest cost structure and technological advancement made it 3rd largest producer of Iron ore in the

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  • Waqas Edited

    BHP Mining Company According to Austin (2013), BHP Billiton is a worldwide pioneer in the resources business. Shaped from a merger in the middle of BHP and Billiton, it unites an extraordinary blend of value, minimal effort asset resources, supplemented by an in number administration group resolved to work the advantages in an effective way. BHP Billiton initiated a plausibility study in 2002 into opening a nickel and cobalt mine and handling plant at the expense of $2 billion 35 km east of the

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  • International Business

    Group Assignment: BHP BILLITON International Business Theory & Practice (MGF 5966) Lecturer/Tutor Mr. Sharif Rasel Name & ID Junaidul Haque – 263 512 50 Dalaphone Phengrattanavong – 266 785 94 Girish Balar – 274 718 53 Maike Nan – 263 994 90 Due Date – Week 11 Introduction BHP Billiton, which is Broken Hill Proprietary Billiton, is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining and petroleum company. BHP started its operation in Melbourne in 1885 which is one of Australia’s

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  • Csr Practice in Australia

    purpose of this report is to describe CSR practice of mining companies in Australia and highlights the importance of sustainability reports regarding social and environmental perspective. This report is based on two major mining companies namely BHP Billiton and Rio Tin. The information used for writing this article is gathered from different researcher, annual reports, newspapers, and online articles, GRI guideline. Only Secondary data used to write report and study based on ASX registered

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  • Peak Potash

    Want Us to Know," successfully explains how the global food industry is currently reliant on a non-renewable resource, and that there is currently much interest in the economic benefits of potash. The US$38.6 billion offer by the mining company BHP Billiton to take over Potash Corp has shown that potash operations are valuable and are expected to have continued success. This bid was rejected by the Canadian government however, for not having a net benefit to Canada (Canadian Press, 2010). This reaction

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  • Bhp Sustainability Report

    Introduction Coal BHP Billiton in Colombia: Destroying communities for coal BHP Billiton in Indonesia: Going for Deadly Coal in Indonesia BHP Billiton in Australia: When too much in uence is never enough BHP Billiton Australia: Coal mine workers ght back - Queensland BHP Billiton Australia: BHP battle with farmers - New South Wales Oil and Gas and Greenhouse Gases BHP Billiton globally: Re-carbonising instead of decarbonising BHP Billiton in Australia: Hero or destroyer? Uranium BHP Billiton in Australia:

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  • Review Performance Management Infrastructure

    Organizations such as BHP would operate a number of different performance appraisal methods. In order to ensure the success of the method implemented certain processes need to be in place. Outline the processes and documentation an organisation such as BHP would need to have in place to successfully implement performance management * Firstly, BHP would need to assess whether all positions within their organisation are documented and available in current and accurate position descriptions. *

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  • Marketing

    1:01 pm Page 25 Corporate Social Responsibility as Capability The Case of BHP Billiton Leeora D. Black Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility; and Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University Corporate social responsiveness is what companies do in order to be socially responsible. This paper presents a case study of social responsiveness at the global mining firm BHP Billiton to illustrate a model of social responsiveness capabilities. Until now, corporate

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  • Government, Domestic & Multinational Implications

    work opportunities as well as direct investment from domestic firms. Direct investment is on the decline due to the reduction in investment opportunities available. With the commodity market currently so volatile, major mining organisations such as BHP and Rio Tinto are pulling out of planned projects with the weight of risk just too high. Due to an increase in international competition from South America, and Africa, the price of Iron Ore has dramatically fallen from $US191.90 in February 2011 to

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  • Dividend Policy

    through high prices and vice versa. This can be proved by the ongoing ‘price drop’ scheme by Tesco, which can be attributed to the decline in the October inflation rate from 5.2% in September which was the highest since 2008 (BBC, 2011) BHP Billiton Ltd. BHP Billiton (LSE: BLT) is a global mining, oil and gas company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is the world's largest mining company measured by revenue (ABC News, 2007) and as of February 2011 was the world's third-largest company measured

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